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Tio Nevada’s Tea Party

*screams* THIS IS ALL @justraulesparza​ ‘s FAULT! *points at Tina* 

Canon Character: Nevada Ramirez, Trouble In The Heights.
OCs: Natalia, his sister / Lillian, his niece.

A little cursing, otherwise no warnings… unless feels for the dirtbag hurt your soul, ‘cause warning, it’sa coming….. 

Nevada had said he’d babysit. 

He had only said he’d babysit because Natalia had insisted she needed to get grocery shopping done, and he’d rather spend time with his sweet niece than listen to her bitch about groceries anymore.

He had not, however, thought he agreed to this.

It started innocently, slowly, she was sly. He was sitting on the couch, watching television with feet propped up on the coffee table. Little Lillian had come into the room with an armful of toys- seemed innocuous enough. Thoughtfully, while he watched with a perked brow, she set up dolls on either side of him, atop the couch cushions. His stare narrowed to a squint, and he gave both the very well-dressed little porcelain ladies a suspicious look.

“Tio Vada,” his curiosity was interrupted by precious Lillian’s tiny voice. “Tio Vada, feet don’t go on the table.”

Well, damn. Obediently, he lowered his shoes to the floor, rocked forward a bit and nearly knocked over a doll. Knowing much better, he caught the tiny addition to his seat, and readjusted the little straw sunhat she wore under the watchful eye of his niece. 

Women were terrifying, even when they were so small. No need to upset her.

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things associated with the signs

aries: odin, tinkerbell, cinnamon buns, supernovas, peach green tea, game of thrones, kim possible, marc jacobs, balloons, florida, dragons, bear hugs, freckles, city skylines, ripped jeans, pegasus, bonfires, long hair, cooking, auburn hair, nail polish, board games

taurus: gemstones, pocahontas, cat’s whiskers, katniss everdeen, roses, economics, finding nemo, dark red lipstick, prada, cherry blossoms, forest fairies, singing, smoke, autumn leaves, teddy bears, trees, fancy dinners, tea, soft eyes, flower crowns, dublin

gemini: budapest, lilo, honolulu, honeysuckle, spice girls, eskimo kisses, the dead sea, rainy nights, new york, polyjuice potion, shapeshifter, lamps, yellow, angelina jolie, roadtrips, log cabins, texting, green eyes, city streets, lipstick, shakespearean insults, pixie dust

cancer: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, oversized sweaters, starry night, coconuts, hot chocolate, penguins, plaid shirts, vera wang, long hugs, fluffy socks, hades, werewolf, snow, croissants, crystals, the beach, journals, musical theatre, clean sheets

leo: thor, knitted blankets, fall out boy, ginny weasley, champagne, destiny’s child, swans, chanel, polaroids, phoenix, glitter, sunflowers, pink, massages, manicures, bubble baths, starbucks, saturday nights, sunlight, bright green, rome, sleeping, full moons, alcopops

virgo: amsterdam, mona lisa, white wine, science, cappucino, calligraphy, clouds, back to the future, unicorns, coffee stains, elephants, turquoise, collarbones, ballet, dinner parties, paint, showers, daisy chains, icy blue, boston, pop music, green tea, porcelain teacups

libra: london, photographs, ombre hair, mulberry, lavender, geography, parks and rec, ralph lauren, perfect eyeliner, angels, lotus flowers, feathers, old movies, big cities, drunken kisses, snow, cats, mineral makeup, wind chimes, copenhagen, lemongrass

scorpio: soft pillows, galaxies, cute nicknames, edward scissorhands, hickeys, that’s so raven, dyed hair, athena, vampires, waves, leather jackets, long eyelashes, big beds, smoky eyes, mountains, radios, new orleans, candy apples, black lipstick, whispers

sagittarius: loki, the girl with the pearl earring, comets, violet baudelaire, jack sparrow, beer, swallows, versace, centaurs, philosophy, candyfloss, bad jokes, crayons, old magazines, campfires, acapulco, flowers, indie music, white sage, curly hair, scary movies

capricorn: candles, asteroids, vanilla, lattes, sweeney todd, the supremes, pancake dates, blizzards, goblins, thunderstorm, dancing, craft beer, headphones, new shoes, wildflowers, pearlescent white, montreal, rock music, juniper, spiral staircases

aquarius: merida, miami, nebula, jasmine, bob’s burgers, hummingbirds, velvet, dior, brown eyes, lightning, witches, venice, smooth rocks, moon dust, lipgloss, notebooks, sphinx, wednesday addams, stars, sundresses, leather, nightlights, buenos aires

pisces: paris, books, arctic monkeys, luna lovegood, mad hatter, doves, meditteranean sea, classic rock music, alexander mcqueen, snowflakes, hawaii, poseidon, mermaids, romance, pasta, dandelions, doodling, black coffee, old friends, lakes, seville, acoustic songs


-Sim Requests- Onix


A girl with dark skin, dark brown hair, and galaxy freckles. She has big violet eyes and elfy ears. Her name is Onix, and she’s a girl who was hatched from a different kind of alien. She’s a lesbian, and the dl can be public ♡

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Who’s who on the Snicket family tree?

Lemony Snicket’s un-Authorized Autobiography provides us with the elusive author’s personal family tree. Said genealogy, however, has been the subject of much controversy over the years. To whom do these initials belong? Can said tree be extended to other families depicted in the series? Is it even supposed to make the least bit of sense? Let’s dig in.

