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Hi there! I recently found your fanfic of AO3, I cent remember exactly where, but omg, I seriously can not put it down! It's amazing. You write the characters so well, solas especially. I'm only 12 chapters in at the moment, but I love it so much! I cant wait to see Cole and the move to skyhold. Please keep going! You've inspired me to start writing my own longfic, something I dont do all that often.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Oh my HEART!!!! If I could express what this means to me…I—

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BLESS YOU, YOU DARLING ANGEL. If you ever need ANYTHING—money, a hug, a doodle of a manatee—anything: I WILL make it happen. You are so wonderful and amazing, and please send me a link to your fic if/when you post it, so I can be your biggest fan. I…I love you.

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“We are joined tonight by Ms. Violet Yoon. I’m Tiffany Cheema.

Thank you very much for being with us tonight Ms. Yoon. We are very grateful you decided to grant us this interview.” Tiffany says.

“Yeah, thanks for having me.” Violet looks uncomfortable but smiles politely.

“I think we all want to know: How are you? After all of the things have happened at the end of last year, you must be in a very different place.” Tiffany starts.

“Hmm.” Violet says looking like she’s trying to find where to start, “I don’t feel that different. I just want to get back to normal. I have work again, so that makes me feel a little more normal. It’s just…how can you go back to the way things were in your mind after so many crazy things, you know?” Violet’s voice is thin. 

“You seem somber and shy, unlike your bubbly personality that we see on social media. Is this because of all that’s happened?” Tiffany asks.

“Well, I’ve always been a little shy on things like this. When I vlog, I’m usually by myself, or with people I’m close to. Now though, I feel put on the spot a little, but I wanted to at least clear the air about a lot of things, and so I decided to do this.” Violet smooths the skirt of her dress over her thighs nervously.

“Can you tell us about the letter? The letter that Raj Rosoya wrote. People are saying that it reads like a suicide letter.” Tiffany narrows her eyes and seems to be gently pressing Violet.

“I…well I haven’t personally read it. But, I mean…I don’t think that Raj was all that people thought he was: a monster.  I think that he was just doing what his mother wanted him to do. I think he…I think he was supposed to do a lot more to me. Apparently he was supposed to keep me in a cage, he didn’t though. He was supposed to ship me like furniture, to Veronaville to his mother’s villa. He didn’t. I think that when things got down to actually doing, he didn’t want to do them. Maybe he felt guilty. Maybe he wanted to kill himself…maybe if I hadn’t done what I did to get away he would have. I don’t know.” Violet says somberly.

“How intense.” Tiffany said pausing for a moment for Violet to take a sip of her coffee, “You just said something about shipping you to Veronaville. Why would he ship you there?” Tiffany asks.

“I believe that they were going to use me as a slave there. All of the things that Raj talked about, and the way that Geeta rambled on in court…that day. I think I was going to be the “wife” of Raj and have their heir. I’m just….” Violet’s voice breaks slightly, her eyes well up, “Sorry.” She says blotting her eyes with a tissue, “I’m just lucky I got away, that’s all…” Violet said sniffling, and finally finding her voice again.

“Are you planning to stay in that apartment?” Tiffany asks.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought it through. I’m going to stay in San Myshuno because my agency is here. And I love fashion too much to leave my career…I love that apartment for so many reasons, but I also have so many scary memories…I’ve only been back to get some things I needed. But, I just don’t know.” Violet says.

“My heart goes out to you. We’ve run out of time tonight, unfortunately. But thank you so much, again for being with us tonight.” Tiffany says warmly.

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