violet bikini

Ocean Waves [Pt.1]

Summary: First installment of the Hydrophobia series featuring Hamil-cast/ Hamilton Squad characters.

Thomas watched as you exited the beach tent in a very flattering black and violet bikini with a white shawl tied at your waist.

He smirked when you nervously tried to cover your body, his smirk growing into a smile when your eyes met his. He walked up to you, grabbing your arms and moving them at your sides.

“I know you don’t think your small arms will cover that tantalizing body from sight, do you?”

You puffed out your cheeks. “I’m not that small!”

You both blinked, Thomas finally realizing what he said. “Did you just say ‘tantalizing body’?”

His answer was cut short, gladly, when Peggy ran up. She wore a simple orange and cream one piece, hair pulled back and in her hands a beach ball.

She smiled upon seeing your suit. “Don’t you look sexy,” she complimented before turning to Thomas.

The smile she wore turned into a scowl as her eyes roamed his attire.

“The fuck is this, Tom? Looking like an overgrown, misshapen grape.”

Thomas eyebrow twitched. He turned to you sharply when hearing your poor attempts of hiding your laughter.

“Don’t call me Tom. And who are you laughing at?” He used a hand to grab into your cheeks.

You onto his arms, smile still present as you answered. “Clearly the distance relative of Barney.”

He knew that his custom wetsuit would cause heads to turn and whispers to be pass, but that was the point. And velvet purple is his signature color. Nothing in stores dared match what he wanted.

With a heavy sigh, he released his grip on you, turning to walk back to where the others were at.

“Come on, commoners. I’m ready to hit Hamilton-I mean the waves.”

Peggy threw the beach ball at his head. “You ain’t touching him!”

Thomas picked up the ball, throwing it back at her with enough force to knock her off her feet. “Since you’re down, you have no choice but to let me!”

He jogged off before she was able to fully get up. Peggy stumbled after him, picking up the ball on her way.

Neither of them could see the terrified expression cross your face.


Thomas dumped Peggy into the shallow part of the water, gaining satisfaction hearing her sputtering.

He looked around, watching James and Alexander splash water at each rather aggressively. Angelica pulled on Aaron’s arm, dragging him further into the ocean. The look on his face was pure annoyance but a small smile was on his lips.

Lafayette, Hercules and John were playing beach volleyball with other beach goers.

Peggy jumped onto his back, almost knocking him off. He turned, trying to use his arms to pull her off but she only tightened her legs around his torso.

“Hey,” she exclaimed. She pushed herself further up on his shoulders, pointing towards where you and George were sitting.

“Those two need to stop flirting and come have some fun!”

His eyebrow twitched, hearing Peggy snicker quietly. She said anything to see a reaction. He personally wasn’t trying to hide his feelings for you but that seemed to be the way it was going.

James commented on it, confirming his thoughts. “Why haven’t you made a move on her yet? This isn’t the Thomas I know.”

Many reasons crossed his mind, the one that stood out the most was that he was ready to settle down.

Thomas? The womanizer wants to settle down?

Though many sees it impossible (Angelica couldn’t keep him down), it was a reason he most agreed with. It would explain his rather slow approach instead of the get it then quit it route he usually chose.

He dragged his feet through the water, Peggy still leeched onto his back.

He won’t lie that the thought of George having a shred of a chance of getting with you was terrifying.

He picked up the end of the conversation the two of you were having, George leaning back with a small smile gracing his face. “That would be wonderful. Tonight maybe?”

Thomas felt the urge to punch him but restrained himself. You heard the crunching of sand and looked up at him.

“Hey, Thomas.” He smirked, bending down so Peggy could jump off his back.

She instantly jumped on George, rolling both of them into the sand. Thomas took the opportunity to lay beside you on your beach towel.

You pulled your legs up to your chest, resting a cheek on your knee. His dark eyes held your gaze. You blinked after a few seconds, glancing to the side.

“Are you having fun?” You whispered.

Thomas glanced behind you, watching Peggy annoy George. She started dragging him to wear Hamilton’s crew was playing volleyball.

“It would be better if you were out there with us,” he said, his eyes falling back on you.

Your eyes widened before you forced a smile on your face. That didn’t go unnoticed by him.

You jumped up, dusting off stray bits of sand off. “That’s completely okay. I rather watch you guys enjoy yourself.”

You shuffled your feet, eyes darting back and forth. “I was just going to get ice cream anyway.”

You turned to leave before Thomas grabbed onto your arm. He pushed himself up, forcing you to look at him when he did.

“We all came here to have fun together. Admittedly, I’m even enjoying the time spent with Hamilton.” He started to move backwards, tugging you with him.

You heels dug into the sand as he did, eyes popping out of your sockets by now.

He looked back, making sure no one was in his way. He caught sight of Angelica turning to see him bringing her closer to the water.

“Hey! [F/Name’s] finally deciding to join us,” she cheered, Eliza joining in.

The smile he had stopped when he heard broken sobs. He faced you avain, shocked to see tears flowing down your cheeks.