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Welcome to Briarcliff | Callie&Violet

Today was the day Violet was being sent to Briarcliff. After many psychiatrists’ advice, and thoughts on her state, they all believed that she should be sent to Briarcliff, in order to get help.

Violet had recently suffered the loss of her love, Tate Langdon. His mother picked up their family and moved to LA. Tate didn’t even have the decency to tell Violet. She was heartbroken, lost. He was her light; he kept her away from the darkness that so often crept into her mind. After he left, Violet fell into a pit of darkness; taking up smoking again, and secretly cut herself. She did not want her parents getting involved. She wanted them away from her pain.


As the Harmons pulled through the iron gates of Briarcliff, Violet couldn’t help but be taken aback. The building was immense, gorgeous in its own twisted way. “Maybe this won’t be so bad.” Violet thought to herself. “There has got to be others, others like me, who know this pain.” She closed her eyes for a minute while images of Tate flashed across her eyelids. “Get out! Get out of my head!” Violet screamed. Her parents turned around and stared at her.

“Vi, Vi honey, everything is okay.” Her father tried comforting her. She realized where she was, and tried to calm down. She stared at her parents, while they looked back and forth between each other and back at Violet. “Well Honey, we are here.” Ben puts the car into park and rushes to help his pregnant wife out of the car. Violet slowly gets out, and breathes in the fresh air. 

A nun rushed down the cement stairs, towards Violet and her family. The nun started speaking, looking out of breath, “Ah, you must be the new patient. I’m Sister Mary Eunice. Welcome to Briarcliff.”

Tate Langdon, freelance bio exorcist

Having trouble with the living? Got a dead beat roommate who wont move out? Pesky new home owners cramping your ghostly style? Call me, Tate Langdon, the afterlife’s leading bio exorcist. Services available to customers both living and dead. If they’re alive, and you want them out, I’m your man.

If I can’t haunt those pesky living critters out of your home, you get your money back AND a free 10$ gift card for the Wok Star buffet in downtown L.A. Don’t put up with those cocksuckers a second longer then you have to. Call now for 50% off your first haunting.


(anyone up for a beetle-juice inspired AU RP??? Pretty please???)

Tate’s glare was towards the two living people holding hands outside of the Murder House. “Why do they get to be happy? It’s horse shit. I’m stuck here forever and they get to love and die.” Tate hissed under his breath. His rage had been building up for the past few hours as he got even more bitter about being stuck in the home than usual. His fist slammed through the window, shattering the glass into hundreds of pieces. When he brought his fist back to his side it had thick glass shards in the knuckles with blood dripping to the floor covered in glass. The anger inside of him was so strong that he couldn’t feel the pain; it would heal soon enough anyways. Tate was about to punch the wall next to him when he heard footsteps behind him.

“Fuck off,” He almost snarled.


– “Who the Hell invented sexual Sunday?” Violet questioned, eyes rolling at the world. There were so many weird trends that she could really never take part in.

 Instead she sat down, leaning her head against the concrete wall of the basement. Unaware of someone entering behind her, she pulled out a cigarette. It was about time she indulged herself in one again. The flower began to pace around the room. Until she turned around, noticing the stranger.

 "Can I help you?“

New Home||Kristel&Violet

A new family was moving in today. Violet had gathered her things in her room, and stashed them in the attic. Violet went and looked for Tate, telling him to be good for the new family. Tate and Violet had made up a while ago, and were friends. Violet knew though that Tate still loved her.

Violet watched as the moving truck pulled up in the street and watched a van pull up behind it. A mother and a father stepped out of the van, along with a teenage daughter and a younger son. Violet smiled at the new incoming family, hoping they wouldn’t be another failure. Tate stood alongside her, and watched her as she watched the family.

She appeared downstairs, in the kitchen, sitting on the counter. Her mother and father were there, as well as Moira. They all discussed what should happen with this family. They had to see what the family’s thoughts were. Violet didn’t want another death here, so she wanted them out as soon as possible. 

The front door started jiggling and opened, the family rushing in, along with the workers. They looked around the house in awe, and Violet had some sort of attraction to the girl. She had a certain feeling about her after the girl whispered “This house is fucking awesome.”

Double date

Violet and her boyfriend Sam were going on a date tonight, well a double date. Sam’s friend Tate, was coming with his girlfriend. Violet didn’t want to be doing this, it sounded stupid. They’re going out to eat, then the club; not violets cup of tea. — they were late, Tate and his girlfriend took a seat. She’d never seen this male, but something inside of her ticked when she saw him, but she ended up rolling her eyes at his giddy girlfriend who was all over him. “How nice of you guys to be thirty minutes late" violet said with a sarcastic smile.


Here we go again. This seemed like their 15th fight this week. They never agreed on anything and instead of compromising like normal couples, they always tore each other apart until one of them gave up or they found something else to fight about. 

“Why are you always such a bitch?” Tate asked as they stood in his bedroom, staring at each other from across the room. He was livid. She was standing outside of the school with that douche bag again. Does he have a death wish? 


Violet sat on the edge of her bed, sliding her feet across the wooden floor. Her mind began wondering about the new boy she had met, only a few days before. He listened, and understood her. One of many things nobody ever did. Violet started to believe he was the only good thing in this new shit hole she was forced to move to. After all, moving across the country was only a sad excuse for her parents to fix their shitty marriage. 

Violet sat patiently, waiting for Tate to get out of his appointment with her Dad. She often wondered what they spoke about, but then again she didn’t really care. She liked Tate for who he was, not what went on in his mind. Violet laid back on her bed, her feet now dangling off the side. She took a deep breath before exhaling, hearing footsteps making their way to her bedroom. She crossed her fingers, hoping it was Tate. 

Blood And More || Violate

Violet got a strange pleasure out of small things. In particular, she felt it every time she smoked a cigarette. Just the smell of smoke excited her, even if it wasn’t furling from her own light. In her bedroom, a room that already reeks of smoke, it’s hard not to crave just one more. It’s a surprise her mother actually bought her lie that the house just smelled a bit smoky due to its age. Violet loved her mom, but she was the stupidest bitch that ever lived past the age of twenty. After sitting in the same hunched position all afternoon, she craned her neck from side to side to create a few satisfying cracks. Violet slumped back against her wrought iron bed-frame and peered down at her long-sleeved shirt. Her attention naturally slipped to the spot where she kept her razors. It was a bored compulsion, but a compulsion nonetheless. Violet muttered something about dad being too busy to notice, anyway. It just sounded like a nice relief from her monotonous day.

o p e n :

       White walls always weep 
                   When I try to fall asleep 
                           In this city by the sea 
                               Walk the memories..“ 


 Please, not the memories again.

 "Somebody please tell me you have a cigarette.” The flower mumbles, positioning herself nervously against the wall. Confidence is fire, but sadness puts out the flame.

Open Starter

Tate walked stood silently in the empty hallway as he waited for her. 

Where is she? She should have been here 5 minutes ago. His mind raced as the possibilities of her tardiness ran wildly through his head. Maybe her teacher wouldn’t let her leave. Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed deeply. 

He needed to explain why he was with that other girl the night before. She needs to know the truth, Tate. He practiced the speech over and over again in his head making sure everything was right. A moment later a loud creaking door abruptly pulled him from his thoughts. Fuck.