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Yes!!! Please write more of the no powers coldflash au. I'm really liking it and want more. I like the edgy feel you e created. I know you're pressed for time but do you think you might consider adding to the soulmate version too one day? It could kind of be like sliding doors - here is what happens in the regular world and here is what happens when soulmate marks exist. Thanks for sharing!

That’s kind of a neat idea, doing both, almost like… doing a fic of my own fic? (which feels slightly egoist but also like a neat challenge).

I doubt I’d flesh out both though, sorry. Like you mentioned, time pressure makes that feel like not the best use of my writing energy, in part because there are other projects I do want to continue working on instead. I do plan to continue the non-soulmate version now, but I think I’ll leave the soulmate version to the side.

and if i’m totally honest, a secondary motive for that is… if i ever write original fiction, i feel like one of the stories i would absolutely consider exploring is a soulmate story, where i make the soulmates a young detective and a criminal, and use bits and pieces of things i’ve explored in fics but make it different from my fic. i don’t know if i’ll ever bother because… i really love writing fic? like a lot? but i’d honestly be more interested in writing the soulmate version of that with huge liberties like in a more original piece, disrupting the relationships and characters a bit as needed. and you can do that in fic and i enjoy those types of AUs, but if i were gonna veer that far from canon anyway, i’m getting close to just writing an original piece regardless ^^;

M :“let me play ode to you hyung”

M: “it’s called “love ode to jihoon hyung””

J: “disguisting”

i just reread nodame cantabile AND idkKKK but jihoon really really fit chiaki senpai a mUCHH (good at playing various music instrument, good at composing, smart, VIOLENT, excptfortheheight) and jigyu really fit the chiaki and nodame vibe so ,..mddm,/sf i CAn nOT #1700%jigyutrash

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How was American Ultra?

Definitely not as bad as the critic consensus says it is IMO. But it suffers from some awkward and distracting miscasting (Topher Grace???), isn’t really as funny as it promoted itself to be, and the reasoning behind the things that happen on screen aren’t very satisfying. But once you get the feel of the movie it delivers a entertaining experience. Nothing exceptional. But entertaining. And Stewart and Eisenberg have great on screen chemistry. 

I thought that out of all sort of decent movies out right now that are fun to watch but don’t reach the status of the real good ones, American Ultra was the most entertaining. But if its vibe isn’t up your alley it’s best to skip it. 

It just really annoys me that Max Landis keeps commenting on how it’s everyone and everything but his movies’ fault that it wasn’t a commercial success, and keeps commenting about the negative reviews and is generally being a obnoxious child about it all. 

“Even” Mission Impossible? It doesn’t take a genius to know that a movie like American Ultra isn’t for everyone. And that you won’t get a audience as big as Mission Impossible. 

You’re no Tarantino or Nolan though.

Man he annoys me.

American Ultra was a 6.5/10 for me because it’s violent vibe was up my alley. Bonus points for Walton Goggins.