violet nail


I’ve been searching for sunglasses like this since I was seventeen and finally, this morning I found some!

Also, I realize I haven’t really posted many photos of myself on tumblr or even properly introduced myself, so I guess this is me saying hi? Hello? Thanks for following me. If you’re not following me and have stumbled across this - I’m Drew, and I write fanfics, make art and reblog trash. Nothin’ cool.

Lesson Learned ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Tate and Violet threesome.

Pairing: Tate x Reader x Violet, Tate x Violet, Violet x Reader

Word Count: 670


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loving girls when you aren’t a boy

kissing that girl won’t make you a deity

but it might just make you feel human.

the first miracle
monday, 09:34 a.m
you give some building blocks to a little girl with curly brown hair
she kisses your cheek and you feel less scared by being in kindergarten.

the second miracle
wednesday, 11:27 a.m
your friend sits with her head in your lap as she twirls a violet in her hands
her nail polish is pink and you think it might be your favorite color.

the third miracle
sunday, 10:56 p.m
you make a really bad joke while trying too hard to impress
she laughs and come morning you two are still talking
you think parting seas doesn’t sound so impossible anymore.

more miracles
07:50 a.m, sunshine; 03:21 p.m, red lipstick; 06:12 a.m, hands in all the right places
you leave fear in a shoe box in the back of the closet.

10:45 p.m,you tell your wife good night and it settles peacefully on your tongue.