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I would never have guessed that lesbian smut isn't something you normally write. Read it 5 times ever since i saw it, and it turns me on every time. Might I suggest highschool girls Pearl and Violet watching porn together and then them recreating what they're seeing while the porn video is still on?

Thank you darling!

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Violet listened to the moans coming from the laptop and she cringed a little. She wasn’t sure why, it wasn’t as though the two women on the screen weren’t turning her on; it just felt weird. She’d never watched porn before, not on her own and especially not with someone. She took a sidelong glance at her girlfriend sat next to her on the bed. Pearl had a smile on her face as she watched the women on the screen lose more and more clothes. Violet bit her lip. Pearl was her first girlfriend and they’d not done anything like that before. Violet was a little tentative when it came to being intimate so Pearl had suggested watching the film to loosen her up. She still felt tense if truth be told but god she was getting turned on. Both women on screen were now completely naked. They were making out, the woman on tops hand grouping the others ample chest. Her hand was travelling lower and soon went between the girl beneath hers legs. The girl underneath moaned deeply. Pearl turned to look at her and her eyes were filled with lust.
‘I want to do that to you.’ Pearl’s voice was low and breathy. Violet felt her heart skip a beat. She would like that, she would like that a lot. But she was still a little tentative. Violet bit her lip and nodded a little. Pearl came closer to her and cupped her porcelain face before their lips met. ‘If you want to stop just say.’ Pearl spoke into her lips as she laid the brunette down on the bed. Pearl wasted no time working on the buttons of Violet’s school shirt. She could hear the moans coming from the laptop. Pearl got her out of her shirt and then sat back so she could get out of her own. She smiled at Violet as she hooked her hand around her back and Violet watched her whip her bra off. Violet’s eyes went straight to Pearl’s breasts. They were bigger than Violet’s but not too big. A perfect handful Violet thought. Pearl helped Violet sit up so she could unhook Violet’s bra. Violet felt a little inadequate compared to Pearl but Pearl didn’t look as though she minded. She smiled and stroked a strand of hair back off Violet’s face. She laid Violet back down and kissed her collarbones. She cupped Violet’s left breast while her lips found the right. She sucked on Violet’s pierced nipple making the brunette moan almost in time with the movie. As her lips worked Violet’s nipple, Violet felt Pearl’s hand sliding up her thigh. She came to a stop outside Violet’s underwear, she could feel the younger girl was wet. She looked up at Violet to make sure she was ok with this and Violet nodded. Pearl pulled her panties down and her skirt up a little. The women in the movie was really moaning now and Pearl wanted to make Violet make those noises. Carefully she parted Violet’s legs a little and ran her finger over Violet’s clit. Violet gasped and moaned and it gave Pearl all the encouragement she needed. She let one finger slide inside Violet, making the younger girl moan louder. Violet reached for Pearl and grouped the blondes tits. Pearl smiled and entered another finger inside her. She started moving in and out of Violet, eliciting the most incredible noises out of Violet. Pearl briefly looked at the laptop screen, hearing that the woman in the movie was now moaning louder. The woman on top now had her head between the others legs, and the moans coming from the girl getting pleasured was magical. Pearl placed a kiss on Violet’s small stomach.
'Want to try something else.’ Pearl smiled. She gently withdrew her fingers and shuffled further down the bed. At this point all Violet’s nerves had melted away. Pearl kissed up one of Violet’s thighs, her eyes briefly flicking back to the laptop. She allowed her tongue to lap over Violet’s clit, tasting all of Violet. Violet gasped loudly and her hands found their way to Pearl’s long blonde hair. Her fingers got lost in her locks as Pearl’s tongue swiped her clit again. Violet tasted incredible on her tongue and it was making Pearl so horny. As she let her tongue slide between Violet’s lips her hand trailed down her own body. Violet was moaning as she watched Pearl’s hand go up her own skirt. Pearl moaned into her and Violet assumed that meant she was touching herself. Pearl inserted two fingers inside herself and played with her clit with her thumb. She was so horny she was pounding her fingers in herself. Violet’s moans were beautiful and that paired with the moans of the girl on the movie were taking Pearl so close to the edge. She continued to plunge her tongue in and out of Violet, every so often giving her clit a lick. Violet’s hands were grasping her hair and she was panting heavily.
'Pearl…I’m gonna come.’ Violet panted and then she moaned loudly as her orgasm washed over her. Pearl gave her sensitive clit one last lick, a final taste of Violet before she sat up. Violet pulled her down by her hair and somehow managed to flip them over so Violet was on top. She tugged on Pearl’s arm and Pearl removed her fingers from herself. Violet took hold of the blondes hand and licked her fingers, making Pearl moan. That was hotter than any porn she’d seen. Seconds later, Violet’s thumb was rubbing her clit and her fingers slid inside of her. Pearl could barely see straight anymore she was so close to the brink. Her eyes just made out the laptop screen, the woman that had been being pleasured earlier was now fingering the other girl, maybe Violet had seen that and that’s why she was suddenly so dominate. A few more rubs of Pearl’s clit and she came on Violet’s fingers. Violet withdrew her fingers and like she’d done with Pearl’s, she licked them clean. Pearl pulled the younger girl down for a kiss. She could taste herself on Violet’s tongue. Violet hit the space bar on the laptop and the film stopped. She laid down next to Pearl, looking a little embarrassed.
'How was that?’ Violet asked, sounding a little scared. Pearl cupped her face and stroked her cheek.
'Baby,’ she smiled at her girlfriend. 'You have no idea.’
'I bet I’m nothing like those girls.’ Violet blushed a little nodding towards the laptop. Pearl kissed her and stroked back her hair.
'No.’ Pearl spoke into her lips. 'You’re so much better.’


