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“It’s time to go.”

((So yesterday me and @lookingmarvellous were chatting, and I think I might’ve come up with how exactly Warfstache and Darkiplier ended up in this universe at all, if they didn’t start here. And this post from @apocalyptotyler gave me another idea I could work into it! Therefore, instead of making a basic theory post, I figured I’d make it a headcanon, because why not? Enjoy!))

“… Celine?” Dark heard the Colonel call one more time from around the corner of the hallway. At the sound of her name, Celine’s arcane power began to stir in his fingertips. He opened and closed his free hand, the other still occupied by Damien’s cane. With both halves of himself fully present, he knew what it was he must do.

“Colonel,” he said, softly, still learning how to use his voice again. “Colonel.”

The hysterical man stumbled back his way, giggling and wiping his eyes beneat his eccentric glasses.

“Th-this… it has to be!” he stammered once more, through deep belly laughs that were almost more like sobs. “Damien! Celine! Where the hell are you hiding, Damien and Celine! It’s not funny anymore!”

Blinking, Dark spoke once more.

“Here, Colonel.”

William trembled, mortified, as he looked on Dark again.

“Wh-who are you?” he asked him quietly, then ramping up his volume in violent fear. “Who are you!? What have you done to them– where are they!?”

Dark cracked his neck again, still getting used to the body that was not his own.

“They're…” he began, pausing to rub his neck as he cleared his throat. “Here.”

“Here? Where the hell is here– who even are you!?” the Colonel continued to panic.

He then noticed Dark was holding a very familiar cane…

“Let go of that! That doesn’t belong to you!” he shouted, louder than anything, and he lunged to take it from Dark when–


A blast of radiant color came from Damien’s token, fizzling hues of scarlet red and cerulean blue that followed the outlines of everything near the two of them.

The Colonel stopped, mortified, even after the effects of Celine’s power faded away.

He began to stammer.

“D-D-Damien… C-Celine…? N-n-no, no, I… I- I didn't…”

“Yes, Colonel,” Dark cut him off, the words breaking whatever heart he had left. “You… did.”

“I… I did?”

The sound of grainy coughing sputtering from the radio interrupted the conversation and got both men’s attention.

“Colonel… if you can hear this, you better run.”

The Colonel, frightened, looked back at Dark for one more second, and then took off doing just that, running right out the door.

“You stay away from me!” he shouted as he made good distance.

Dark gave chase, finding that he was caught up to the Colonel within mere seconds.

“Colonel, stop!”

William turned furiously on him.

“Only my friends get to call me by that name!” he yelled to Dark’s face, his fingers fumbling for his holster to pull out his gun again, but finding it wasn’t there.

Dark had it and was holding it just out of his reach.

“William…” the shadowy, shattered man said, the use of his voice still returning to him. “We are your friends.”

“We? We? What in the blazes do you mean by we? You’re just one…”

“Yes, Colonel.”

There was a pause as William came to realize who exactly this figure following him was.


“Yes, Colonel.”

“… C-Celine…?”

“Yes, Colonel.”


“Yes, Colonel.”

William’s hysteria melted into horror, and he fell backward onto the grass as his legs went weak once more.

His words came through the shallow breaths catching in his lungs.

“Y-you’re dead! I– I thought it was just a j-joke! H-how…”


The Colonel turned over onto his front side, his fingers pressing his temples as his body began to curl up in fear.

“You're– you’re dead! B-but–”

“William, stop.”

The Colonel looked up to see the dark man standing before him, looking at him with a knowing, pained expression in his gaze.

Dark fell onto one knee before him, holding out Damien’s cane toward William in one hand.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The Colonel crawled backward slightly on all fours.

“Wha… what do you mean?”

“You don’t have to run, Colonel. I can take us both to a new place, somewhere far, far away from here.”

Dark nodded a little towards William, assuring him it was all right to come close.

The Colonel slowly reached a tentative hand for the cane as Dark continued.

“It’ll be somewhere so far that no one from here will ever find us, and no one there will ever have to know about this.”

“B-but… but how?”

“Celine can take us, William.”

“And– and Damien?”

“He’ll be with you, too, because I won’t leave your side.”

The Colonel still hesitated to hold the cane Dark was offering to him. Without anything being said, Dark knew exactly why.

“And I can change this awful memory, Colonel. I’ll make it so you won’t have to live in fear anymore. And once we get there, this awful nightmare will only seem like exactly that; just a fading nightmare.”

“I… I won’t remember Damien and Celine anymore?”

