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AHS Packs 

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warm all over - a collection of lush and relaxing showtunes that will make you feel warm all over

the beauty is - the light in the piazza // day by day - godspell // the world above - the little mermaid // twin soliloquies - south pacific // too many mornings - follies // shoes from heaven - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // lay down your head - violet // give way - dogfight // i believe - spring awakening // the sun won’t set - a little night music // look at me - the bridges of madison county // i don’t need a roof - big fish // see her smile - tick, tick…BOOM! // warm all over - an evening with sutton foster // ten minutes ago - cinderella // the next ten minutes - the last five years 


Signs as American Horror Story characters

Aries: Sister Mary Euince
Leo: Viv Harmon
Sagittarius: Bette Tattler
Taurus: Cordelia Foxx
Virgo: Tate Langdon
Capricorn: The Countess
Gemini: Misty Day
Libra: Pepper
Aquarius: Dandy Mott
Cancer: Madison Montgomery
Scorpio: Violet Harmon
Pisces: Liz Taylor

im bette-r than you …. took me a while to figure this out ah