The Wolf Folk came into town that Saturday. All the children at the orphanage lined up along the wire fence to watch them roll in, craning against the sagging wire mesh to catch a glimpse of furry ears or sharp fangs. The bright caravans looked like technicolour train carriages , bouncing over the rocky terrain and winding down the mountain road in a long, serpentine parade. The Sister’s at the orphanage warned them not to get to close. They said the Wolf Folk ate little children like them.

They certainly were unlike anyone Levi had ever seen, but he saw no fur nor fangs. All he saw were beautiful brown people, smiling and laughing in their gaudy entertainer’s garb, bells on their ankles and sashes in their hair. Levi watched one caravan full of children rattle by, brown skinned kids no older than himself staring back at him with wide eyes and gap-toothed grins. They looked happy and bright. He wondered what they’d done to earn the distrustful and wary looks the townsfolk sent their way, and he wondered how they didn’t seem to mind it.

On Wednesday, Levi went down to the stream that ran behind the orphanage. He took his homemade catapult and a bruised apple.

Down by the stream he fished out a few smooth, small stones from the riverbed. He placed his apple on the log that ran across the rushing water and practice a few shots. He knocked the apple in on the fourth try.

“You’re very good at that.”

Levi startled and looked up from his perch. Across the river was a boy he’d never seen before crouched by the river back with his elbows on his knees. He wasn’t from the orphanage, and he didn’t look like he was from town. His skin was brown and he wore patched and faded clothes that, despite their obvious wear and tear, still looked brighter than anything people in town wore.  When he smiled, and he never seemed to stop, a snaggletooth bit into his lower lip. He had the greenest eyes Levi had ever seen.

“You’re one of them folk.” Levi couldn’t bring himself to say ‘wolf’. He wasn’t sure if they called themselves that, or if it was the sort of thing murmured behind hands out of earshot.

“Yes.” The boy looked over his shoulder back the way he must have come. Over the grassy hill rose a column of grey smoke from a nearby campfire. Levi knew the Wolf Folk had set up their camp in the fields neighboring the orphanage grounds, but he hadn’t thought they’d wander. “Can I have a shot?” The boy eyed Levi’s catapult hungrily, grubby fingers twitching on the hem of his cut-off trousers.

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Dualscar X Reader : Seas of Passion

Dual Scar X Reader

     Seas of Passion

The sun shone brightly in the sky as you walked along the beach. The warm rays radiated through your skin as you tilted your head back, basking in the sunshine. Nothing had been more amazing to you on this planet than the beaches. You hardly encountered any of those horrible troll creatures here. You cringed at the thought. You thought they were all exceptionally awful. They either wanted to kill you or make you a slave, and neither sounded good to you..

“Well at least I have this here,” you murmured to yourself, beginning to wade out into the water   . The refreshing smell of the salty brine washed over you like the surprisingly gentle seeming ebb and flow of the waves licked at your shoulders now. You pushed off and began to swim out to deeper water. The cool of the liquid was relaxing. How could the ocean always be the perfect temperature ? How could it always be so relaxing.. you lifted yourself into a float, skimming your body along the surface you lulled your head back and closed your eyes. All you could hear was the calling of some kind of sea birds… they sounded far away, the water sluiced quietly around you. You could hear your very heart thrumming it was the most beautiful lullaby, and just like that you fell asleep.

There were no images in your dream.. just a comforting darkness. You awoke slowly.. something didn’t feel right, no not at all. You slowly became aware of your surroundings. Once again you had fallen asleep in the ocean.

“Oh no…” you murmured in horror, you were so far drifted out that you could not even see the shore and the sun was beginning to set. How long had you been out here!

“Oh god,” you practically sobbed, there was no way for you to get back. The sea seemed endless, and you could swim. You were a wonderfully strong swimmer, but there was no telling the distance you would have to move across, and the fact that it was going to be dark within a couple of hours was of no good consequence. You could feel the lump tightening on your stomach and pulling on your heart, that deep horrible stain of fear beginning to spread and swell until it was almost choking you, your breathing began to come in short gasps as you tread the water. You held your tears of terror back only by will.

“It’ll be alright,” you told yourself shakily, hating the stutter and stumble in your speech. Then something in the distance stirred you, you squinted your eyes in the dwaining light, it couldn’t be. No way it was impossible, but there it was .. it was a ship approaching you on the distance, at a startling rate, it .. almost appeared to be a pirate ship.. no it couldn’t be.. but yes.. there it was closing the gap between you and it in a hurried clip.

“It’ll never see me! I’ll be dead for sure,” you told yourself trying not to panic. Something brushed your leg. You screamed loud enough to break the sound barrier, especially when you saw the massive girth of the thing. Was that .. pectoral fin? A large fin began to break the surface near you as it rounded around you in a large circle, what is this thing? It was stark white, large, large enough to be compared to a full sized school bus, and as if that wasn’t frightening enough, it reminded you exactly of a shark.

“For f-fuck’s sake!” you blurted out trying to hold as still as you could as it rounded and began a closer circle around you.. that ship was almost on top of you now, you prayed that they could see you, hoping was going to do you no good now, now you needed a miracle. You prayed to anything, and every deity and god that you could think of, even those long thought dead anybody that could hear your call could save you. Anything that would pull you out of this you swore you would worship in any damn temple even if you had to construct it yourself! That thing was beginning to find interest of you, it brushed you again. The ship was near enough now. You could tell all the details of it, you could tell by the intricately carved rails and sculptures, the quality of the wood that it was owned by someone with great taste.. and probably a lot of wealth, reality snapped back as you could swear this thing was going in for the kill. It had moved off always and was making a quick beeline to you. It’s horrible eyeless face stood above it’s gaping maw filled with teeth , it seemed like staring death right in the face.