“No, but… they’ll remember you, Colonel. And all of us will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”

Shakily, William’s fearful fingers finally grasped around Damien’s cold cane, and he could feel Celine’s power stirring inside of it.

Dark nodded again.

“Close your eyes, Colonel,” he finished calmly, and William’s eyelids were already feeling heavy as Celine’s power came into him. “When you wake up, everything will be just fine.”

Just before the sleep took hold of William and the mirage of cyan and crimson began to dance, he murmured one more thing.

“Damien? Celine?”

“Shh,” the two of them whispered to him as the colors whisked them away. “It’s time to go.”

Netflix and Thrill


I invited a bunch of people over to watch a horror movie and you’re the only one that showed up and it’s kind of cute that you hide behind my back every time you hear creepy music

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

A/n: this is in modern!AU and also confident!Credence AU (as in he’s still shy and awkward but he’s a lot less fragile)

Tonight was supposed to be the night Credence would finally watch his first horror movie. He just simply couldn’t bear the agonizing build up, or frightening jumpscares by himself. And since it was his first Halloween knowing his now bigger group of friends, he wanted to share this first scary experience with people he trusted. It was also an opportunity to see them all, since everyone was so busy lately.

Too busy, it seemed, as he received the third letter of the night. A sigh escaped his lips as he plucked the note from its deliverer’s beak, a sorry RSVP from Newt. Earlier, he had gotten two more, one from Tina and another from Queenie, speaking on behalf of herself and Jacob. He was glad his friends were so happily engrossed in their work, but couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the failure of his planning.

He was now wondering when your Black-Banded owl would arrive, carrying the final apology for the night. Instead, he received a knock at the door.

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anonymous asked:

but draco called hermione a mudblood?

yes. yes he did. draco and hermione live in a world colored by the politics of blood prejudice. the hatred of muggle-borns and muggles is pronounced throughout the death eater ranks, if not all of pureblooded society. this prejudice is dangerous and violent and it speaks volumes about the modern wizarding world. the first time the reader hears the word “mudblood”, it’s coming from draco’s mouth and it’s directed towards hermione. the word rolls off his tongue and you see the palpable and passionate hatred a twelve year-old child can harbor towards a classmate when he’s been raised and conditioned to think a certain way.

that harsh reality brought with it the beginnings of the very dark undertones the later HP novels would take on. there are prominent political undercurrents to the story, even as early on as CoS. look at the victims of the basilisk: moaning myrtle, colin creevey, penelope clearwater, justin finch-fletchey. all muggle-borns, all innocent of any wrongdoing, all attacked for their blood status. the malfoys are the bourgeoise, they hold power, land, and title unparalleled by any other family we’re introduced to. they are firm believers in the pureblooded mantra because they have family histories that describe the witch-burnings of the 1700s and the violence that followed. they also stand to benefit from a society that places purebloods at the top.

before hogwarts, it’s highly unlikely that draco was exposed to any muggles or muggle-borns. although lucius claims to harbor no ill-will towards them publicly, words spoken in private between friends and associates at dinner parties and gatherings trickle down to the children playing at their parents feet. a young boy who idolizes his father as much as draco did lucius would take anything he said at face value. when you’re seven and daddy just brought you your first real broomstick and he puts his arm around your shoulder when you finally manage to fly around the big apple tree in the gardens, you’ll believe him when he says that there are certain types of people that we don’t associate with - but keep this a secret, just between you and me, just remember not to get too close with their kind.

now when draco does go off to school, he’s immediately sorted into slytherin. there are no muggle-borns in his house from what we know canonically. he’s hanging out with the kids he’s known since childhood, whose parents are friends with his parents, who believe in the same pureblood mania he’s been taught. draco takes his classes, tries to suck up to the right people, makes sure he looks presentable every day before he leaves his dorm, does everything he can to make his parents proud.

he sees what his father told him about muggle-borns to be true: he is better than them at school, at quidditch, at everything. that is something he strongly believes. so when hermione granger walks up to the front row of desks in the first week of transfiguration and raises her hand like she’s read the whole textbook already, he’s annoyed. who does she think he is, she doesn’t even belong here. she beats him at nearly test in nearly every class, and his hatred intensifies because draco doesn’t think she deserves to be there and his father will be upset because malfoys are never second to anyone but he’s second to a mudblood.

