violet tho'

I mean, the Baudelaire parents were cool and all but had some flaws,such as not being very good cooks or PLACING MR POE THE MOST UNQUALIFIED PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN’S WELL BEING AND FUTURE IN THE CASE THEY WERE TO DIE. 

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can u do #9 "I missed you so much"

Okok here’s a little in the Steve and Violet verse (since I got two #9s)

They don’t stop to sleep, letting their souped up bodies push them along.

“How long until I get to lay my eyes on the Grand Canyon, Steve?” Bucky breathes. The sun’s setting around them, painting the sky purple, pink and orange. It’s reflecting off of Bucky’s face when Steve glances at him. It makes him look even more sloe-eyed, his lips look even more pink.

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