Before you could scream out the utter terror that you had planned on letting lose from your throat, a loud sizzling pop, similar to a shot of lighting echoed, just as a horrifyingly large harpoon whizzed just over your head, impaling the beast from in it’s gaping maw and back of its innards. It drifted calmly in the water as a strange lavender blood began to leak.. unlike anything you had seen. Your scream even though you wanted to let it go… was now stuck in your throat, a large choking feeling began to over come you as you pushed yourself backwards in attempt to escape the blood, the monster began to float downwards and out of view.

“Ahoy there, are you alright?” the voice was regal and sounded as if it was completely uninterested in what you were saying… you were unable to reply anyways. The ship had held it’s position, but you could easily hear the shouted words.

“Remain calm, we’re going to pull along side of you try not to scream and draw too much attention to yourself. I can not promise my aim will be as assured if you summon another tooth beast with your flailing,” now that just sounded round, you had wanted help.. but this was almost easy to pass up…. it was one of those trolls you realized as the ship pulled forward. You struggled against the large wakes the ship left passing through, and were pushed back despite your best efforts, you swore you could see more of those fins in the nearer distance. You forced the thought from your mind and began swimming to the rope that was now thrown over the edge.

“I recommend hurrying, tie it around your waist when you get to it, I’ll be able to pull you up,”  a large male leaned over one of those elegantly sculpted railings, it was a troll. You gasped, he was the most handsome creature of the opposite sex you had ever seen. Dark hair was slicked back, marked by a slight streak of a deep purple, his horns, similar to zigging lines arched back from his hair line on the sides and stood out like a fire in the darkness against ebony hair, curious lilac eyes blazed down at you, delightfully full and plump cupid’s bows lips laid flat in an expressionless line. He had a strong square jaw, and despite the gray complexion he looked like healthy. His musculature was strong and sculpted you noticed. The only thing that threw you was those zagging scars very similar to his horns that raked across his face forehead to chin, one side to another.

You tied the rope around your waist as instructed and with an ease he began to pull you up the length of the side, you should have been exalted to be out of the reach of those terrible beasts, or maybe frightened for the man you knew nothing about, but you were lost in your assessment of him. His hands were adorned with many rings, a black shirt clothed his chest a large cape and high color stood up, a deep violet, strange black pants, marked with strips clothed his legs, the same black and purple combination he seemed to favor. As you regarded the ease he pulled your weight with, combined with your earlier found details.. he was the most virle and robust creature you had ever seen. He was the perfect picture of a man.

When you reached the top he, he set you on the deck floor, and untied the rope from your waist. You could feel his eyes assessing you the same way you had him. He was analyzing every detail you had, his eyes seemed to devour you as they moved over you, his regal features softened, the hardened look of case steel features fell. He looked at you with honest admiration and curiosity,

“What in the world are you land dweller?” his voice was not nasty, it was an honest query. So close to you now, you realized that he had. Fins where his ears should be? They reminded you of maple leaves, tinted with a hint of lavandar under the gray and his neck… even in the shade of the cape you could see that he had.. gills?

“I should ask you the same question you,” you leaned around trying to get a better look at them, but he laughed quietly.

“You are not from here at all are you.. I will ask you again..  what are you?” his hand moved and sifted your hair through his fingers, allowing the strands to fall back against your shoulder.

“I- I’m human,” you stuttered out quickly,

“Human? I have never heard of such a creature, you’re rather diminutive aren’t you?” Your feathers now ruffled by that statement you kind of took offense to it,

“I am not diminutive, I’m perfectly average for my.. species and gender thank you!” he gestured to your breasts and smiled,

“I gathered you were a female, although for my race you would be small even for a female,”

“Quit that! I’m called a woman were I’m from not female all the time. I’m from a place called Earth, I’m assuming it’s an entirely different planet from this, if not some strange alternate dimension! I have no idea how I got here and I don’t even want to be here. I want to go home, I don’t even know if I have a home! I’m so lost and I’m so afraid and I just I don’t even know anymore! I just wanted to do the one thing on this planet that I’ve felt comfortable with, swim and I fell asleep floating on the water and I ended up out here!”

“Silly human, you have no kills and these waters are far to dangerous for that sort of thing..”

“I realize that now! But I didn’t at the time! I don’t even want to be here I just..” you sank to your knees sobbing, disgusting noises and snorts and tears assaulted you, as if he had been taken utterly aback the man knealt with you and scooped your sobbing miserable mass up into his arms.

“Just throw it overboard!” one of the few men on deck yelled,

“Yeah get rid of it, it’s useless and weak, it should be culled!” he didn’t speak, his gaze harsh and piercing just met with every neigh sayer on the ship floor.

“You shall not challenge the prince of your people,” the voice was soft and dark velvety smooth, yet the darkness and challenge that lay there was a tumultuous rage boiling just under it, a nimbus cloud threatening lightening on a sunny day.

“Y-yes captain Dual scar..” they quickly made themselves busy about the deck, you couldn’t help but feel a small satisfaction about this.. how could not help but feel a little moved? Well at the moment you were feeling a lot moved, in graceful strides strong arms clutched you to a soft material clad chest, you were only jostled when shifted so he could open the door.

“I will be in my chambers, any who dare disturb me will incite a rage of which none of you has seen before,” it was a deadly promise, and judging by the grim looks on their faces, one they took extremely seriously. You were sat down on a particularly squishy mattress. It was soft, stuffed with what you could assume was feathers, the blankets were silk and satin, velvet edges and elaborate designs. So many paintings of elegant meetings and large sea creatures decorated the walls. The massive weapon you instinctively knew had slewn that awful beast, was removed from off his shoulder and placed onto it’s mount on the wall. The room was decorated in deep blues and black, the occasional purple drawing your attention. A large desk lay covered with various paraphernalia that you longed to learn about but figured best to keep your mouth shut. You watched in silence as he moved over to a small closet door, inside was a large black structure filled with this disgusting, radioactive appearing green slime. Distasteful. You decided you wouldn’t ask. Above it, lay a shelf filled with clothing he selected a white shirt, silk you realized and threw it at you.

