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17 with Lance? :)

(Ok this is like 50000% fluff. I changed it slightly bc I wanted to write something happy- I hope that’s OK sweetie!) 

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‘Ms Tucker? Your husband is here.‘ 

Glancing over at the clock on the side of your computer, your brow furrowed slightly. Usually, when Lance happened to drop by the office to see you, it was around lunch time or even early into the evening. 

You were a workaholic at heart and often relied on him to pull him away from the work you poured your heart and soul into. 

Reaching over to the intercom, you pressed down on the small white button, a twitch of a smile dancing across your lips. It was gone three thirty; Lance would probably have picked up Celeste and Daniel from kindergarten by now.

'Send them in.' 

Before you could finish the sentence, the door to your private, glass filled office was swung open and little, heavy feet pounded against the floor, heading for their mother. 

Celeste, the brash, bawdy young girl that you saw so much of yourself in, was the first to arrive and launched herself up onto your lap, her violet coloured bag abandoned at the foot of your chair. 

As she buried her face in your chest, enveloping the scent of your perfume, Daniel slowly caught up, wheezing gently. He had been asthmatic from birth, the quieter twin out of the two, with the same big, bright blue eyes of his father and a crop of soft, cocoa coloured curls tumbling like a waterfall around his ears. 

It took him a moment, but like climbing a tree, Daniel eventually scrambled his way up and balanced himself on your other thigh. A tiny hand found its way into yours.

'Hi babies,’ you smiled, the first genuine one you’d had in hours. You pressed a soft kiss to each of their foreheads. 

They were easier to read than a well-thumbed novel. Daniel, obviously tired, pressed his head into the crook of her arm, his thumb stuck into his mouth- a habit they had yet to make him kick. 

Celeste leant precariously over the leather arm of the chair and reached for her bag, unzipping it and withdrawing something wrapped in newspaper. 

'Look, look! We made this in art today! I made it for you.' 

She ripped away the newspaper with little regard for its contents and pushed a clay made object into your hands. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a pot. Crudely drawn in big, wobbly letters on the front was the word 'MOM’. 

'I helped,’ Daniel said quietly, removing his thumb from his mouth just long enough to claim co-credit for the artwork. 

Smiling, you placed it right beside your computer on the desk, clear for you to see. 

'I love it, darlings. I’ve got two real life Picassos here, haven’t I?' 

Almost forgotten, but happy to stand in the doorway and watch the beautiful sight of his wife and children giggling together, Lance chose that moment to cough lightly, stepping into the room. 

Slung on one shoulder was Daniel’s Spiderman backpack, on the other a gym bag. In his hands, he held a handful of Tupperware containers and a small box. 

'I’ve got a matching one. Celeste has promised to make me coffee in it,’ Lance smiled, dropping the bags on the other side of the desk before the silver backed chair reserved for visitors. 

'Only if you help!’ his daughter retorted. 

Leaning up, you met Lance’s mouth as he curled down, sharing a soft, comforting kiss. Gently, he brushed a curl of hair from the side of your face. He had jumped blindly into being a house husband after retiring from gymnastics but had found it to be a fulfilling and exciting role. 

Getting to spend time with his kids, getting to be a part of their lives- he didn’t want anything else. 

'You left so early, love. And I’m going to bet you haven’t had lunch, hm?' 

Your stomach growled, betraying any lie you were about to tell. Daniel and Celeste giggled. Lance put a hand on his hip. 

'Lucky for you- superdad is to the rescue,’ he smiled, reaching for the Tupperware and removing the bright red lid. 

Inside was a warm cocoon of cheese and chicken, vegetables chopped into little chunks and sprinklings of brown rice underneath. Lance had layered the bottom with spinach and lettuce. 

In the next box there was a salad comprising of tomato and mozzarella slices; in another, a mix of blueberries, raspberries and fresh strawberries. Lance handed you a fork, smiling. 

'You’re amazing, darling. I was just gonna run to the bodega and grab a sandwich,’ you grinned, taking the fork from him and spooning some rice into your mouth. It tasted, of course, delicious. 

'Couldn’t let my high flying wife go hungry, could I?' 

'Show her the box, Daddy!’ Daniel announced, bouncing happily on your knee. Lance handed over the box and Celeste immediately grabbed it, open the cardboard lid. 

'It was my idea, Mama. I told Daddy you’d like it.' 

Inside of the box were four different coloured cupcakes- a lemon one with a brilliant yellow sponge, a dark chocolate dipped in ganache, a mint one with chocolate chips swirled into the pistachio coloured icing and a huge strawberry one, smothered in candy coloured pink goo.

 A cupcake to represent all of them. 

'I love them, Celeste,’ you smiled, pressing a kiss to her forehead, 'But I think I’ll save mine for after my lunch.' 

'We already had lunch,’ Daniel piped up again as Lance stirred up the food, placing it in front of you, grinning. 

The pair of you shared a look, before you reached into the box and withdrew the yellow cake and handed it to Daniel, and did the same with the pink for Celeste.

'The iPad is in the corner. See if you can find a movie, honey.' 

The twins leapt off your lap, heading into the corner where three squashy sofas were crammed together for midday naps, carrying their treats carefully with them. Lance smiled softly, heading towards the office entrance to close the large wooden door. 

You smirked at the sight of his glorious behind in a slightly too tight pair of jeans, taking a bite of salad. 

'I think I’d like another kiss, darling.' 

Lance smirked, closing the door to give them a little more privacy.

'You’ve got a mouth full of lettuce, honey.' 

'I know what I want, when I want it. So get over here,’ you replied, swallowing the piece of salad and grinning up at him. 

Lance couldn’t help but smirk, and after casting a cautious eye towards Celeste and Daniel in the corner, who were completely engrossed in the iPad, strolled over to your desk. 

With little effort, he lifted you up from the seat, took your place and settled you on his lap. Dipping you in his arms, he kissed you again softly, tongue gently running across the length of your bottom lip, taking in the savoury taste. Your knees shivered. 

When Lance pulled away, he reached for the Tupperware and popped a piece of cheese into his mouth. 

'You’ve got spinach between your teeth,’ he giggled, earning a sly slap on the arm from you.


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