violet foster


Broadway musicals from 2013-2014 that have since closed

Renamed Musicals
  • • Les Miserables: Breadsticks Meme Gone Wrong ft. The Only Cop in France.
  • • Miss Saigon: Americans Fuck Shit Up, the musical!
  • • Legally Blonde: This is Harvard, not a Stripper Bar.
  • • Wicked: Misunderstood Green Girl and Sparkly Witch Hide Lesbian Feelings
  • • Little Women: That Story Where All the Girls Fall in Love
  • • Book of Mormon: Spooky Mormon Hell and Crude Gay Humor Clash w/ Sparkly Tuxedoes.
  • • Shrek: Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover; Another Show About Diversity.
  • • The Last Five Years: How Not to Adult: A Manual
  • • Joseph and the blah, blah, blah: Fifty Shades of Bible Humor
  • • Suessical: Always Trust that Weird Voice you Hear PS Elephants Can’t Fly
  • • Songs for a New World: I’m Sure There’s a Story Here Somewhere…
  • • Thirteen: Puberty Sucks Plus Jewish Jokes and Weird Sexual Tension
  • • Matilda: We’ll Fight Like Twenty Armies and We Won’t Give up ft. Miss Honey’s Self Esteem Issues.
  • • Spring Awakening: Why Sex Ed Matters, the musical!
  • • Next to Normal: The Story of a Sexy Ghost
  • • Avenue Q: Horney Puppets Use the Internet for Porn and Then Build a School For Monsters.
  • • Children of Eden: Bible fanfiction.
  • • The Drowsy Chaperone: Hallucinations of a Man in a Chair
  • • Violet: Sutton Foster and a Sob Story ft. Indecipherable Accents
  • • Anything Goes: Into the Woods, Except on a Ship
  • • How to Succeed: A Dummies Guide to Making an Ass Out of
  • Yourself
  • • Once on this Island: Why Gods Should Not Interfere With Humans
  • • Into the Woods: Fairytale AU on Crack
  • • Fun Home; Gay Tears, the musical!
  • • In the Heights: Everybody has Issues in the Barrio.
  • • Chess: East West Relations Under Different Masks and Various Plots
  • • RENT: Diversity, Death, and Drugs.
  • • Annie: My Life Sucks: By Me.
  • • Sweeny Todd: Revenge Means Killing Everybody
  • • Young Frankenstein: It Runs in the Family.

warm all over - a collection of lush and relaxing showtunes that will make you feel warm all over

the beauty is - the light in the piazza // day by day - godspell // the world above - the little mermaid // twin soliloquies - south pacific // too many mornings - follies // shoes from heaven - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // lay down your head - violet // give way - dogfight // i believe - spring awakening // the sun won’t set - a little night music // look at me - the bridges of madison county // i don’t need a roof - big fish // see her smile - tick, tick…BOOM! // warm all over - an evening with sutton foster // ten minutes ago - cinderella // the next ten minutes - the last five years 


the essential sutton foster playlist - two-time tony award winner sutton foster singing her signature songs

down with love - an evening with sutton foster // blow, gabriel, blow - anything goes // show off - the drowsy chaperone // morning person - shrek the musical // there’s nothing rougher than love - jule styne in hollywood // better - little women // jimmy - thoroughly modern millie // roll in the hay - young frankenstein // all to pieces - violet // i want to go to hollywood - the maury yeston songbook // once upon a time - wish // anyone can whistle // being alive - an evening with sutton foster // i get a kick out of you - anything goes // bride’s lament - the drowsy chaperone // i know it’s today - shrek the musical // listen to your heart - young frankenstein // lay down your head - violet // always - keys: the music of scot alan // flight - wish // gimme gimme - thoroughly modern millie // astonishing - little women //


  • Bertrand: This is never going to work.
  • Violet: Just watch.
  • Violet, on the phone with Bertrand: Is your refrigerator running?
  • Bertrand: Yes, I believe it is.
  • Violet: Then you'd better go catch it!
  • Bertrand: By golly, you're right! [runs out of the house]
  • Klaus: Oh my god.

I made a video of Ashlee Simpson Ross in Melrose Place (2009)


“If someone told me to look at my career as a whole, I think variety, and I think challenging myself as an actor, and even doing the unexpected—it’s so much more exciting”

i guess im also just frustrated with like how obsessed broadway is with finding young attractive people for all their roles because it completely alienates people from relating to their stories, especially if its supposed to be a story of regular people. like i loved sutton foster in violet and violet is one of my favorite musicals but the whole point of her character was that she was considered ugly by all of society. taking makeup off of an otherwise conventionally attractive white woman didn’t feel at all relevant to that story and it was disappointing. even dead west spring awakening, which broke HUGE ground for disabled performers, still kept all their actors very conventionally attractive, and it ended up with people that didn’t really look like insecure, gawky, pimply teenagers.
that’s why kinky boots, despite its somewhat basic storyline, was so much fun- it had people of all ages and sizes. it didn’t get noticed for that but i (and my mom, who doesnt watch a whole lot of theater nowadays) loved the way it felt like a real group of people.