“Get up and get out of those ridiculous clothes.. you’re dripping on my resting place, and it’s not going to be dry by night fall if you keep it up,” the same, regal to the point voice, high with arrogance though it frustrated you,  it also made you feel .. a twinge of something.. almost sympathy.. why? You didn’t have a chance to examine your thought deeper. He brought fourth a linen blanket,

“Out of those clothes and dry off, are you so tramatized I shall have to help you?” a small smile spread across his lips,

“N-no,” you gasped out extremely startled,

“I still think you’d appreciate my help,” he closed the gap between you and you were powerless to stop him, he smelt good, as you gazed into his handsome face you took in his scent. He smelt like freedom, subtle hints of spice and sweet an elegant cologne that had no doubt been made for no other than him, then there was what you coveted most, the ocean. The lips curled into a smirk as he bent down and began to tug at your shorts, you bit your lip and tried feebly to push his hands away. He still continued his motion, throwing the sopping fabric over his shoulder as if it offended him some how. Then hands slid up along your sides and skimmed your ribs, all the while sliding off your tank top. You fought the shiver but couldn’t help it. Those fingers began to worm their way back around to your breasts but he pulled his hands away, with a soft sigh, shaking his head to himself as he spread the linen blanket and pointed. You maneuvered yourself onto it and he wrapped it around you, pulling your hair forward and wringing it out onto the cloth as well. Moving to the desk, he opened a drawer and produced a comb made of bone. Elegantly it was decorated with gilt designs and a few small gems.

“If you would allow me,” he murmured once again not waiting for your permission. He ran the comb through your hair softly. He didn’t cause any pain as he undid every one of the tangles you had managed to get into your locks. It was a simply relaxing motion, hes he combed and stroked, you tipped your head back and closed your eyes,

“You look like a meowbeast about ready to purr and twitch her tail in delight,” his words contained a faint hint of his laughter, you blushed as he stopped and allowed you to straighten.

I assure you I do not purr,” you muttered, looking away as he handed you the shirt, figuring you were dry enough you shucked the linen to the floor and stood, quickly pulling the shirt over your head and situating it on your body it easily  hung to your knees and you found it to be rather comfortable. He cuffed the sleeved on it for you up to your elbows so you had a range of motion in the encompassing fabric, before he moved out the desk chair and sat in it, indicating that you should stay seated on the bed, you sat.

“I am Dualscar, you may refer to me as this, or captain if you prefer, or even the prince, I would grow bored of your highness quickly,” there it was that self assured smirk,

“I’m ____,  are you really a prince?”

“Yes, I’m really a prince. The prince of my people to be exact. There is however and empress above me, but I am important. None the less as a high blood of my color, I am royalty. The only one above me IS the empress, you are quite beatuiful, ___” you ignored the color that was beginning to steal across your cheeks.

“Blood color?” you murmured curious than  ever,

“Yes,” he continued, resting his arm on the chair and propping the side of his face against nimble fingers, the back of which held a partial webbing.

“Every troll is born with a blood color, I am a seadweller and due to the purple of my blood I am the highest next to tyrian. The lowest is the mutant blood, they will be culled upon sight. Then we have the deep red and orange, they are considered peasants. Yellow is slightly improving, most yellow bloods have some kind of psychic ability, very useful you see. Green depending on the color is a middle glass… a jade green is higher middle class but they are very rare. Teal is considered the highest mid grade then we have the deeper blues considered nobility, and indigo is the highest of the nobility and the closest to royalty. They are usually known as subjugulators and take care of the culling of our race, they are very important in our hierarchy you see,” you digested the information slowly, trying to gather how it all fit,

“do you mean cull.. as in the sick and the weak..?”

“Yes as well as some of the lowbloods you can’t have them going around and wreaking havoc over breeding now can you? Similar to barkbeasts going around untamed rutting with anything in sight and before you know it, you’re inundated with unwanted creatures,” he said it so matter of fact with a majestic shrug of his shoulders.

“You truly are arrogant aren’t you? You must be hiding an awful lot of hurt under that boisterous exterior of yours!” you ground out utterly frustrated. Royal or not, savior of you or not, you were not going to condone innocents being killed, and or sit by idily and deal with such an arrogant bastard! He looked back at you filled with shock,

“The system has worked for us for years.. Thank you, but you have no idea of how the world works here or what needs to be done, “

“Liar! I know enough of how the world works, I know on my planet what a extermination is! The same thing we do to infestations of insects! I know what the attempt at an arryan race is! What happens when the perfect race is created and all of you are as high as another? Do you plan on killling off each other then? And who will you have to serve you, the royals? Every one of you would be equal forever? No you would make a new under class, oh you’re not perfect you must be underclass you aren’t this and you aren’t that! It’s a damn never ending process ask Hitler about the holocaust or any racist bastard out there! You can not eliminate imperfection and you so full of yourself you are nothing more than a little boy in a cape pretending to be a man! On the outside you are the perfect image of a real man but on the inside you are just a little boy hiding behind everything! That’s all you’re doing hiding behind arrogance like you do your cape you insecure…” you stopped when you saw the honest to god sorrow in his lilac eyes..

“I do feel remorse.. and maybe I hide behind a bravado, but that’s not of concern now is it rubbishblood?” the words were a strike back at your realization of his innermost workings. You let the words brush by you. This was a hurt man, someone who needed healing and concern. You needed to be there for him, and he wanted to you to be, you could feel it, him pulling you in,  his sorrow seeped out into the confines of the small space.

“You’re words don’t hurt me Dualscar, I know how it feels to be hurt,” those eyes flashed at you angry daggers that tried to conceal a sea of guilt, regret, and self hatred.

