violet bikini

Ocean Waves [Pt.1]

Summary: First installment of the Hydrophobia series featuring Hamil-cast/ Hamilton Squad characters.

Thomas watched as you exited the beach tent in a very flattering black and violet bikini with a white shawl tied at your waist.

He smirked when you nervously tried to cover your body, his smirk growing into a smile when your eyes met his. He walked up to you, grabbing your arms and moving them at your sides.

“I know you don’t think your small arms will cover that tantalizing body from sight, do you?”

You puffed out your cheeks. “I’m not that small!”

You both blinked, Thomas finally realizing what he said. “Did you just say ‘tantalizing body’?”

His answer was cut short, gladly, when Peggy ran up. She wore a simple orange and cream one piece, hair pulled back and in her hands a beach ball.

She smiled upon seeing your suit. “Don’t you look sexy,” she complimented before turning to Thomas.

The smile she wore turned into a scowl as her eyes roamed his attire.

“The fuck is this, Tom? Looking like an overgrown, misshapen grape.”

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