Brilliant Violet | do not modify or re-upload.

5 Reasons each queen should win:

Good reasons for Pearl to win: 

1) She resembles not judging a book by it’s cover. (Look’s very relaxed but she really REALLY cares)
2) She presents a good image for the younger generation of drag.
3) Is a role model for people with a rough childhood, showing that it DOES get better.
4) Even though she hasn’t been confident in the challenges this season has presented (comedy and acting) she has put 110% effort in and pulled through.
5) This face

Reasons for Ginger to win:

1) Would be the first plus sized queen to win Drag Race and it’s about time!
2) Has done incredibly well in the singing and acting challenges, which there has been a lot of.
3) Has put extra effort in where she felt other people have lacked, and even when it landed her in the bottom put on a GREAT show and earned her place back in the competition.
4) Since the competition she has handled hate she has been getting (which is a lot) graciously and never stops being humble about her position.
5) This face

Reasons Violet should win:

1) Is a representative for the younger generation of drag.
2) Portrays undeniable self confidence and love WHICH IS A GOOD THING. 
3) Learns from her critiques, for example as soon as people told her she acts like a “bitch” and tried to change the way she came across to people.
4) Despite being under a lot of pressure from the other queens to fail Violet has proved to them and everyone that she is MORE than capable of this responsibility and still have the strength to tell them why.
5) This face

No matter who your favorites are or why they’re your favorites, whoever wins will win for a reason and when they do we need to give them our congratulations and support, because every single one of these queen’s deserve it.

Exams are coming. And I’m scared a little bit. Tomorrow will be literature test - the hard one. Then Russian and Math exam. And, yeah, no art. Sorry, this whole bizz will nor last long. In June, I’ll be back with new ideas and drawngs, for sure. But, I need to prepare for my university portfolio. Time will tell.

Summer is almost here, new Gravity Falls is back in July and new adventures in new town are close.

Wish me luck, people.