violet the maid

The Mistress and Her Maid

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)

Explicit. BDSM elements.

Violet loved the slick feeling of latex against her body, and the way that the straps cut into her skin. Her waist was cinched tight, and she felt like she had total control. She cracked her whip in the mirror and narrowed her painted eyes. God, she looked fucking fierce.

“How come I get cast as a maid?,” Pearl asked from where she lay sprawled out on the bed. Her legs were lazily spread open, and, from where she was standing, Violet could see her black, lace panties. 

Their eyes meet as the room grew hazy with smoke.

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anonymous asked:


 65.) Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

Well it wasn’t exactly a kiss. But I remember when I was first introduced into the castle as a new maid I was greeting by many people. But when I was greeted by Baileywick for the first time he gave me a kiss on my hand. At first I just thought he did that to all the new arriving maids. But the other maids that came after me was just greeted with a bow.

I guess I didn’t think of it as anything. But later on the more I worked with Baileywick and the more time I see him I just look to my hand and then to him and just blush.

So I guess it did mean alot to me. It was the first time I came to well…er….*clears throat* Admire him alot. *blushes nervously*