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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Pearlet) - The Cub

A/N: This is a gender bender fic, Violet is cis female - Marilyn Monroe and Matt is cis male. The fic is based loosely on Marilyn’s life, but I changed some things to fit the story.

This story is dedicated to my dearest friend Kiwi who has supported me through the two month process, from the second the idea came to me and to proof reading it for me. You are an angel, I could write an essay explaining how thankful I am for you every day but I’m trying to keep this short and cute.

I spent a long time on researching 50’s slang, so if you don’t understand a word scroll up to see the list of words I explained here below!

~the Cub

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Another girl sold. Shuyuki had been caught months ago, dragged from her home to be sold at a black market. Her clothes were ripped to shreds and her raven black hair tied tightly back from her face so the men could get a better view of her violet eyes. “Gentlemen! This is our last girl, so bid high and bid fast! This one is very feisty, boys! We found this little number wandering around a forest, careful now, she’s been around wild animals but that doesn’t mean this little witch can’t be trained to do you bidding~ Now, how about we start the bidding of? Who cares to make the starting bid?”