violet land

Number Two | AU | Nicolet+Susan+Richard

Violet landed on the doorstep of McKinnon Manor, holding onto Nicks arm. She didn’t know why she was nervous at all, it’s not like her in-laws were going to be upset with the news that her and Nick had, quite the opposite actually. Maybe it wasn’t nerves, she was definitely excited, although maybe it was the fact that pretty soon, they wouldn’t have one child to look after. But two. “Have you told them that we’re coming?” she asked Nick, brushing herself down. 


Crash Landing Prologue

So i saw a request for a plane crash fic, and since i’ve wanted to do a group fic for a long time i thought i’d take it on. Jinkx, Alaska, Sharon, Phiphi, Willam, Detox, Manila, Raja, Katya, Trixie, Courtney, Bianca, Adore, Violet, Fame, and Pearl are all featured. That means all combo’s are possible, i just gotta hear from you first to know what you want. i have them boarding the plane in my suggested “pairs” but i’d love shake ups and such. Hope you like.

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I Want To Be The Very Best

Almost there! One more battle and the gym was hers. Violet just needed to land one more hit before her Clefable named Princess got KO’d when someone crashed right into her and knocked her phone out of her hand.

“Hey! Watch it!” she yelled as she picked up her phone. Once glance at the screen told her that she’d lost the battle she’d been fighting so hard. “No!!! I was so close to taking down these losers from Instinct! Fuck!”

Violet shot a glare at the person who’d knocked into her, who happened to be staring open mouthed at her. “What are you staring at?” Violet demanded. No answer. She crossed her arms. “Well?”