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THEORY: Color Frequencies

Ello, I had came across something that’s relevant to a higher consciousness and thought you’d enjoy it. Anywho, the color blind, more like guardians to higher dimensions. I observed a color blind man and noticed how he is able to process things faster than those who aren’t color blind. I also realized they are able to cut those negative connections (which can be a positive thing because it leads us to dark places where our light can grow) we don’t want if they slow down to our pace, but you have to be conscious of them being able to process things faster while the others aren’t aware of this and you begin to perceive this gap between them, you and others that perceive color, which creates a clear path for us to traverse. They can also perceive the state our physical body is in and the way light is reflecting off of color through our perception.

Noticing this led me to the conclusion that different colors carry different densities of energy. For example, indigo is close to black which contains all colors, so those people who have indigo auras are those of higher densities which slows down the speed of light that is trying to penetrate through its densities which enables those that are indigo to be closer to the higher frequency of light since it pulls on the inertia of light. Maybe this is why we see indigo’s are more intuitive, it’s there connection to higher dimensions, just like the color blind, which creates another balance between them and the balance of black and white. If it isn’t too much could I receive a little feedback that might confirm these thoughts.

The first part about colorblind, i cannot confirm or deny because that isn’t a topic i’m familar with, that is fascinating though! I would imagine their perception might be a different vibrational frequency because of how they process information. I’d have to do further research to comment much further. 

The second part, I recommend looking more into frequency. Penney Pierce’s book isn’t bad, there is also an interesting one called Power vs. Force David R. Hawkins. This is on my book list but I bet it would resonate he connects vibrational frequences to human behavior. Sounds exactly what you’re looking for. 

Black doesn’t contain all colors. Black is the abscent of color. White is the container of all colors, that is why white light is very healing. 

What you’re describing about color auras actually connects more towards emotions. While Indigo, crystal and rainbow children pertain to various aura colors. Aura colors connect towards the vibrational rate of frequency such as how many hertz indigo and violet are higher in tonality. Therefore their frequency is much higher. This all connects back to the electromagnetic spectrum. 

I really enjoy Christie Marie Sheldon’s input on this topic. She believes to operate from higher vibrational consciousness we must start graviating our energy towards love or above. Very beautiful research she’s done on this. 

Here’s some charts to emphasis what i’m talking about.. Also Greg Braden wrote about this too. How heart and emotions can change DNA patterns.

In general this would of a fun article to cover in the future, in more detail. {putting it in the idea book} 

Did Mr. Poe forge the Baudelaire parents’ last will and testament?

Stranger things have happened. In fact, Lemony Snicket seems to imply the very thing.

On the day Mr. Poe came to tell the Baudelaire orphans of their parents’ death, the banker was suspected of hiding something in his top hat, and Violet’s suspicion that he was a dangerous figure in their lives is heavily analyzed in the text:

p.5 She felt the slender, smooth stone in her left hand, which she had been about to try to skip as far as she could. She had a sudden thought to throw it at the figure, because it seemed to frightening.
Please see my note on page 7.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

p.7 Violet, with some embarrassment, felt the stone in her left hand and was glad she  had not thrown it at Mr. Poe.
Please see my note to pages 9-10.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

pp.9-10 …Violet had to drop the stone she was holding.
Dropping a stone you had been thinking about throwing at someone might mean that you believe violence to be an immoral and ineffective way of solving problems, which instead increases the amount of strife, turmoil, and bruises in the world, which in turn only encourages other people to pick up stones.
Tomorrow afternoon I am interviewing a semi-retired amateur geologist to see if this dropped stone is the same as the one Violet picks up at her second visit to Briny Beach.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

But what would Mr. Poe have hidden in his top hat? Well, let’s ask the guy who directly benefited from the Baudelaire parents’ death and the subsequent handling of their estate:

“No,” Olaf said with another frown. “There was some argument about his name, actually, as a baby adopted by his orphaned children also bore the same name.”
“Bertrand,” Omeros said.
“No,” Olaf said, and frowned yet another time. “The adoption papers were hidden in the hat of a banker who had been promoted to Vice President in Charge of Orphan Affairs.”
“Mr. Poe?” asked Sadie.
“Yes, ” Olaf said with a scowl, “although at the time he was better known under his stage name. But I’m not here to discuss the past.

[The End, Chapter Eleven]

Was Mr. Poe hiding the original will from the Baudelaire orphans? Did he forge a new one so they would end up in the claws of their parents’ mortal enemy?

No. That would be crazy, right? But there is a story there. Find out more after the cut.

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bi gals who aren’t with women are welcome to wlw spaces. bi gals who are currently dating men belong in wlw spaces. there may be some boundaries to be set so that we don’t hurt lesbians (and by that I mean obvious stuff like, not bringing bfs to sapphic events), but we shouldn’t have to limit our existence and identities for others’ comfort. bi women are entitle to feel safe in our own communities hand in hand with our lesbian sisters.

“Violet Field”

After taking a test shot that was a little too underexposed, I tweaked the settings and hit the shutter button to take a 15 second exposure. Just a few seconds later, a police car drove by with it’s red and blue lights on (no siren) and it “painted” this field purple. Serendipity at it’s finest, with a touch of coincidence, because the small town this field is part of is named Violet.
I can’t decided if I like this version better, or the other with the green coloured field.