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Healthy Pet Spell 🐱

Important Disclaimer- magic is NEVER a replacement for proper medical treatment. If your pet is sick, I highly advise you to take the animal in to see a vet! This spell is to give your pet a little boost from the universe ✨

Hi everyone! This spell is for all your little animal buddies ❤️


• Yellow Candle (for healing)

• Red Candle (for health)

• Amethyst

• Amber Incense (optional)


Get your supplies together and cast your circle. Light both of your candles and your incense (the incense is optional, I just feel like it gives the spell an extra little boost). Place your amethyst in front of you and start to charge it. Picture healing energies flowing into the amethyst. After you feel like you have charged the amethyst with enough energy, place it near your pets cage or a place where they frequent throughout the day. Picture the healing energy flowing from the amethyst into your pet ❤️

Vi’s 30 Day Astral Challenge

(Above art was painted by me, please don’t remove caption)

Please note that the following is based on my personal journey with the astral and that not everyone finds their way into Elsewhere this way.

•possibly crystals
•possibly a plant

When completed you will know how to:
•recreate objects from our plane
•construct an astral home
•create an Anchor that can jump between both this realm and Elsewhere, keep you tethered to reality and help you in your adventures.
•create a thoughtform to act as Gatekeeper of your astral home

1. Sit quietly and inhale for a count five, exhale for a count of five. Practice deep intentional breathing for one minute.

2. Find an ordinary common object like a pencil or rock and study it for 10 seconds. Memorize every detail. Now close your eyes and recreate it in your minds eye/imagination for ten seconds. Open your eyes and look at the object from a different angle for ten seconds. Do this for about two minutes total.

3. Begin keeping a journal of any dreams you may have as well as reflection on daily exercises

4. Either look out a window or go for a walk outside. Pick a natural specimen such as a tree, leaf, cloud, etc and do exercise number 2.

5. Practice intentional deep breathing for five minutes while creating in your minds eye a copy of your favorite food.

6. Doodle/sketch your ‘happy place’ or a location where you feel most at home or at peace with yourself

7. Find a small item with sentimental value to you, such as a ring, crystal, etc and place it in your pillowcase.

8. Hold your sentimental item, which from now on I will call an Anchor, in the palm of your hand and do the recreation exercise. Before bed focus on the copy of your Anchor in your minds eye.

9. Draw your Anchor in your dream journal and make a list of things you would like it to do for you. IE, protection, help you summon a weapon, transform into something useful, wake you up if you are having a nightmare, etc.

10. Name your Anchor. Do intentional breathing with it in the palm of your hand for five minutes.

11. Imagine your ideal happy place in your minds eye. Picture yourself walking through it, being there. What does the air smell like? Is the climate cold or warm? What does the landscape look like? What kind of ecosystem is it? What kind of colors can you see? You reach out and touch your surroundings, what do you feel? Document everything in your journal.

12. Doodle/sketch your dream home/homestead and then recreate it in your minds eye.

13. Build your ideal place in your minds eye, imagine yourself there. Walk around the edges of it, and envision an array of protective and colorful energy flowing out behind you from your footsteps. The energy ebbs and begins to create a flexible and complex barrier that will keep out negative energies and entities. This is your ward, and it will protect your astral home.

14. Bring your Anchor to your astral home and ask it to perform a task.

15. Create a sigil to help you in your astral adventures.

16. Google and read about crystals/gemstones that can help raise psychic awareness, aid in astral travel and that are related to dreams.

17. Pick a favorite of the crystals you read about on day 15 and doodle/draw it in your journal.

18. Google and read about plants that can help with psychic abilities, dreaming and astral travel.

19. Pick a favorite plant and doodle/draw it in your journal.

20. Either obtain a physical specimen of your chosen crystal, or find a good photograph of it and recreate it in your minds eye. Bring it to your astral home.

21. Either obtain a physical specimen of your chosen plant or find a good photograph of it and recreate it in your minds eye. Bring it to your astral home and plant it by your front door.

