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The law of color is a system of understanding color relationships. Before you attempt to apply haircoloring products, it is important to have a good general understanding of how color works together.

Primary Colors: Red - Blue - Yellow (When mixed together in equal proportions, create the color black)

Secondary Colors:

Red + Blue = Violet  

Yellow + Blue  = Green                                  

Red + Yellow = Orange

The color wheel is made up in a way so that contrasting colors are placed directly across from their opposite. Any bleach babe has to become familiar with this since it is necessary to know which colors can be used to “neutralize”. unwanted tones. Bleached your hair but cant seem to get out those unwanted orange and yellow tones in the hair?? When you know and understand the color wheel and can see that violet to blue is the opposite of yellow and orange. You can then choose a violet pigment in order to neutralize the yellow (why yes i have 3 bottles of fudge urban violet toning shampoo and at least 2 of Bleach Londons Violet Skies) . If the unwanted color is orange, you can see that blue is the color to use to neutralize the unwanted tone (blue tinted granny rinse it is then!). Remember!!!! opposites on the color wheel get rid of unwanted tones and have a neutralizing effect!!!! So if youre totalllly over your Rhianna Red mane- look for blue/green dyes to knock out the color. Its all a bit of trial and error when your DIYing your color changes, but if you consult the color wheel, you’ll have a much better understanding of color laws and how to best achieve your next desired color. Adding conditioner to your color correcting DIY makes for the most neutral hair in the end. Rather than going from bright red straight to bright blue, a mix of conditioner and blue will strip the red and give a much more neutral grey result. As the red begins to fade out, make sure you using less and less of your blue/green dye so as to make sure youre continuing to neutralize and not just give yourself a murky blue ‘do! And as always i recommend playing with pastel colors so you dont have to go through all this everytime you want to change up your color xx 

MINI CHEAT SHEET *add conditioner to all

X red tones: Out of the Blue or Sea Punk by @bleachlondon

X yellow tones: Violet toning shampoo by Fudge Urban

X orange tones: Silver Shampoo by @bleachlondon

X blue tones: The Big Pink mix w/ I Saw Red by @bleachlondon

X green tones: Rose (dont add in conditioner) by @bleachlondon