violet harmon style


Everyone keeps asking me about Violet’s clothes, so I thought I’d make an exacts list for you. This is what I’ve found so far. 



  • Spending Time Pullover 
  • Striped Burnout Top
  • Viole Trapeze Slip (Storm) 
  • Lost in the Forest Pullover
  • Crafty Cuff Thermal (Mocha) 
  • Floral Lace Fit and Flare Dress / Floral Burnout Puff Sleeve Dress
  • Web Lace Double Layer Dress
  • Gypsy Button-Front Cardigan (Brown)
  • Purple lace and Terry Cutaway Sweater
  • Luscious Lagoon Slip (Grey)
  • Floral Burnout Henley
  • Regal Macrame Tunic
  • Animal Print Asymmetrical Ruffle Tank


  • APC Madras Floral Print Tiered Dress


  • Horkelia Shift Dress
  • C&C California Triblend Dip Dye Drape Rectangle Tee


  • Joie Navajo Open Cardigan Sweater


  • Bison Hat 
  • Urban Renewal Vintage Overdyed Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt 
  • Kimchi Blue Wildflower dress
  •  Pins and Needles Sweater (white)
  • Opaque Tight (dark grey)


  • Clarify Printed Dress


  • Patterned Knit Cardigan

This is all music she listened to and music that I 100% believe would be in her itunes library 

1. Special death - mirah // 2. Blood bank - Bon iver // 3. Tainted love - Hannah Peel // 4. Teen Age Riot - Sonic youth // 5. Lavender moon - Haroula rose // 6. Creep - Radiohead // 7. Do you - Carnia round // 8. Damaged - No noise // 9. I, the sun - lights on // 10. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina // 11. Big mother - feeding people // 12. He war - Cat Power // 13. Lola - The kinks // 14. Hate my way - throwing muses // 15. Your Protector - Fleet foxes // 16. Sunny afternoon - the kinks // 17. Paradise circus - Massive attack // 18. Girl with one eye - Florence and the machine // 19. Harsh Realm - widowspeak // 20. Where is my mind? - the pixies // 21. Youth - Daughter // 22. Holocene - Daughter // 23. Title and registration - Death cab for cutie // 24. Hazard - Gosling // 25. Human fly - the cramps // 26. Video games - Lana del rey // 27. You’re so dark - Arctic monkeys // 28. All I see - Lydia // 29. Bigmouth Strikes Again - The smiths // 30. Landfill - Daughter // 31. Seven Nation Army - The white stripes // 32. Bones and skin - Mirah // 33. The garden - Mirah // 34. Had ten dollaz - Cherry glazerr // 35. In the room where you sleep - Dead mans bones // 

Sorry for taking so long with this, but here’s my Violet exact collection!

1. Free people spending time pullover in ivory
2. Free people all over lace pullover
3. Free people regal macrame top in blue
4. APC madras floral tiered midi dress
5. Splendid top in Viola
6. Pins and needles sweater
7. Lost in the forest pullover in white
8. Lost in the forest pullover in faded rose
9. Free people luscious lagoon web lace dress in grey
10. Free people storm slip
11. Free people gypsy cardigan
12. Levi’s fringe wrap
13. Free people floral burnout henley in black
14. Free people asymmetrical top
15. Free people French terry lace pullover
16. Kimchi blue dress (purple and black)
17. Forever 21 zig-zag cardigan

If you would like me to do a try on and/or how I would normally wear them out and/or my opinion on any of them, please let me know and I’ll do it in another post sometime! Hope you enjoyed!

New items not shown:
18. Grey floral burnout henley
19. Scandalous lace top in navy
20. Anthropologie Horkelia shift dress
21. Ecote striped purple sweater
22. Free people fit and flare dress in boysenberry
23. Feather top look alike
24. Brown high top converse
25. Raccoon hat
26. Free people crafty cuff thermal in mocha
27. Maroon/burgundy beanie
28. UO daisy crochet tights
29. Ecote equestrian ankle boots
30. Knee length socks with buttons
31. Trouvé sheer top
32. Kinks word of the mouth tee

Zoe exacts:
1. Topshop Dill overalls
2. Moon rise nights flight asymmetrical shirt
3. Gold buckle boots
4. Topshop mensy shorts
5. Topshop cape blouse

My small collection of Violet exacts so far. :^) from left to right:

  • Splendid Tab Sleeve top in Eggplant, from Home Invasion– not sure if this is the exact color, but I like to think so. Everyone says it’s the Viola, but the purple looked more muted to me. I don’t know, I give up trying to find out. :$
  • Spending Time pullover in Ivory, from Piggy Piggy– all-time favorite sweater. :D
  • Free People Voile and Lace Slip in Storm, from Piggy Piggy– Argh, damn those new black lace insets. ‘Nuff said. -.-
  • Free People Lost in the Forest Pullover in Rose Combo, from multiple episodes
  • Lost in the Forest Pullover in Original Combo, from Afterbirth– exact one she wears in the picture Ben looks at. There are suddenly a shit ton of them on eBay now for some reason!
  • Free People Web Lace Tunic, from Afterbirth– this was a bitch and a half to find on eBay, but it’s the exact, worn with the LOTF pullover in the rose color. ^^
  • Free People black Floral Burnout Top– I forgot which episode this was in. Vi wore it during the scene where she was in the basement, telling the ghosts to come out, and that she won’t hurt them. She wore this under her fringed Levi’s cardigan that I cannot find anywhere ashsadjfgasjkf
  • Free People Scandalous Lace Top in Navy– I can’t remember which episode this was from, and I’m not sure if it’s actually the exact color or not. She might have been wearing grey or even a purpley color. :/
  • Free People Asymmetrical Tank (don’t know the actual name, oops) from Piggy Piggy– Violet wears this in the beginning scene, underneath the pullover to the right of it. This came in another taupe-ish color, and I think she may have actually worn that one instead of this purple one, because the exact pullover was brown I believe, and it would have matched better. D: even if it’s not exact, I still love it, and I think Violet would wear these colors as well. :)
  • Free People Angel French Terry Lace Pullover in Dusty Lilac– Again, I think the actual exact color is brown, but I still really like the purple. I’m determined to find that brown one!

I’m still looking for the other exacts, but this is what I have so far. (Excuse the fact that this was waaaaay too long–I love talking about Vi clothes heheh)