violet lanterns

moon or stars? roses or sunflowers? autumn or spring? sunrise or sunset? fairy lights or lanterns? snow or thunder? cold or hot? boats or planes? velvet or lace? pastels or darks? gold or silver? late walks or midnight drives? camouflage or contrast? summer or winter? violets or daisies? balloons or streamers?

How To Tell what Lantern Corp You’re In

Green Lantern Corps: Every part of your body tells you to yell fuck you, but you resist the word or use a child friendly version of it

Sinestro Corps: You tell the person fuck you in the coldest way with a glare and they back off

Red Lantern Corps: FUCK YOU, FUCK THIS, FUCK EVERYTHING you yell as you proceed to beat up everything in a square mile radius

Star Sapphires/Violet Lantern Corps: Fuck you, then let’s fuck me you say in the most flatterous way possible

Orange Lantern Corp: FUCK YOU you shout as the run off with the sandwich you just stolen off of someone

Indigo Tribe: You hear some yell fuck you, you run over concerned and wondering if everything is ok

Blue Lantern Corps: You hear someone yell fuck you, you hope everything is alright, but you’re not concerned enough to ask what’s up by yourself

Black Lantern Corps: You would love to say anything, BUT YOU’RE DEAD

White Lantern Corps: You don’t say anything you are above saying fuck you, but yet you completely consider saying it


Phantom Lantern: You say fuck you yet no knows what you mean by it

Lantern Corps Inspired Ask Meme

Green Lantern - Name a goal your muse is determined to achieve.

Yellow Lantern - Name a great fear your muse has.

Violet Lantern - Name a great love your muse has lost.

Orange Lantern - Name something your muse has or could have that they would absolutely not share.

Red Lantern - Name something that enrages your muse.

Blue Lantern - Name something your muse is hopeful for.

Indigo Lantern - Name a moment your muse showed great compassion.

Black Lantern - Name somebody in your muses life that would tear their heart to pieces if they came back.

White Lantern - If your muse died and then was given a second chance, how would they view the world differently?

MBTI Types as Lanterns

Last idea I had for the night.

Red Lanterns: ESTP, ENTP

“With blood and rage of crimson red,
 Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
 Together with our hellish hate,
 We’ll burn you all… That is your fate!

Agent Orange: ESFP

“What’s mine is mine

and mine and mine,

and mine, and mine, and mine! … not yours!

Sinestro Corps Members: ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTJ

 “In blackest day, in brightest night,
 Beware your fears made into light
 Let those who try to stop what’s right,
 Burn like my power… Sinestro’s might!”

Green Lanterns: ISFP, INTP, INTJ

“In brightest day, in blackest night,    
 No evil shall escape my sight
 Let those who worship evil’s might,
 Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

Blue Lanterns: ENFP, INFJ

“In fearful day, in raging night,
 With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
 When all seems lost in the War of Light,
 Look to the stars… For hope burns bright!

Indigo Tribe Members: ISFJ

Note: the Indigo Tribe oath has not yet been translated into English

“Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur.
  Natromo faan tornek wot ur.
  Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur.
  Taan lek lek nok - Formorrow Sur!

Star Sapphires: INFP

“For hearts long lost and full of fright,
 For those alone in blackest night,
 Accept our ring and join our fight,
 Love conquers all… With violet light!

White Lanterns: ENFJ, ESFJ

“In darkest day, in silent night
 With souls full of light
 Crush those who bring blackest night

Black Lanterns: ISTP

“The Blackest Night falls from the skies,
 The darkness grows as all light dies,
 We crave your hearts and your demise,
 By my black hand… The dead shall rise!

So, John Stewart gets to be the first man in the star sapphires. Cool. Weird how his uniform doesn’t show an inch of skin though. Must be a faulty ring …

One thing I’ve always wondered about the Violet Lanterns, though. Every single one ever shown has hewn very close to humanoid standards of binary womanhood. Do they let in all non-male genders? I mean, humans don’t just have two genders, how weird would it be if every other alien race just happened to break down along binary gender lines?