on the other hand, you have hermione, a girl from an upper middle-class family in london, thrown into this world she knew nothing about. she also doesn’t like being second to anyone, and she knows she’s at a disadvantage when she learns that there are some kids who grow up with parents who do magic and brothers and sisters who already started school, so she buys all of her books and reads them, no, memorizes them, because who wants to look stupid in front of other kids? and hermione knows she’s not stupid, but she just wants to learn about everything because it’s so exciting and new. she’s secretly glad that she can fix harry potter’s glasses with magic before ever stepping foot in a hogwarts classroom - when he was sitting in a compartment with ron, a wizard from a magical family who couldn’t do a simple transfiguration spell.

hermione is just scared of not knowing everything and frightened of failure and she doesn’t want to be expelled because that would mean failure and losing magic forever and she can’t go back to that life because it was so utterly boring and now she’ll have missed a year of secondary school and how embarrassing. so she studies hard and does all of the extra credit and writes a minimum of three extra inches for every essay she’s asked to submit because she doesn’t have a magical family to go home to, she loves her parents but she loves her wand as well, and she’s not willing to give either of them up.

when draco malfoy calls her a mudblood, she’s shocked and hurt because she’s tried so hard to do everything she can to fit in with this world but there are still people who will tell her she’s not good enough and she never will be. and this eats away at her until there’s a gaping hole of insecurity and she signs up for more classes than what’s allowed and punches draco malfoy in the face. because hermione’s realizing she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone but herself (which is why the punch scene is so important in terms of her character development fyi). 

and then in fourth year people are dying, muggles are actually dying at the quidditch world cup and there are weak government attempts to stop things but everyone is just so scared, especially hermione. draco knows that something big is in the works - he doesn’t know what yet - but those filthy muggles will finally learn their place except he doesn’t really want them to get granger because he knows her and he still hates her but granger, they’re after muggles, do you want to be showing off your knickers in midair? because if you do, hang around..they’re coming this way

fast forward to half blood prince, though, and that’s where the fun really starts. draco’s taken the mark, harry has a feeling about it, but it’s hermione who pushes him and says no, no way that’s impossible. hermione sees the good in people, almost always, and just because he was a childhood bully doesn’t mean he’s completely evil. harry’s becoming obsessed, he knows something is up, but she still says he’s being too hotheaded and no way

this is also where you see draco become disillusioned with everything after his father is sent to azkaban, but he’s been marked and he’s been given this task to do and he knows he’s good enough but everything is just so scary because if he doesn’t do it then he and his mother will both die because of the scaly lunatic and it isn’t fun anymore. it’s not real, people are dying and for what? but he has no cards left to play and the dark lord has a full house. so he does what he has to do and he tries and he gets his aunt and the others into the castle but he just can’t kill someone that’s frightening i mean it’s albus bloody dumbledore for merlin’s sake - but he has to, he has to, he has to. and he doesn’t because snape gets in the way just in time - but he’s failed again and he’s starting to realize that his failures have more to do with him than with anyone else.

so when it’s been months and some snatchers show up at his house with harry, ron, and hermione, he’s the only one who could identify them and he knows they think the worst of him because why wouldn’t they? so for the first time in his life he does the right thing - but it’s not enough, not enough because now aunt bella has granger on the floor writhing in pain and she’s using a knife to carve something into her arm. and he thinks it might be a dark mark or maybe just lines or something ironic but no, no no it says mudblood loud and clear and the blood is red - so red, and not muddy. like his. and he realizes that it’s all so wrong. and when it’s the final battle, he just wants his mum and his dad and safety and that’s what’s important - family - not power or money or anything else, especially not blood status.

so, yeah, he called her a mudblood. the key is not letting that mistake define his entire character. this racial tension is actually one of the most important aspects of the draco/hermione relationship. to move forward, they need to accept the past and come to terms with it. i think that putting draco and hermione together would have been a great example of how two people who are so similar in every way except that one could actually learn to love each other. 

My Top 10 Releases of 2014 (In no order)

1. Pvris - White Noise

2. Martyr Defiled - No Hope No Morality

3. Breathe Carolina - Savages

4. Pathways - Harlot (Instrumental Version)

5. Within The Ruins - Phenomena

6. Volumes - No Sleep

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8. I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature

9. Issues - Issues

10. Polyphia - Muse

Lucky Part 44

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words:  2,149

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31,Part 32, Part 33,Part 34, Part 35, Part 36, Part 37, Part 38, Part 39, Part 40, Part 41, Part 42, Part 43

Wow……44. This is insane guys. I can’t believe how long this has gotten. I seriously only planned for this series to be 5 parts……well….that sort of got away from me lol. Enjoy! Love you all!

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