“Do you know how it feels to have killed?” you looked at him stunned. You had never taken a life, not even an animal’s you couldn’t relate to that feeling at all,

“No, but I’m sure you had a good reason,” you stood and moved over to rest your hand on his shoulder gently, he flinched from the caress, then relaxed under your touch.

“I had jealousy. I was so tired of being alone I was so sick and tired of it. I wanted any of it, black, red, I just wanted someone to fill the horrible void of emptiness. I couldn’t stand it I was desperate. I thought I had a red pursuit in the Marquis Spinnerette, but I did not, so I tried for all I was worth to make it black. As black as the night, and she rejected me still finding more solace in her captured matespirit, no. I wasn’t going to allow her happiness when all I knew was anguish I wasn’t going to take that. I killed her matesprit, and threw her to the seas to be devoured by all those creatures that skulk down there, and I have regretted it ever since. I shouldn’t have done what I did, but I couldn’t take it, I don’t want to be alone all the time,” his head sank into his hands as you thought about everything he had just said, you ran it through your mind. He needed someone more than oxygen. He needed someone to care for him to love him, to make him a whole man again.. had you ended up in this strange place for a reason after all…? before you could speak he did,

“How could I burden you with that, you almost died, and here I am pouring my heart out to a virtual stranger… I don’t know what, “ he paused and flung his hands out his elbows bent on the arms as if he were questioning the universe’s motives,

“I feel as if I’ve known you forever, I can’t explain it, I have no reason, I want you. The moment I saw you I felt like I had a connection to you, I think I’m flushed but how can that be.. I don’t have a right to keep you here and I just… don’t think I could I will take you back to wherever you wish me to, I am at your disposal,” his hands folded under his chin as if he were in thought, he looked like a forlon lost puppy.

“I owe you my life, my place is here, I want to help you. I don’t know anything about your culture but I want you to teach me I want to learn,i know I can. You just have to be patient, I will feel the same way, I feel like I’ve known you forever and I want to be here with you, this is so important to me,” you smiled and he tilted his head back to look up to you,

“You must not say those things just because I saved you, ___, you must do what you honestly feel, and…” you silenced him with your lips against his. Softly you kissed him, and after his shock had disapated, he began to kiss you back,

“You’re… sure then.. you’re flushed,” you thought for a second and used the context from his story earlier to gather that he meant you loved him,

“Yes, don’t you love me too er.. flush me too?” he laughed softly stroking his thumb over your blushing cheek,

“Yes, I am so flushed for you,” he kissed you again standing and pulling you into the shelter of his arms, he lifted you from around your waist, and you circled his strong middle with your legs, grinning. You had never felt so perfectly complete in your entire life. You locked your fingers in his hair and stroked your hands down his face. He softly nipped your lip before pulling back and looking at you,

“I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect thing than you, ___,” he carried you to the bed, and laid you down, you were wondering what would happen, but he simply sat and shucked his pirate boots and his cloak, hanging it on a peg next to the bed. He shimmied out of his pants into his undergarments and threw off his shirt. You revealed in seeing the musculature bare. Gray skin with a softly purple flush under it. You traced a finger down his spine as you curled up on your side, smiling.

“What are you doing..?” you asked him quietly, he turned in slid into bed with you, pulling the covers up over himself and you,

“I’m going to sleep, what did you think I was doing?” he gave you a small smirk and laid down next to you facing you. He slipped your hands into his larger ones. You blushed realizing he knew what you had been thinking and ducked against his shoulder. He kissed your hairline gently,

“I’m going to enjoy life if this is how I get to spend it. I want you to be here every day with me, every night. I want to hold you I want to … love you. I want to just be with you. I feel I know so much already even though I know nothing, and I want you to teach me about you, everything about you. What you are who you are, ___, you truly are my other half. No other could make me feel this way. I’m beginning to believe why someone would covet this, maybe understand myself a little. I trust you to help me learn myself as well. I will protect you, I will worship you, no one will ever harm you, you will be royalty and something to behold. You will be my world, my sea, my air, and we shall do many things together any adventure you wish, just take me as I am, and learn with me, as I will for you,”

“I will always,” you murmured, feeling yourself begin to drift asleep just as you had earlier, in the ebb and flow of the sea, only now safe in your matespritis arms, in the confines of a cozy ship cabin.



You had never slept so well, you couldn’t believe it. You stretched and smiled at Dualscar  stroking his hair carefully. 

“Good morning my beautiful princess,” he murmured softly. Kissing your brow, you smiled and tentatively ran your hand over his horns curiously, he grinned a little and a slight flush lighted his cheeks.

“I just want to devour you,” he looked at you hungrily, his gaze partially hooded. He looked as if he really was going to eat you, and those pointed teeth scared you slightly,

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all, it’ll feel good,” he pounced on you and growled, you both laughed as he rolled you on top and then once more so he was once again dominant. He tickled your sides ferociously as you kicked and squealed and laughed until you though you’d pee,

“Now that I have captured my object of desire, I shall start my feast,” he bent his head to yours his hands moving along your sides and finding the edges of your shirt, slipping it up over your panties, his knee gently nudged your legs apart and his hips settled in against the cradle of yous. His lips crushed yours, and with that wicked tongue that speared into the velvet of your mouth you could tell he truly meant those words, you tried to fight back, you tried to kiss him back with that much passion and fervor as he was showing you, but you fell short, finally you acquiesced , giving him total control, his answering grown to your submission sent chills down your spine.

