violet black orange yellow on white and red

  • Red: What's really attractive in a person (physically and not)?
  • Orange: What/Who was your first and last concerts?
  • Yellow: What is something you're looking forward to?
  • Green: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  • Blue: What's your favorite type of pie?
  • Indigo: Who is your celebrity crush right now?
  • Violet: Would you bang the last person you text messaged?
  • Black: Turn your music on shuffle. What's the first song that came up?
  • White: Do you think you'll change in the next three months?
  • Gold: What's your most recent accomplishment?
  • Silver: Would you ever swim with sharks?
  • Pink: What's your biggest/weirdest pet peeve?
  • Grey: What are you wearing right now?
  • Brown: Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a crush?
  • Copper: Random question of your choosing.
witch tip ✨

can’t remember what a crystal does? can’t figure out what a person’s aura color means? what color candle do i use for a protection spell again? 

colors are always universal! whether its gemstones, candles, auras, flowers, or even sometimes chakras, colors typically help assign everything similar traits. its great to have a general knowledge of colors and i think its something almost every witch should know! its another thing that is personal to you. how do certain colors make you feel and what do they mean to you? your color meanings don’t have to resemble other witches’ lists. i know there’s lots of color lists out there, but here’s my own short list with wiggle room.

☁️ white - purity, blessing, calming, cleansing. (crown chakra.. some see this as a richer purple or violet) 

🏴 black - rid of negativity, protection. (in some cases for auras it can mean bad signs, but not always)

❤️ red - passion, lust, anger. (root chakra)

🎀  pink - affection, love, relationships.

🌞 orange - confidence, joy, travels, success. (sacral chakra)

📒 yellow - happiness, intellect, creativity. (solar plexus chakra)

🍀 green - growth, luck, envy, success. (heart chakra)

💧 blue - peace, emotions, meditation. (throat chakra)

🔮 purple - spirituality, higher knowing, meditation. (third eye chakra)

🌰 brown - animals, home, grounding.

⚙️ grey - security, neither “good” nor “evil”, neutrality.

💰 gold - masculinity, success, solar magick.

⚖️ silver - femininity, divine, cosmic influence, lunar magick.

*remember for some colors a lighter or darker shade may be appropriate for different magick.

if something has more than one color, think of the combination of those two colors and how they will help you. need to protect yourself from those who bring you down? combine self love and protection with rhodonite! want some powerful grounding energy straight from the sun? charge some tiger’s eye in sunlight!

always make magickal meanings your own! happy color casting!

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Essential Crystal List
This is by no means a complete list, just what I’ve got information on at the moment

I’ve included the gems (grouped by color) followed by their color variants (if no color variant is mentioned refer to category color) and keywords for their healing/magical uses.

Use this for what you want. It originally came up when I was discussing gemsonas with a friend but I’m also a stonecaster wiccan.
If you have any questions or want more information please just hit me up! :)

Black and Silver

·         Black Tourmaline
grounding, protecting, realigning

·         Obsidian [black, greenish black, grey or red-brown]
revealing, transforming, cleansing

·         Onyx [Black with white bands, occasionally just black]
calming, distancing, quieting

·         Magnetite (Lodestone when magnetized)
aligning, grounding, directing

·         Jet [black, dark brown]
stability, calm, perspective

·         Meteorite [light grey, green-grey or black]
perception, new horizons, awakening

·         Flint [blue-grey, grey or black]
repair, knowledge, confidence

·         Haematite [metallic grey-black or red]
energizing, empowering, grounding

·         Silver
easing, serenity, flow

·         Smoky Quartz [smoky brown to brown black]
potential, beginnings, stability

·         Tektite [various shades of green, brown, black]
containing, amalgamating, transforming 


·         Tiger`s Eye [brown, gold]
practicality, sociability, realism

·         Vesuvianite [brown, green, black-green, yellow {rarely blue, purple or               colorless}]
brightness, resolution, perspective