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Teacher, Teacher (Biadore) - Ch. 1

A/N- Hey guys, Red again, just a quick note, PLEASE send prompts of Drag queens you would like an appearance. ANY feedback is good! I would appreciate feedback! Thank you so much again

T/W- Swearing

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My jungle! All the potted plants are great accompaniment for the pretty fish tanks. I think I’m going to move that variegated pathos off the little table and onto the kitchen table, though. It’s awfully dark down there. I need two more large ceramic pots. I ran out. And I’d really like an extra pretty ceramic planter for the ficus, which is my favorite of the new stuff (its on the little table on top of the kitchen table) but I think I probably will just get terra cotta because its cheaper and then it matches everything else. Someday when it’s big maybe it can have its own special planter. 

When things warm up a bit, some of these guys that need higher light will move to either the front or back porch, including that tiny succulent behind the largest fish tank that’s ALREADY starting to etiolate despite my best efforts. But for now, they all get to be beautiful in here.

you have a way of turning peach into a blurry black.

if my days could be played like movies,
you would be shown in the top left corner. your figure is a twitchy, scratchy mess that is always there


on caramel days, you are a distance away and things are soft and light.
on brimstone days, the air is thick and i shake. i look up.

you are closing in.
the once pink yellow sky is suddenly a blinding blue violet. i cup my ears as a screeching siren thrums through my skin.

then they come.

thousands of voices, saying the same words. they are strong together and you start to fade.

the dark dissipates and leaves a dusty rose color.

the voices remain.

“you are worth the fight to stay.”

they have a way of turning black into a soft peach.

—  rae r. // them

anonymous asked:

Omg please do a cis girls one for pearlet!! Maybe a high school one where pearl confesses her feelings for violet at a sleepover ?

Thank you lovely!
Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

‘Truth or dare Pearl.’ Violet raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at her friend across the circle. Pearl raised one back at her.
‘Truth.’ She folded her arms, her lip turning up at the corner a little. 'Do your worst Vi.’
Violet smirked and looked like she was thinking about this for a second but really she already had a question up her sleeve.
'Is it true that you like girls?’ Violet asked her which promoted ooohs and ahhhs from the rest of their friends.
'Maybe.’ Pearl shrugged in a nonchalant fashion.
'Yes or no Pearl.’ Violet challenged her again.
'Fine. Yes it’s true.’ Pearl shrugged again. She hadn’t expected to quite come out like that but they’d had some vodka they stole off Violet’s mom so she blamed that.
'Oh my god do you wanna like make out with us?’ Trixie squealed. Pearl turned to her and pulled a face.
'Just because I like girls doesn’t mean I like all girls.’ She rolled her eyes.
'What girls do you like? Are any of them in this room?’ Violet spoke up. Pearl turned back to her. The bitch knew. Of course she fucking knew. Pearl wasn’t giving it up that easily though.
'I’ve had my turn. You’ll have to wait bitch.’

They carried on the game and Violet perked up when it was Pearl’s turn again.
'So Pearl, truth or dare?’ She smirked, she was enjoying this too much.
'Dare.’ Pearl said because she knew that wasn’t the answer Violet had wanted. Violet looked stumped for a second but then she smiled again.
'I dare you to tell us who you’re crushing on.’
'Nuh uh.’ Pearl scoffed. 'That’s not how this works.’
'I know!’ Katya chimed in. 'I dare you to kiss the girl you’re crushing on!’
Goddamnit Katya, Pearl groaned a little. Violet was beaming from ear to ear.
'Go on Pearl. A dares a dare.’ There was something dancing in Violet’s dark eyes. Fucking bitch. Pearl sighed.
'On one condition.’ Pearl looked at the girls. 'You all have to close your eyes. I don’t want you to see this coming.’
There was some arguments from the other girls but Pearl refused unless they met her demands. Reluctantly they all agreed and one by one they closed their eyes. Pearl watched Violet for a second. She’d dreamt of kissing the ebony haired beauty for just about as long as she could remember and now was finally her chance. But the bitch knew it was coming, Pearl had half a mind to kiss one of the other girls just to throw Violet off. But she couldn’t do that. She’d waited for this moment for too long. But my god she knew Violet was going to be smug about this. She downed a little more vodka and then crawled across the circle to where Violet was sat cross legged. She had a small smile on her lips. She fucking knew. Knowing she would no doubt regret this, Pearl quickly moved in a placed a quick peck on Violet’s lips. Violet’s eyes fluttered opened and landed on Pearl’s. Violet smirked and licked her bottom lip.
'So predictable.’ She whispered but before Pearl could say anything Violet grabbed Pearl by the neck and pulled her close. Their lips met again and they fell back to the floor, Pearl on top of Violet. Seconds later they heard gasps from the other girls. They barely noticed. Their tongues found their way into each other’s mouths and Pearl held Violet’s delicate face in her hands as Violet’s hands roamed her back. It was as though they were the only two people in the world.
'Maybe we should have played seven minutes in heaven.’ Trixie giggled. They broke for air and Pearl sat back a little, her eyes narrowed on Violet.
'You planned this whole thing didn’t you?’ She asked the brunette. Violet had her signature smirk on her lips as she looked up at Pearl.
'Pearlie I have no idea what you are talking about.’ She feigned ignorance. Pearl shook her head laughing a little.
'You’re terrible at hiding your emotions.’
'I could say the same about you.’ And with that Violet pulled her back down and kissed her once more. One way or another Violet Chachki always gets her own way.