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After spending another two hours on these, I finally got them corrected, and I am seriously wondering what to do with my life.




Let It Be [1972] (Bob&Violet)


The books had been bought, the robes had been hung up. In just under a week, he was going to be heading to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardery. The thought of it both excited and terrified him. His biggest fear was being sorted into Slytherin, he knew, deep down in his heart he was a Gryffindor; to go into Gryffindor would break his heart. 

He was outside flying around the garden, minding his own business. Even though is thoughts were filled with worry over school. What would happen if nobody liked him? Or worse, he failed every class. They couldn’t kick him out, could they? Bob knew he wasn’t a Squib, that was one benefit. 

He pulled up on his broom and made his way back inside the house. He lent his broom against the counter top and looked up spotting his sister. “Violet!” He grinned rushing towards her. He threw his arms around his sister and grinned from ear to ear. “I didn’t know you were home… Again.” He teased. 

[1980] Home Colors


things were getting difficult by the day, the war that was brewing out of people’s home was closing in and everything seemed grey and dull. There were little things that made life bright and amazing again, one of them had just happened to his little brother.

Bob had worked so hard to be a Professional Quidditch player and today that dream had come true. He had owled his parents to see what was entail for the evening and Orchid said it would be intimate and small since it was the middle of the week.

He apparated to his parent’s home and greeted the House Elf changing into some Tutshill Blue before turning into the living room where he found his sister arranging the last details. “I see you are early, as always.” he greeted moving to give her a proper hug and a kiss.

Stuck Together | 1966 | Nicolet


Nick couldn’t believe his luck when Slughorn announced that he would be partnered with Violet of all people. And it wasn’t his good luck that he couldn’t believe, rather his bad luck. Because him and Violet weren’t friends, they weren’t even friendly at all. She was a loudmouth and a know-it-all who was always trying to show him up in class. The two of them couldn’t get along for more than the time it took one of them to open their mouths and they were expected to work together? This project was too important for him to get her as his partner. 

He huffed as he scooped his books off his desk and walked over to her work station, having no doubt in his mind that she would refuse to come and sit next to him. “Any and all complaints about me you can save until the end of class if you’d be so kind.” He knew that wasn’t the best way to start things off, but he couldn’t help himself, she had a way of getting under his skin. 

Twinkling Lights | 1968 | Nicolet


Nick had been looking forward to this Christmas party that his family was hosting for some time now and he was sort of through trying to convince himself that it had nothing to do with Violet. He’d spent the rest of term trying to hang round with her as much as he could. They’d spent a lot more time talking than they used to, and not just teasing talking, but like talking talking, and he didn’t quite understand why that made him as happy as it did, but he chalked it up to him just enjoying her company. Which he did of course, but he enjoyed Alice’s company as well and he didn’t want to hear her go on about how difficult the last Potions exams had been for any longer than maybe five minutes. 

He was nervous too, and as much as he wanted to convince himself that that didn’t make any sense, he knew that it made perfect sense. He fancies her. He should have worked that out a while ago, but he’d worked it out now and he was going to have to act like everything was perfectly normal while seeing her all dressed up. He took a deep breath as he walked down the stairs and then towards the ballroom. The party had already started, he’d put off entering the room for as long as he could, so now he needed to buck up and remember that he was a Gryffindor. Of course, then he saw her from across the room and his breath got caught in his throat. He turned and picked up a glass of champagne off the nearby table and took a sip. He could do this, he could act normal. 

It’s Just Dinner | 1968 | Nick and Violet


Nick walked into the Great Hall after practice, his hair still damp from his shower, and scanned the table for a place to sit. He didn’t see Frank or his other roommate around, so he figured they’d yet to come down, or he’d already missed them. He was about to sit down and just dig in by himself, when he spotted Violet sitting by herself near the front of the table. He smiled to himself and started her way. 

Violet, while always looking for a reason to argue with him, well, she was something else. Nick seemed to be seeking out her company more and more lately. He sat down on the bench across from her and gave her a smirk. “How are you doing this evening, Vi?” He asked.

Free at Last | 1983 | Nicolet

It was June. They kept telling him that it was June but he kept asking anyway. Time had seemed to melt away when he had been stuck in jail, but now he was out and he wasn’t sure why or how or where they were taking him. They had taken off his cuffs as soon as they got off the island, though he didn’t know why they had bothered to put them on, seeing as he didn’t have the strength to fight them.

He took a deep breath and sighed as he was led down a street that he couldn’t recognize. “Where are we going?” He asked, realizing that this was the first time that he had asked that question. No one seemed to hear him, and if they did they didn’t answer him, but then they were walking up some stairs in a building that was neither clean or well lit and he thought that maybe they were taking him somewhere to execute him.  That they no longer had any need of him and that they were just going to end it all instead of letting him fall to pieces in his cell. He wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or not. He hadn’t gotten to say goodbye to anyone, but it wasn’t as if he was ever going to get a chance to see them anyway. 

They led him down a hallway and someone knocked on a door, which he thought was a bit strange, but then a women answered the door and they shoved him forward and most of the guards left. Expect one that quickly explained that Nick was being released into this woman’s custody and that if he broke any of the laws he would not be given another chance. Nick couldn’t make sense of any of it. He tried to focus on the woman in the doorway, but the light from in the room was brighter than it was in the hall and it was hurting his eyes. 


In the Dark | 1980 | Nicolet AU


Nick and Violet had quite a good thing going. He had graduated from Hogwarts with fantastic grades and getting a job as an Auror had been relatively easy. After all his father was head of the department. And Violet took over for her families business. When Voldemort came knocking, asking for their services, they agreed all too readily. Funding came from Violet’s business and Nick was able to fudge up paperwork or get classified information as needed from inside the ministry. They made a good team and they had made their way up the ranks. 

He got home from work and hung up his cloak by the door before walking around to the kitchen to find Violet. “Good evening, love,” He grinned, “How was your day?”