“I’m going to eat you alive,” he had you raise your arms, allowing him to pull the shirt off of your body, your bra, when had that come of you realized its absence and then was thankful for it as fingers began to fondle your nipples, you could feel you body heating as he rolled the nub between his finger tips, once in a while skimming a claw around the sensitive flesh surrounding it. Lips sealed to your neck leaving a fiery trail of desire burning ever lower down your body. His mouth finally found the space between your breasts, delicately he nipped and nuzzled, but left that job to his delightfully dexterous fingers. His other hand had found your opposite breast and began to massage, to caress, pinch, and continue those wonderful motions on your nipples, you couldn’t help but arch your hips as he bowed his head between them. He didn’t have to tell you you moved your legs apart widely for him, and with his teeth he snapped through the crotch of your panties, and then a side at your hip, turning his head quickly and releasing them,

“Now that that awful barrier is out of the way…” he leaned his head and inhaled your scent..

“You smell like desire and spice, and I want to lick every ounce of nectar that flows from your lovely flower,” you blushed at his words, but any embarrassment was quickly replaced with hot passion as his tongue began to trace your lips, carefully he parted the inner folds with that tongue, tracing the same pattern on your most intimate parts as he had inside your mouth. It brought back memories you enjoyed of your kissing..  softly the tongue began to work deeper in, circling your core and teeth so gently tugged at a lip. You began to roll your hips unable to control it any longer. You were aware of your breathless pleas, as finally the slippery muscle made a flick over your entire aching pussy and then speared into you, you cried and sank his fingers into his hair. Tugging roughly finding solace in holding tight. He was your anchor as you were being lost in a tidal of pleasure. The tongue swooped and swirled within you, his nose seemed to hit the right rhythm against your clit as his tongue moved in and out all around, never stopping. You could feel your body tensing so tight, so ready, you were racing off the edge you could feel the scream of pleasure building, begging to be released.. and then. He stopped.

“Oh god,” you whined trying to press your legs together to get the sensation to finish yourself, but he would allow no such thing, he held your thighs open by his shoulders.

“Please let me.. please,” you keened.

“No, you’re going to cum with me,” he promised as he moved up to kiss you. He stood so you could watch and began to remove his pants.. revealing a large squirming purple.. phallus. It was similar to a tentacle but it was erotic, and you were too hot to be scared by foreign genitalia! He crawled onto the bed, positioning him against the head board. He slid you onto his lap, and you moved to slide down onto him but his hands caught your hips and held you above his bulge, letting it massage and flick over your most private places.

“Oh,” you cried closing your eyes, and then he slowly began to push himself in you. You could feel every centimeter that he stretched you that he entered, the tentacle moving on it’s own accord squirming inside you trying to make it’s own release but he kept it slow and steady the decent down onto him. Even though he shook with the effort and you were wanting to push down. You could feel as the bulge widened, groaning thicker as you got finally to the base, filling you so completely, you had no more nerves to burst you cried out as he began to lift your hips and back down. He rose you and pushed you down, thrusting his hips up , his lips trailing along your throat and your breasts. Your hands were clutching his head holding him tight to you, he didn’t allow you any motion of your own. You were powerless , almost paralyzed with pleasure as he directed you to ride him at that horribly slow pace, but.. it was enough.. it was more than enough the tease was building up into a tight hot coil that was beginning to burn, to spread to lick every part of your body, you were so close to cumming, you moaned you begged, and finally he shifted you so you were laying on your back,

“Time to finish, love,” he panted out, the words were almost feral. He lifted your bum onto his bended knees, onto his thighs. He began to slam into you still keeping a steady pace still his thrusts weren’t erratic they were hard and rough and demanding but so passionate, his fingers dug into your hips and you clenched his wrists, as he came undone, losing control. He pounded into you as if you were some kind of a piston and you were it’s entry. You cried your body arching off he bed almost as if you body was posessed and it was, you were engulfed in the flame of orgasam that rocked you, choked the scream from your throat as he exploded inside of you, soaking you with what felt like pints of fluid.

When you came back to reality, you were pulled against his chest, smiling at him, as he stroked your hair regarding you with so much love and passion.

“I thought maybe I had killed you with my love,” he teased, and you weakly tugged his hair,

“No, I wouldn’t leave you alone like that, “

“That’s great to hear.. never leave me ever..” you smiled as he kissed you an pulled you tighter to him.

“When you’re ready and rested.. for now.. let’s just relax, the adventures will wait… I have my own personal world to explore right here..” you squealed as he squeezed your ass and tugged you close, you threw a leg over his hip and just.. relaxed. With the sound of the slooshing ocean, the rock of the boat, and the sound of your matesprits’ heart beat.

Leather and Lace (Part III)

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)

This weekend. Just me and u. Finally. -P

Should I bring anything? -V

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. I need you to relax and trust that I’ll take care of u. Can u do that? -P

Violet swallowed as he reread the text. Images appeared in his mind of chains and whips. 

What should I wear? -V

Less is more. -P

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I know you did the spin the bottle fic, but do you think you can do a truth or dare one with all the season 7 queens? Btw I love your fics :)

Truth or Dare

Pairings: Pearl x Violet and (background) Trixie x Katya

It was ridiculous. Katya had become the drag version of Murphy’s Law; everything that could go wrong would go wrong…and you could bet your bottom lash that it all traced back to Katya-Freaking-Zamolodchikova. If Violet thought back on it then she was sure that everything that had happened tonight was Katya’s fault.

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The Violet Haze ||  Peter Parker

Disclaimer: GIF is NOT mine and I would like to give full credit to the owner.

Blurb:  She’s the nemesis and he’s the hero.  

Warnings:  Lame sarcasm…Yeah, you’ve been warned.

 Today I stand here at the Bank of Queens, where witnesses say they saw a ‘purple blur’ robbing the bank of all of its profits. Once again we see evidence that the notorious criminal known only as the ‘Violet Haze’ continues to wreak havoc on the innocent civilians of Queens. The villain’s malevolent crimes and ability to remain completely anonymous continues to confound the police department, leaving us with nothing further to report. The city’s only hope of stopping this nefarious criminal lies in our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

“Aunt May, have you seen my Star Wars drawers?” Peter calls out from his room, clothes flying through the air as he sorts through them in a frantic search to find the certain piece of clothing.

