violet meadows


Plant of the Day

Monday 18 April 2016

Erythronium dens-canis (dog’s tooth violet) grows well under deciduous trees in a deep loamy soil that dries out in Summer. This bulbous perennial produces a pair of leaves, heavily mottled with brown, and solitary mauve-pink flowers with reflexed tepals. The common name comes from the shape of the bulb resembling a dog’s incisor tooth.

Jill Raggett


A pomegranate on the tree
has split, crying tears of blood
onto its twisted roots.

Persephone sits alone in hell.
Are her hands stained with blood
or pomegranate seeds?

My mother always said
not to pry green buds o p e n -
let them be.

Girls are drowning in such darkness that
freedom looks like an open window.
Bodies smeared like make-up on the pavement.

Ophelia wan and glassy-eyed,
drowned like a spring flower.
She’ll see no more male rage.

Men lusting after Lolita,
no thought for the daisy-fresh girl
her mother remembers.

Why do they hunger so for our blood?

We ache as the earth aches
where she’s been violated; skies
beaten black and blue shroud their stars in clouds.

In a daisy-strewn twilit meadow
Persephone, violet-eyed, watches
her mother and lover fight to the death.

Hades saw her, loved her,
p l u c k e d her from the earth.
Gave her his dark kingdom.

She rolls power about on her tongue
and it is viscous like dark honey,
but not the wild sweet kind she used to eat.

We girls with thunder-hearts
need each other, to save
our heads from hungry ovens.

When your roots are planted in darkness,
you can strive towards the sun,
but draw strength from the deep.

if everyone who participated in the epithet asks formed into one chaotic deity, here is your hymn

with a retinue of ghosts, with eyes like torches, cloaked in rain mist, crowned in marble, armed with stone and storm, with words limned in fire, dweller in violet meadows, of the crystal serpent, with sidereal speech, with a mind inked in moonlight, gowned in the memories of cities, veiled in frost, constructed of lacunae, descendant of the muses, with thoughts forged in stars, blooming in the undergrowth, veiled in deep sea, with voice of winter, of whirling winds, with the mossy armor, who blooms in ashes and stone, who walks in the last beam of sunlight, who went beneath the earth and returned, with a sword of ice, in whose footsteps are hyacinths, who calms the seas for travelers, wielder of sunlight, who can sing the music of the spheres, winged with steel, with gleaming wit, of sylvan shade, who walks the sun-dappled forest, to whom statues bow, who speaks like the sea, volcano-born, haunter of woodland pools, who walks upon sunset clouds, who speaks in the whispers of pines, whose song fire obeys, steadfast in sunlight and fog, whose eyes reflect nebulae, who weaves a web of moonlight, in whose wake autumn murmurs, with glittering scales, born from gales, sparkling like the plains of the sea, with a mantle of first snow, treader of the ripples of time, protector of birds, of subtle illumination, whose words bloom like wildflowers, rose-born, winged with rain, for whom the fields and forests part, who wanders on seafoam, protector of the shades, who sings to time and is answered, who runs on the wings of the wind, glittering by night, of the eldritch shadow, cloaked in ivy, who haunts the misted precipice, who reads by the eclipse, who walks through brambles untouched, whose shield is the salt sea, whose song is clearest and brightest, who fares the paths of fire, crowned with bloodstone, kindler of the beacon, of the iridescent speech, who inhabits the upper air, who resurrects the faded, shrouded in winter shadows, who warms the void, with arrows of flint and crystal, who guides the night sky, in whose path bells resound, who dwells beside dark waters, who flies in wild winds, protector of hollows, who guards the dreams of cities, who glows brightest by night, who clarifies the waters, bearer of the sunlit sword, guardian of thresholds, who appears in the light of dawn, who smiles upon rampant gardens, emerald-throned, of the gilded phrases, translucent-winged, with a malachite mind, sleeper in the shadows of waves, who grows poppies in the ruins, of the navigator’s star, with mist-soft heart, whose path is lit by fireflies, whose song echoes in ravines, of the clovered hills, with hawthorn spear, whose wings are whispers, with eyes of dusk, who dwells on the horizon, whose aegis is the evening star, speaker of the ephemeral, herder of wild stars, tempest-winged, who weaves the cosmic filaments, born of the cascade, attended by kindness and justice, jeweled in prisms, who keeps the archives of sunlight, who defends the high towers, who sings the orchards to flower, of the fragrant coronet, of the smiling shadow, gilded with roses, who pours light onto snow, with leopard-drawn chariot, who quickens withered words, who glimmers in gloom, charmer of crows, who dwells beneath the evergreen, arrayed in amethysts, who cherishes nightfall, starred with asphodel, shimmering-winged, who wanders through lilacs, whose voice is burnished gold, who paints the meadows with morning light, who wakes in wind and water, who fosters phantoms, summoner of ravens, crowned in honey-bright sun, of the ruby blade, who glides through moonlit colonnades

sun’s sea
light wells

you robbed me -
           how long?

unsafe and

no other sounds

amidst violets,
meadow is in the
middle of arriving


grass grows limp
in damp dew

the sweet


Naturalist Journal:  TX Wildflowers

T - Carolina Wolfberry (Lycium carolinianum) aka Christmasberry, Nightshade family - Solanaceae, Smith Point, TX

ML - Meadow Pink (Sabatia campestris), aka Texas Star, Gentian family - Gentianaceae, Galveston Isld State Park, Galveston, TX

MR - Pleat-leafed Iris (Herbertia lahue) aka Prairie Nymph, Iris family - Iridaceae, Houston, TX

B - Meadow Violet (Viola sororia), aka Missouri Violet, Violet family - Violaceae, Bellaire, TX

photos by Paxon Kale-Covarrubias