BTS when you slap them during an argument

BTS reaction when you slap them during an argument?

Remember violence is never the solution to an argument.

Jin: He doesn’t say anything. A lonely tear runs down his face, as he stares at you incredulously. He can’t begin to understand how things got to that point.

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 Jimin: “You took it too far this time Y/N.”

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 J-Hope: *you slapped him so hard he actuall fell off a chair. Don’t expect him to forgive you so easily*

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Jungkook: “Okay then. No. Talk to me when you’ve calmed down. I’m leaving”

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Rap Monster: “You better get your ass over here and apologize for hitting me. Violenve is NEVER the answer”

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Suga: *can’t believe you actually hit him, so he just looks at you with this face until you apologize*

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V: *Just cries because he feels both guilty for taking you to that extreme, but also because he never thought things would end up like these between you*

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The state is NOT a mediator of white supremacy or settler colonialism. We cannot expect it to intervene or interrupt settler colonialism, it is a facilitator of land pillaging and white racism and settlerism and was formed out of that very same violence.

The state is not moderate, neutral, or an instrument of regulation, it is a means of enforcing colonialism, capitalism and hierarchy. It achieves this goal through constant aggressive intervention against non-whites, by institutionalized oppression via courts, policing, prisons, poverty, and selective non-intervention/endorsement of (seemingly vigilante) acts of white terror that are actually much broader and rooted in historical violence and the maintenance of the state.

This is why we have to prepare for both the white militias and the state, because either the state won’t be intervening against white reactionary violence or it will be actively intervening with repressive violence against those defending themselves.
—  Jessica Rey