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It’s Just Dinner | 1968 | Nick and Violet


Nick walked into the Great Hall after practice, his hair still damp from his shower, and scanned the table for a place to sit. He didn’t see Frank or his other roommate around, so he figured they’d yet to come down, or he’d already missed them. He was about to sit down and just dig in by himself, when he spotted Violet sitting by herself near the front of the table. He smiled to himself and started her way. 

Violet, while always looking for a reason to argue with him, well, she was something else. Nick seemed to be seeking out her company more and more lately. He sat down on the bench across from her and gave her a smirk. “How are you doing this evening, Vi?” He asked.

[1988] AU Dragonologist

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Ever since he was a little kid Matt had a fascination with dragons, majestic creatures, a little misunderstood, that breathed fire and flew. What could be more amazing than make your work life adapt to a life with dragons? In Matt’s mind: nothing. But he wasn’t sure how his parents would react.

He got a great set of OWLs and he send his application for a summer internship that would let him have a glimpse of what a Dragonologist could be. Now he had to talk with his parents. 

He went to dinner and looked at his parents with the acceptation letter in hand, “Mom, Dad, there’s something I want to to talk to you,” he said and swallowed not sure her mother would like her little boy to be in danger but he wanted this, it was his dream.

Hey Juliet | Modern AU | Nicolet


Nick had never been great at keeping secrets fro his family. His mum had a way of just looking at him and he would spill his guts about anything she asked, but this was different. This was actually important. This was love

He’d met Violet at a party, a party that he perhaps shouldn’t have been at, but his mates had taken him out to help him forget about his terrible break up, and while it worked, it wasn’t in a way that any of them had expected. He’d all but forgotten his heartbreak as he’d found the love of his life. Not that he could tell anyone about her of course, because he was a McKinnon and she was a Ogden and their families had hated each other since before anyone could remember. 

As far as Nick was concerned it was all just water under the bridge now. Violet was nothing like he’d been told the Ogden family was. She was kind and sweet and funny and she liked to call him out when he was being a prat and it made him smile when she got all mad, and then she would smile even though she’d say that she didn’t want to and everything was perfect. 

He was standing under her window at the moment, tossing tiny pebbles up to catch her attention. He’d parked his truck a block down the street and he was hoping that it was far enough away. “Vi!” He whispered towards her window.