·         Halite [pink, brown, white, yellow, blue]
absorbing, protecting, stabilizing

·         Bronzite [brown, bronze-brown]
security, integration, relaxation

·         Staurolite [dark to light brown, yellow]
focusing, quietening, combining

·         Limonite [grey to brown, yellow-brown or black]
attuning, simplifying, de-cluttering 


·         Garnet [red-brown (Pyrope); red-purple or black-brown (Alamandine);                red-orange (Spessartine); red or green (Grossular); all colors                            (Andradite); dark green (Uvarovite)]
initiating, stimulating, fiery

·         Ruby
positive thinking, nourishing, steadying

·         Zincite [red, orange, acid green]
awakening, revelation, surprise, innovation

·         Iron Quartz [red-brown, orange]
gently energizing, restorative, condensing

·         Jasper [red, brown, yellow, green]
practical, grounding, repairing

·         Spinel [red or brown (rarely blue, green or colorless)]
initiating, focusing, cleansing


·         Carnelian [orange, red-orange]
releasing, repairing, warming

·         Sunstone [orange-brown-gold with gold flecks]
warmth, self-worth, happiness

·         Aragonite [orange, golden brown, yellow, white]
practicality, self-discipline, centering

·         Copper [orange, orange-red]
anti-inflammatory, smoothing, unifying

Gold and Yellow

·         Citrine Quartz [yellow, golden-brown or orange-brown]
warming, comforting, uplifting

·         Amber [gold, yellow, brown, sometimes green]
enlivening, stimulating, strengthening

·         Pyrite [light brass yellow with a dark tarnish]
activating, cleansing, sparking, clarifying

·         Gold
confidence, creativity, stability

·         Rutilated Quartz [clear with fine strands of yellow or orange-brown                   needle-like inclusions]
impelling,binding, restoring

·         Topaz [orange, yellow, pink, white, blue, grey, green, brown, clear]
assuredness, confidence, relaxation 

·         Calcite [comes in all colors as well as in colorless varieties]
soothing, calming. cooling

·         Mookaite [marbled red and yellow]
safety, practical solutions, smoothing

·         Heliodor [yellow, lemon-yellow, sometimes with a blueish tinge]
refreshing, restoring, clearing, quietening

·         Sulphur [bright yellow, yellow-brown]
cleansing. detoxifying, enlivening

Light Green

·         Peridot [green, yellow-green]
cleansing, freshening, invigorating 

·         Chrysoprase [apple to emerald green]
serenity, harmony, calm

·         Prase (Actinolite Quartz) [medium green to dark green]
support, integration, forces of nature

·         Prehnite [yellow-green, clear]
softening, alleviating, reassuring 


·         Aventurine [green with metallic flecks. Rarely red-brown, blue]
balance, tranquility, stability

·         Emerald [bright green]
calming, cleansing, harmonizing

·         Bloodstone [green with red, brown, or yellow markings]
courage, strength, support, stimulation

·         Chlorite [pale and dark green to black]
opening, sensitizing, revealing

·         Dioptase [deep blue-green]
stimulating, nourishing, expanding

·         Diopside [black, dark green or green (occasionally colorless, yellow or             blue)]
revelation, growth, renewal

·         Epidote [pistachio green, green, brown or black]
gathering, strengthening, practical

·         Jade [green, white, grey, bluish]
belonging, stability, instinct

·         Sphene [yellow-green, green-brown, brown-red]
clarifying, aligning, exploring

·         Serpentine [shades of green, yellow, brown and red]
comforting, flowing, enlightening 

·         Malachite [green with dark green or black concentric bands]
balancing, soothing, detoxifying, absorbent 

·         Moldavite [translucent green, brown-green]
transforming, expanding, amplifying

·         Moss Agate [clear with green and brown inclusions]
feeling of space, optimism, opening 


·         Turquoise [turquoise, turquoise-green, light blue]
strengthens, protects, enhances

