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You can have a broken heart, a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a beating heart, a bleeding heart, a heart of steel, the heart of a lion or a wild heart, but at the end of the day, after the fight, after the pain, our hearts still beat at the same rate.



Day 24 X is for Xmas

A small Christmas gift to all my amazing friends out there! Wish you the best today and always!!!
Thank you for all your love and support!
All my love to @chelsiefan71 @poshgraz @csota @canadianjudy @chelsietothenorthern @chelsie-carson and each and every single person who took the time to comment and like my silly doodles!!

Since nearly everyone else has done it, @jamesandtheblog and I have decided hop on the “Tag Yourself” bandwagon, this time featuring characters from my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory retelling, including, Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Marvin Prune, Miranda Mary Piker, Mike Teavee, and even Mr. Willy Wonka himself.

This is just a little something we cooked up fun. Hope you like it.

P.S. I’d consider myself a mix between beautiful cinnamon roll, tim burton, and kristen stewart, with maybe just a bit of call of doody

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10 More Movies that changed my life: 

Girls Against Boys-2013 

Violet & Daisy-2011 

American Mary-2013 

Camp X-Ray-2014 

Stand By Me-1986 

The Innkeepers-2012 


Blue Is The Warmest Colour-2013 



When Matthew Crawley Made Me Laugh

In general, Matthew Crawley wasn’t a comedic character. He primarily tended to produce a sense of moral rectitude, angst, and attraction to Mary. But it’s to Dan Stevens’s credit that Matthew didn’t end up as stiff and unvarying as a board. Stevens made the most of what little he was given to work with. I often smiled just watching Matthew’s expressions, particularly when they were directed at Mary.

But here are the moments when Matthew Crawley actually made me laugh:

Chewing while Mary calls him a “hideous sea monster” in front of the whole family at their second meeting:

If you like a good argument, we should see more of each other.

Looking bored while dancing with Mrs. Patmore:

(To be fair, she looks pretty bored, too. Guess they’re not an OTP—and no, that is not an invitation to send me recommendations for Matthew / Mrs. Patmore fics, thank you. :)

Giving Mary this look when she interrupted his marriage proposal to demand that he get down on one knee and do it properly:

(He obeyed her, of course.)

Wincing when the bagpiper circled the table before dinner at Duneagle:

After Mary has been sniping about a man they’ve never met, and they see him for the first time, Matthew dryly observes, “What a disappointment. He looks perfectly normal.”

(Mary’s expression in response is hilarious.)

For most of these moments, Matthew drew a mere snicker out of me and I loved his dry wit, but this one made me laugh out loud:

It was a shock to see such a totally inelegant, completely-recognizable human gesture on so snooty a show, and it spoke volumes about the comfort level of Mary and Matthew’s relationship (she’s sitting in the room, watching him at the time).

Making me laugh = making me love you

(hence why I love Violet so much)


Downton Abbey Meme: Downton Abbey + text posts 1/?

Robert/Cora/Edith/Tom/Violet/Mary: It’s what Sybil would have wanted.

Sybil: Uh… do whatever you want, I’m super dead. 


Downton Abbey Meme: Downton Abbey + text posts 2/?