22. Make a playlist of music that helps you easily enter into deep breathing and be able to access your astral home.

23. Draw/doodle your favorite animal or magical creature.

24. Write a profile for your above doodle. Give it a name, personality, what are its favorite foods and colors, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. I’ll call this creature your Gatekeeper from now on.

25. Recreate your Gatekeeper in your minds eye. Imagine them at your astral home, taking their first breath, seeing you and interacting with you. Introduce yourself, share some of your energy with them. Sit down and meditate/practice intentional breathing with them. What are they like? Do they have any behaviors or mannerisms you find notable?

26. Return to your astral home and meet your Gatekeeper again. Ask them politely if they would like to help you in acting as the guardian and protector of your astral home.

27. Go for a walk and see your Gatekeeper walking beside you in your minds eye. Spend time with them.

28. Return to your astral home and check on your plant. Has it grown any?

29. Return to your astral home and walk the boundaries of your territory with your Gatekeeper, repeating Day 12’s exercise to strengthen your wards and teach your Gatekeeper how to do so as well.

30. Remember that Elsewhere is a world of its own with its own inhabitants. Be respectful and polite when venturing outside of your astral territory. Don’t go wandering into someone else’s space without asking permission. Do your own research about the astral plane (there are lots of good resources here on tumblr).

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Ephemeral [Ardyn/Reader]

“Ardyn, Deconstruction” by Wroniec

Much love to @wroniec for letting me use their beautiful artwork! <3 Much love for their work, please check out their page, everybody!

Anyways, since I fell in love with Ardyn’s character, and I’ve yet to see any story taking place before the events of FFXV, I’ll brave the possible rebuttal in posting this (contradictions in the timeline/story might pop up)

My New Years gift. This story will dive into the grit that my mind can come up with. It is everything that makes up my being, traumas, passions, and all. A morbid start to what I hope to be a good year. Happy 2017!

Warning: Possible Triggers!

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anonymous asked:

What are Malek's fav flowers? Dallas'?

To be honest I misread this and thought the gist of the question was “is Malek’s favorite flower Dallas?” And I was like “damn.. anon all poetic over here while I’m writing about Malek making pizza roses for valentines.”
But. I guess Malek likes orchids, ‘cause his mom liked orchids. Orchids, Jasmine, daffodils and lilies, the ones he leave on his parents’ graves most often. I originally wrote him as like, someone who’d do the gardening for Dallas’ mom sometimes, but I decided to give Dallas the green thumb instead.

Dallas: *Messages Malek* look at these violets I picked for mom.
Dallas: aren’t they beautiful?
Dallas: *selfie, but half his face is hidden by a bunch of violets that reach the tip of his nose. Hazel is in the background*
Malek: hahaha.
Malek: yeah.
Malek: mashallah, ur beautiful.
Malek: I mean. The flowers are beautiful lol.
Malek: gtg wash the flowers.
Malek: *dishes
Malek: I mean the dishes.
Malek: I gotta wash the dishes.

Wake Up Spell

Hi everyone ✨ This spell is for all of us who have trouble waking up early:


• Orange Candle (perfect for boosting energy!)

• Agate (you can substitute with Quartz or any other crystals/stones you feel are good for energy)

• Paper + Pen

• Lighter

Start by drawing a sigil to promote energy. I used the phrase “I am awake and full of energy”. Once you have your sigil, gather your supplies and begin to cast your circle. Light an orange candle and put your agate on top of your sigil. Focus your intentions into the agate and say:
“Tomorrow I will awake and be full of energy. Harm to none, so mote it be”
Repeat as many times as you need. Once you feel that your agate is sufficiency charged, activate your sigil whatever way you see fit (you can also keep the sigil with your agate to intensify the effect). Close your circle. The next morning, hold the agate in your hand and let the energy flow into you 🔮

I botched the hell out of my dye job and I was supposed to go to queer open mic tonight but I literally cannot let anyone see me like this. SO looks like a quiet night inside. Anyone have any tips for how to make your skin not purple? Especially around the hairline where you want your hair to still be purple?