·         Aquamarine [almost colorless, pale blue, turquoise]
cooling, clarifying, soothing, lightening 

·         Amazonite [pale turquoise to deep mid-green, with lighter striations]
stimulation, communication, memory

·         Chrysocolla [green and turquoise to light mid-blue]
absorbing, communication, relaxing

·         Larimar [light turquoise, light blue, white]
far horizons, equanimity, acceptance

·         Smithsonite [pink, blue, green, green-blue, grey]
blending, combining, smoothing

Light Blue

·         Blue Lace Agate [bands of blue, white, and grey]
gently cooling, nurturing, comforting

·         Celestite [clear, grey-blue or sky blue]
ethereal, revealing, blissful, uplifting  

·         Blue Quartz [dense mid-blue, grey-blue, lavender-blue]
protection, contentment, communication

·         Angelite [light blue, white, grey, violet]
steadiness, coolness, attentiveness 

·         Apatite [blue, yellow or green]
structure, flexibility, strength

·         Tanzanite [strong blue with pleochroism of red, blue and brown]
enlivening, transmutating, expanding

Dark Blue

·         Sodalite [usually blue with white veining]
meditation, contact, peace

·         Sapphire [blue or violet-blue; many other colors including black, green,             yellow]
protection, understanding, power

·         Lapis Lazuli [deep blues with white and gold flecks]
truth, memory, awareness

·         Azurite [blue to dark blue]
deep release, old memory, integration

·         Dumortierite [light blue to dark blue to violet, usually with dark speckles           and pink and brown areas]
understanding, conciliation, equilibrium

·         Kyanite [usually blue to blue-black, sometimes streaked; also white,                 grey or green]
connecting, friction-less flow, release

·         Preseli Bluestone [blue-grey, blue-green with inclusions]
clarifying, grounding, timeless


·         Amethyst
integration, spiritual calm, healing

·         Fluorite [purple, blue, green, yellow, clear]
coordination, innovation, inspiration

·         Sugilite [pink, lilac, purple]
integration, sensitivity, spiritual confidence

·         Charoite [violet-purple with white, pink and gold]
calm perspective, flexibility, awareness 

·         Ioite [violet, violet-blue, brown or blue-grey]
clear thinking, decision-making, empathy

·         Purpurite [dark violet to dark red]
contentment, acceptance, focus, calm


·         Rose Quartz [pink, rose, peach, violet-pink]
love, emotion, release

·         Kunzite [pink, lilac-pink]
love, support, understanding, peace

·         Lepidolite [pink, violet, grey]
fulfillment, security, instinct

·         Morganite
release, simplification, love

·         Rhodonite [pink to dark pink with black or brown areas]
resonance, passion, motivation, communication

·         Rhodocrosite [pink, reddish brown, grey]
self-confidence, ease, empowerment

·         Thulite [pink, red-pink, grey]
exploration, self-assurance, motivation


·         Moonstone [pearly white, cream, yellow, blue]
emotional balance, release, empathy, femininity

·         Zeolite [white,, grey-white, yellow, red]
cooperation, variety, innovation

·         Milky Quartz
diffusing, soothing, relaxing

·         Selenite [white, clear (occasionally yellow, brown, red, blue)]
expansion, release, cooling

·         Tourmaline Quartz [white or cloudy with black linear inclusions]
protecting, grounding, strengthening

·         Clear Quartz [transparent, white]
brightening, organizing, amplifying

·         Apophyllite [clear, white, grey, green, pink]
nature, clarity, transcendence 

·         Danburite [colorless, occasionally gold or pink]
brightness, transformation, intuition

·         Diamond [colorless but also blue, green, pink, yellow]
brilliance, alignment, connectivity

·         Ulexite [clear, white]
communication, clarity, visions

·         Zircon [clear, most colors]
revealing, transforming, regulating 


·         Labradorite [grey with iridescence of green, yellow, orange and                       peacock blue]
openness, flexibility, protection

