violet nail

“No Homo”

I feel like Richie probably says “no homo” 24/7.


*walking around a grocery store with Mike*

Mike: Could you grab that *pointing at some deli turkey slices*

Richie: No homo *grabs the meat*

*sitting on Bev’s bed*

Bev: *doing Richie’s nails* Could you pass me my violet nail polish?

Richie: No homo *picks up the nail polish*

*standing in front of the Losers*

Richie: so guys, I’m bi. I like chick’s but I also like dudes

Bill: *pats him on the back* nice Richie, I’m happy for you

Stan: *deadpan* No shit.

Mike: *smiling* that’s cool

Bev: *smirking* told you so

Ben: *eyes wide* really? Woah. I didn’t notice, but I’m totally happy for you!

Eddie: oh! That’s *ears turning a bit red* yeah, good for you

Richie: yeah, but no homo.

*watching Eddie stand in front of the Losers*

Eddie: I’ve gathered you all here today because I have something, uh, something *blows put air* important to tell you guys. I’m, um. Well *bites lip and looks down* I’m gay.

Richie: No homo.

All of the Loser’s: Shut the fuck up Richie!

*on Eddie’s bed*

Richie: *making out with Eddie*

Eddie: *stops for breath*

Richie: No homo

Eddie: *kicks Richie off his bed*

*once again standing in front of all the losers*

Eddie: *looking at all of the Loser’s* uh, we, uh *huffs a bit* we’re um-

Richie: Eddie and I are fucking.


Richie: But no homo

*at his wedding*

Richie: *finishing the most beautiful and sappy romantic toast to Eddie* but, really, no homo

Stan: *kicks Richie as hard as possible under the table*

Eddie: *glares, but still kisses Richie right afterwards because dammit, that’s his husband*

*at Stan and Bill’s house*

Richie: *at Bill and Stan’s engagement party finishing up a best man speech* And I’m so fucking proud of you two for getting your shit together and finally tying the knot!

The Loser’s: *laughing*

Richie: and, of course, no homo. Thank you.


I’ve been searching for sunglasses like this since I was seventeen and finally, this morning I found some!

Also, I realize I haven’t really posted many photos of myself on tumblr or even properly introduced myself, so I guess this is me saying hi? Hello? Thanks for following me. If you’re not following me and have stumbled across this - I’m Drew, and I write fanfics, make art and reblog trash. Nothin’ cool.