BTS when you slap them during an argument

BTS reaction when you slap them during an argument?

Remember violence is never the solution to an argument.

Jin: He doesn’t say anything. A lonely tear runs down his face, as he stares at you incredulously. He can’t begin to understand how things got to that point.

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 Jimin: “You took it too far this time Y/N.”

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 J-Hope: *you slapped him so hard he actuall fell off a chair. Don’t expect him to forgive you so easily*

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Jungkook: “Okay then. No. Talk to me when you’ve calmed down. I’m leaving”

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Rap Monster: “You better get your ass over here and apologize for hitting me. Violenve is NEVER the answer”

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Suga: *can’t believe you actually hit him, so he just looks at you with this face until you apologize*

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V: *Just cries because he feels both guilty for taking you to that extreme, but also because he never thought things would end up like these between you*

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