·         Chalcopyrite [brassy yellow (unweathered), blues, pinks, reds, yellows             (weathered)]
protective, cleansing, stimulating 

·         Opal [all colors]
[too many variations]

·         Tourmaline [all colors]
[too many variations]

·         Coral [red, white, pink, gold, blue, black]
community, strength, connectivity

·         Pearl [white, pink, brown, black, blue, green]
sensitivity, tolerance, alignment 

·         Pietersite [black-blue with gold-brown flecks]
stirring, clearing, anchoring 

·         Unakite [pink and green]
perspective, balance, self-worth



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How To Tell what Lantern Corp You’re In

Green Lantern Corps: Every part of your body tells you to yell fuck you, but you resist the word or use a child friendly version of it

Sinestro Corps: You tell the person fuck you in the coldest way with a glare and they back off

Red Lantern Corps: FUCK YOU, FUCK THIS, FUCK EVERYTHING you yell as you proceed to beat up everything in a square mile radius

Star Sapphires/Violet Lantern Corps: Fuck you, then let’s fuck me you say in the most flatterous way possible

Orange Lantern Corp: FUCK YOU you shout as the run off with the sandwich you just stolen off of someone

Indigo Tribe: You hear some yell fuck you, you run over concerned and wondering if everything is ok

Blue Lantern Corps: You hear someone yell fuck you, you hope everything is alright, but you’re not concerned enough to ask what’s up by yourself

Black Lantern Corps: You would love to say anything, BUT YOU’RE DEAD

White Lantern Corps: You don’t say anything you are above saying fuck you, but yet you completely consider saying it


Phantom Lantern: You say fuck you yet no knows what you mean by it

Aura Readings!

I’ve had a blast doing short aura readings for my service dog fundraiser! Now I’m all inspired to offer more in-depth, healing, aura readings.

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What the Readings Are:

Having an aura reading is not just an exploration of the colors you glitter with, but also a deep and powerful understanding of your spiritual needs.

Aura readings will tune into the frequently changing colors and tones of energy around you (your protective and emotive energetic shell, if you will). They represent personal issues we’re dealing with, energetic strengths and weaknesses, and things we need to balance and address in our life.

How These Readings Work:

  1. Select which type of reading you’d like (listed below)
  2. I’ll email an image of your aura colors, plus the detailed descriptions of what each color means to you within 1-2 weeks of your order. (If you want to know your aura colors within a few days, you can always book a call instead of email reading)

What the Readings Contain: 

  • The number of aura colors you want to me to intuit, plus 1/3-½ a page of describing what each color means (so, three colors will make a reading around 1 page to 1.5 pages long)
  • The descriptions contain detailed intuitions about why that color is present, what it means for you right now, and how you can heal that energy if it’s not benefitting you. 

Types of Readings Available/Cost:

I know we all have unique budgets, so I’m offering three different types.

3 Aura Colors, with descriptions (approx. 1-1.5 pages long of text). Here’s an example three color palette! This is $25.

5 Aura Colors, with descriptions (approximately 2-3 pages). An example is below! This one costs $40.

8 Aura Colors, with descriptions (approximately 2.5-4 pages). There’s an example below, and the cost of this is $65!

Payment is in USD and is done through a PayPal invoice (which accepts PayPal, Debit, Credit, and many other forms of money transfers).

How to Request One:

Email me at with this info:

  • Your legal name
  • Your preferred name (if different from your legal)
  • Any relevant information (like if you’re struggling with a particular issue, I can see if your aura has anything that can help you with it) or questions you have about your aura
  • And of course mention that it’s an aura reading you’re interested in!