“Have you looked in the laundry?” May replies from the kitchen.

Peter ran down the hallway and into the small washing room. A neat pile of folding lay in a basket on top of the washing machine. Peter tore through the piles, carefully placing each item back in its original place, not wanting to provoke the wrath of Aunt May.

Peter’s eyes went wide at the sight of the fabric. A small gasp escapes his lips at the sight of his favourite item of clothing.

“Aunt May, did you put my draws in with your washing again?” Peter groans, holding the material in his hands.

“Yes, honey, why?” May calls back, her tone cool and collected.

“Because…” Peter drawls out and holds up his drawers. “The last time I checked, I didn’t buy pink drawers.”

Aunty May stifles a small giggle, her hand shooting up to cover her evident smile. Tom releases a loud groan, clearly not seeing the same humour Aunt May does in this situation.

“I’m sorry, honey.” May apologises, her voice wavering from her recent fits of laughter. “But they’re actually purple.”

Tom groans once again before trudging back into his room to get dressed. His eyes wander up to the clock hanging above his bed, earning a loud curse to escape his lips. He is going to be late…again.

Pulling on his shamefully purple Empire Strikes Back drawers, he snatches up his backpack. Sprinting down the hallway, he manages to reach the door in record time, but it brought to a halt by Aunt May’s voice. He turns swiftly, to see her, hands on her hips and eyebrows raised.

Peter rolls his eyes and jogs over to her, giving her a light peck on her cheek before running out the door. He could hear Aunt May’s, ‘Have a good day!’ fading behind him as he ran down the staircase to the bus stop.

Peter tugs his sleeve back to reveal his watch. 8:13 A.M. Of course I missed the bus…Again.

He rolls his wrist over to reveal his web shooter. A small smirk plays on his wrists as he runs down the closest alley to change into the Spidey Suit. He scans the alley for any witnesses before stripping off his school clothes, leaving him in nothing but his drawers. He snatches up his Spider-Man suit and pulls on each leg, shimmying it up but struggling from the tightness of the fabric.

“Damn. Spandex.” Peter grunts as he reefs on the pants.

“Said every single hormonal female in Queens.” An unknown voice chimes, causing Peter to trip over his own feet, sending him flying head first into a dumpster. His head collides into it with a loud, ‘Bang’.

The girl winces and covers her mouth with her fist. “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt. But I’m not quite sure what would hurt more, your ego or your head, the line is rather thin between the two.”

“Who the hell are you?” Peter growls, keeping his face hidden from the stranger.

“Are you even allowed to say ‘hell’? Isn’t there some kind of blood pact you make not to say bad words like that? Aw, man, PMSing mums are going to have your tight, spandex wrapped butt on a platter.” The voice teases.

Peter manages to tug on the rest of his suit and yanks his mask over his face.

“Next thing you know they’ll be raising your drawers on a flagpole and saluting them.”

Peter spins around searching for the intruder. “Yoohoo! Up here.” Peter’s head snaps up.

A girl sits a few stories above him on a balcony railing, looking down at him. She wiggles her fingers at him. He studies her face, trying to recognise the strangely familiar features she carries.

The girl lets out a small scowl before smacking her head with the palm of her hand. “Right! I forgot to introduce myself.”

The girl stands and begins to walk confidently along the railing. When she reaches the end of the railing she continues to walk off the edges, twisting her body into a somersault. Peter’s finally comes to his senses, springing into action to save her.

He dives up the wall, his hand just grazing her waist, but just as he touches her she disappears. Peter falls back to the ground, poised into a crouching position, his mind still trying to process her disappearance. He spins around recklessly, looking for the mystery girl.

“My name is Robin, but you may know me as ‘Violet Haze’,” her voice breaks through his confusion. “And I’m your nemesis.”

He spins to see her. She leans with her back against the wall, arms crossed. She pushes herself off of the wall and walks towards him. Her suede black leather jacket appears to be worn, obviously appearing to be the only jacket she owns. Her deep purple strapless top is engraved with intricate patterns lacing the edges and is tied together with a belt at the waist. Her black jeans are torn and faded and her black leather boots look tattered and old.

A small tattoo is engraved into the flesh on her collarbone, the word ‘reborn’ inscribed in Russian inked into her skin. Her hair wisps behind her, a deep shade of purple weaving its way through her unkempt locks. Each step causes another strand to loosen only to be whipped over her shoulders following each change of direction and gust of the wind.

“Like what you see, Spiderling?” Violet smirks at him, crossing her arms and jutting her hip out, clearly revelling in her ability to make him uncomfortable.

“I-I wasn’t stare-I mean-It’s Spider-Man-wait, y-you’re a villain?” Peter winces at his own inability to remain calm around the girl.

“I suppose in everyone else’s eyes I am…” Violet begins, her eyes roaming over the small alley’s grungey brick walls. “But everything’s not always what it seems.”

“How did you disappear? Is that even possible?” Peter steps forwards cautiously.

“Oh, you mean this?” Violet transports to behind Peter and taps him on the shoulder.

Peter yelps at her touch and stumbles away.

“Tada.” She shrugs, an unimpressed look on her face.

“That’s…incredible. You can…teleport…anywhere?” Peter takes a step towards her once more, admiring her skin and the way it glows with a purple haze.

“Sure, I guess,” she shrugs once again. “Let’s just say I take mooning to a whole new level.”

“You’re incredible! I mean, you could go anywhere! Your skin must have a stronger cell composition than most other people in this population! That’s incredible!” Peter circles around her, rambling clearly dumbfounded by her abilities. Peter scrutinises her purple aura, clearly dumbfounded by the scientific impossibilities withheld in her skin. “Why purple?”