This should be real fun!! Feel free to share this post, as well–there may be others looking for this exact type of reading. :)


Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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Greek Colors🇬🇷🎨

Το χρώμα - the color
Πολύχρωμο - colorful
Ανοιχτό - light
Σκούρο - dark

Κόκκινο - red
Πορτοκαλί - orange
Άσπρο - white
Μαύρο - black
Μπλε - blue
Κίτρινο - yellow
Πράσινο - green
Γκρι - grey
Ροζ - pink
Μοβ - purlple
Καφέ - brown

Εκρού - ecru
Τιρκουάζ - turquoise
Σομόν - salmon
Πετρόλ - petrol
Μπορντό - Bordeaux
Χακί - khaki
Φουξ - fuchsia
Λιλά - lilac
Μπεζ - beige

Κανελί - cinnamon red
Κεραμιδί - brick red
Βυσσινί - crimson red
Καρπουζί - watermelon red
Κοραλί - coral pink
Τριανταφυλλί - rose pink
Κουφετί - candy pink
Δαμασκηνί - plum purple
Βιολετί - violet purple
Μελιτζανί - eggplant purple
Ηλεκτρίκ - electric blue
Θαλασσί - ocean blue
Γαλαζοπράσινο - aquamarine
Ουρανί - sky blue
Σμαραγδί - jade green
Λαδί - olive green
Φυστικί - pistachio green
Λαχανί - cabbage green
Λεμονί - lemon yellow
Καναρινί - canary yellow
Μουσταρδί - mustard yellow
Ροδακινί - peach orange
Μελί - honey brown
Καστανό - chestnut brown
Σοκολατί - chocolate brown
Σταχτί - ash grey
Ποντικί - mouse grey
Πλατινέ - platinum white

(Pulled lots of these words from duo since they had such a thorough list!)

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Candle Colors and Their Meaning

Red- Passion, Strength, and Lust (fire elemental)

Orange- Creativity, Joy, Ambition, and opportunities

Yellow- Intelligence, Luxury, Memory, and Positivity (sun)

Green- Growth, Luck, Nature, Money, and Success (earth elemental)

Blue- Protection, Focus, Good Fortune, and tranquility (water elemental)

Indigo- Inertia, Energy simulator, meditation

Violet- Third Eye, Spiritual Power, and known to drive away Evil

Pink- Love, Affection, Friendship, and Maturity 

Brown- House Blessing, Stability, and locating lost items

 Black- Safety, Protection, and Banishing Negativity

White- Purity, Peace, and Innocence

Silver- Victory, Stability, and Meditation

Kept Apparent || Fred Weasley x Reader

Prompt: You’re somewhat of an oddity, and not just because you held magical capabilities. It seemed to be that, depending upon mood, your hair would change color. And of course, Fred Weasley found that awfully amusing. 

Words: 2351

Warnings: Hair changing color, just fluff really, swearing, lil bit of teasing and jesting, very familial relationship with George and Reader

Author’s Notes: If you already have dyed hair, imagine your default hair in this being your natural hair color ^^ Also please note that none of these colors mean what do they in other areas outside of here (at least for some)

Color/Emotions key: White/Stressed, Black/Depressed, Gray/Anxious, Red/Furious, Pink/Flustered, Magenta/Bothered, Peach/Relaxed, Orange/Mischievous, Dark Orange/Confused, Yellow/Unsure, Gold/Confident, Green/Thankful, Dark Green/Envious, Light Blue/Happy, Dark Blue/Embarrassed, Turquoise/Tired, Indigo/Scared, Violet/Awkward, Purple/Defensive 

While you were walking along through the corridors of school, ready to your next class, you felt a shoulder purposely slam into you. Whomever did it, which honestly was blatantly obvious to you, knocked the books out of your hands and they spilled to the floor. Your cheeks puffed out and you knelt down to pick up your disarrayed items, gently colored red hair brushing against your face.

“Eat shit, Malfoy.” You glared once standing upright to see his smug face waiting for your reaction alongside his stalking duo - Crabbe and Goyle. He laughed alongside the buffoons, high-fiving and joking with them. Your cheeks heated with anger, and so did your hair - flowing out in a brighter shade.