“I could ask the same about your Star Wars drawers.”

Although Violet couldn’t see it, Peter cringed, his face flushing at the thought of her seeing him in nothing but his drawers.

“Don’t worry, Webster, your junk is safe in the perve vial trunk.” Violet says, throwing him a casual wink.

“Wait, back up, you’re my nemesis?” Peter pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers.

Violet shrugs nonchalantly. “Apparently.”

“Wow, that’s a first.”

“Don’t take it personally, Web-head, a lot of people regard me as such.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because most of them have the intellectual capacity of a peanut.”

A siren wails in the distance, the sound increasing as it approaches their location.

“Well! That’s my cue.” Violet claps her hands together and begins to saunter away from Peter.

“Wait! Why are they after you? What did you do?” Peter jogs after her, still confused as to why she was being saught after.

“I may or may not have robbed a bank, but trust me, they have it all wrong. I don’t just steal for the hell of it.”

“Then why do you?”

She shoots Peter a sideways glance. “I have my reasons.”

“Look, I’m really sorry about this, but I gotta take you in.” Peter swiftly shoots a web at her wrists, securing them together in a sticky bind.

“Well, that certainly escalated quickly.” Violet stares at her bound wrists in fascination. “Wow, is this carbon fibre?” She says in fascination, trying to distract Peter with his own bait.

“No, it’s actually-wait, no. I’m arresting you, stop interrupting.” Peter scowls, leading her by the arm onto the bustling street.

“Right, sorry, my bad, proceed oh man of upright morals and extremely tight pants.” Violet raises her hands and salutes him mockingly. “Wait, you forgot to read me my rights. As an American born and bred, I enjoy to flaunt my ability to have rights, ‘Oh say can you see?’ yada yada, red, white and blue. Peace.”

Peter glances at his watch once more and lets out a loud groan. “I’m late.”

“Seeing as though that isn’t a pregnancy test, I’m guessing the dread in your voice is… School?”

“Yes-I mean-no-I mean-How did you?”

“Your secret is safe with me, Parker.” Violet accentuates his name and winks at him. “Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.”

Peter’s eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Why would I forget to-“

Peter’s breath is stolen from his lungs, the words failing to complete his sentence. In a flash of violet haze, he stands in a small toilet cubicle which just so happens to belong to his school, Violet standing beside him.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Peter pants out, unable to contain his excitement.

“Glad I could help a fellow vigilante out,” Violet straightens herself out. “Catch you later, Parker. Oh, and before I forget, bicarb soda soak for 5 minutes then cold wash.”

“What’s that for?” Peter asks in a state of flustered disarray.

“Your drawers, Peter.” She says, a small smile forming on her lips.

And with that she was gone. Peter stands in the small cubicle, a small cloud of purple mist being Violet’s only trace of existence. The very girl he was meant to protect the city from may be the only reason he’ll keep saving it.

Voices broke into Peter’s world, snapping out of his trance.

“Did you hear about the orphanage?” one says.

“No, what happened?” his friend replies.

“Someone left a stack of cash right on their doorstep, the exact amount stolen from the bank. All the kids said that there was a purple cloud around the money when they found it. Weird, huh?”

“Huh, like Robin Hood or something?”

Peter zoned out once again to their voices. Robin. Peter repeats the name she told him when the first met. A small smile tugs on Peter’s lips. I guess she was right. Not everything is as it seems.Peter pulls off his mask and holds the fabric in between his fingers, a violet haze misting over the lenses.

SOI Report

Hi there!  I went to Stars on Ice Japan Tour in Osaka. I already tweet about that, but try to keep them here.Sorry for my English skill x(

 Tessa & Scott peformed “How Will I Know” by Sam Smith and “Good Kisser” by Tania & The Beat.

“How Will I Know”

Tessa wearing purple dress and Scott wearing a violet shirt & black pants.  First, they are standing, Scott put his right arm to Tessa`s neck,and Tessa hold his hand. Then they are apart,and Tessa danced by herself (Scott was stopped.) So many transitions & beautiful movements. CuLi of “Stay” & ChLi(the last one) of “Seasons”  are there. And Step sequence! (Tessa shared her instagram already.) Scott hold Tessa’s west and they skate backward(make a beautiful trace on ice.) Scott pulled Tessa’s hand and Tessa jumped to embrace him. And so on… At the end of program, Scott was part from Tessa and Tessa saw him go far away. It’s soft, a little painful but beautiful…!

“Good Kisser”

Tessa wearing a black short sleeveless outfit and black pants and Scott wearing a black long-sleeve outfit (it look like a semi-transparent a little & another material like leather on shoulders, but I’m not sure because my seat is not near to the ice.) and black pants.First, no one on the ice. After a short time Tessa appeared and danced by herself (It’s super cool !) Then Scott come to Tessa,and they start dance together! It’s hard dance and complex choreography. I feel I could see the New T&S ! Scott did a deep outside spread eagle and Tessa caught his neck (then her back is faced to ice.) So many creative movements and I was shocked and can’t my eyes of !This program includes Carmen’s RoLi (the last one) !! I Surprising and outstanding program I think !

While the show goes on, Jeff was sitting the participant seat. In second half, T&S came to sit next to Jeff.

In finale Tessa gave a blown kiss to audience.

Scott touched the ice when he left after finale.

They danced with the music & look fun in finale! 

Japanese audience love and enjoy their performances :-) They said positive thoughts about them. “Love” “Cool” “Beautiful” “Touched” “Joy to watch” and so on ! 

Tessa & Scott & Jeff went to TULLY’S COFFEE near the arena. ( A fan see them! Wow!)

The show will broadcast in January 24th & February 8th. Wishing you can watch on web !