Once away from the three enough, you took in a few deep sighs - relaxing your tense self as crimson fluttered into a more gentle peach - the scent of the beloved fruit even following behind as you strode to class.

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Seventeen Color Schemes
  • Woozi : Pastel pink + White
  • DK : Van Gogh Yellow + Navy blue
  • Seungkwan : Forrest Green + Deep Brown
  • Jeonghan : Royal Violet + Off White
  • Joshua : Grey + Light blue
  • Hoshi : Neon Green + Black
  • Jun : Teal + Chocolate Brown
  • The8 : Red + Dark Gold
  • Dino : Firey Orange + Pink
  • S.Coups : Ocean Blue + Pitch Black
  • Mingyu : Carrot Orange + Dirty Yellow
  • Wonwoo : Black + Bright Yellow
  • Vernon : Firetruck red + Navy blue
Rainbow Asks

RED - I love you!

ORANGE - I love your blog!

YELLOW - I like to pass the time by scrolling through your blog.

GREEN - I feel like we have similar interests.

BLUE - I’d like to know you as a person.

INDIGO - I need more of your original content.

VIOLET - Your blog is great and I will forever be your loyal follower.


BLACK - I hate you.

WHITE - I am indifferent toward you.

Rare Words: Colors

Aaeneous - shining bronze colour

Badious - chestnut-coloured

Caesious - bluish or greyish green

Dau-de-nil - pale green colour

Flavescent - yellowish or turning yellow

Gridelin - violet-grey

Hyacinthine - of a blue or purple colour

Ibis - large stork-like bird; a pale apricot colour

Jacinthe - orange colour

Kermes - brilliant red colour; a red dye derived from insects

Leucochroic - white or pale-coloured

Melichrous - having a honey-like colour

Nigricant - of a blackish colour

Ochroleucous - yellowish white

Pavonated - peacock-blue

Rhodopsin - visual purple

Sanguineous - bloody; of, like or pertaining to blood; blood-red

Testaceous - of or having a hard shell; brick-red

Umber - brownish red

Vinaceous - wine-coloured

Watchet - pale blue

Xanthic - yellow; yellowish

Zinnober - chrome green

finnicko-loves-anniec  asked:

I apologize if this is too late, but my birthday is April 13. I love AU anything, particularly historical or sci-fi, and any rating. This blog is lovely. I really enjoy reading the wonderful little things y'all come up with <3

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Happiest of birthdays to you @finnicko-loves-anniec! To help celebrate in style, the always generous @titaniasfics has crafted this delicious bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!

Colors (Outtake from The Pearl of the Antilles)

Prompt: AU anything, particularly historical or sci-fi, and any rating. For April 13th.

By @titaniasfics

Rated: M

Historical AU - French Colony of Saint Domingue, 1791

Summary: Katniss, a former courtesan is married to Capitaine Peeta Mellark. His duties weigh heavily on him as the country moves inevitably towards revolution.  His only concern is to keep Katniss safe. Katniss’s only concern is to keep Peeta sane. She resolves on an interesting way to do so.

Author’s note: When I saw the request for a historical au, my mind went straight to The Pearl of the Antilles.  It is not necessary to have read the fic to understand this stand-alone. For those who are following this fic, this drabble can be inserted anywhere after the events of chapter 13-14. A million thanks to @eala-musings for betaing, and @akai-echo for reading and cheering me on.

Winter, 1791

Le Cap, Saint Domingue

Katniss watched her husband vigilantly in the days and weeks after the failed revolt, concerned for his ever increasing distraction and agitation with matters over which she could scarcely aid him. He was attentive as always and his ardor towards her had not cooled. But in moments when he thought perhaps her attention diverted elsewhere, his eyes wandered and his thoughts occupied the haunting, dark spaces of his mind. So deep were his meditations that Katniss feared she might never penetrate the multitude of universes wherein his thoughts roamed. She required a diversion that could stimulate the depth of his concentration in a pursuit that would feed not only his body and heart, but also his soul.

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