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hey uuuhhh whats up w the cant opt out of gender post bc im feeling some big ol fuck u vibes for non gender conforming ppl. was that a serious reblog bc i hope not

(op of that post is a trans woman just for some context) its about ppl like myself who are afab nonbinary lesbians like PERSONALLY i think gender is bullshit and don’t think i have one but i can’t “opt out” of that kind of oppression bc at the end of the day my experiences in the real world arent impacted by my Personal feelings about my gender. like i experience gender in an incredibly different (and less violent) way than trans ppl… also plenty of gnc ppl are cis like, it’s more about acknowledging that you don’t face transphobia on a structural level and nonbinary isnt a coherent class

dont threaten people!! don’t be a dick over something you dont like!!! it’s not okay to draw a trans character in their birth gender but its even worse to threaten someone, tell them to kill themselves, and all around act like theyre the spawn of satan over one piece of art!!

amazing concept, you don’t have to keep typing “kill yourself” you can just walk away and not give the artist any kind of support!! it’s easier to just explain why its wrong and be civil than it is to be violent and make the trans community out to be a bunch of assholes on the internet!! you’re just putting yourself in a bad light by ganging up on a singular artist!!! whoa!!

nobody would have cared if nobody ever found out damien were canonly trans but ya know.

Right now, Maggie Sawyer is helping Adrian Rodriguez out of his binder while Alex Danvers picks up his favorite pizza.

Maggie is teaching him new strike combinations on the heavy bag, and once he’s exhausted and showered, both of them are wrapping him up in their arms while he cries.

They both remind him that he is real, that he is not a burden. That he is worthy. That he is courageous and that he is powerful. That he is one of the happiest parts of their lives.

Because he is.

I don’t make the rules.

I just saw something that almost broke me down to tears.


Radfems have created their own version of the lgbT community to completely remove trans people from it.

7+ people I know are trans. 3 fully transitioned, and 4 that have either not finished due to their health, or have no desire to.

Trans people are queer. Everyone except radfems have been saying that for years.

Chopping off the T because “O H NO!!!1!! R A PIST MISOG YNIS TS!!!!1!1! F E MAL ES ONLY!!! LE SBOPHOBES!!1!1! TRANS CULT!! GENDERISTS!!1!1!1!”

Violently expelling trans people from their own community, because Terfs/radfems/WHATEVER are fucking violently oppressing trans people further by stirring up a new stereotype that will follow trans people for years to come. Killing many more trans people.

How dare YOU rewrite our damn community because you don’t like how it is. Things change.
And you’re tiny little opinions aren’t going to help anyone. It’ll only hurt.

You’re hurting trans people.
You’re hurting other lesbians.
You’re hurting our community.

i foolishly clicked on a terf blog for the first time in ages and remembered that there’s actual, real hate and rage for other human beings deep inside of me

reminder that if you’re a terf you need to either unfollow or join me in a knife fight

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"not all cis people are transphobic". i don't think people realize transphobia ranges from being violent towards trans people all the way to thinking "wow she's trans yet she's prettier than me!!๐Ÿ˜ฉ" like, those 'passive' thoughts are toxic too. (this is from a cis person, not a trans person in case any other cis person wants to tell me i'm wrong bc i'm not cis :) )

this answers a lot of asks i have right now!!! a lot of people don’t understand that even the tiniest, only-a-little-bit transphobic thoughts are still transphobia and still contribute to the way you act

fyi: you can’t dismiss transphobia by saying that people are ‘entitled to their own opinion’. thinking that pepsi tastes better than coke is an opinion. preferring the beach to the mountains is an opinion. but your opinion ceases to be an opinion when it directly affects the lives of others. transphobic ideology, transphobic jokes; transphobic “opinions” are fundamentally, directly, and aggressively harmful. a staggering 41% of trans people attempt suicide (compared to 4.6% of cis people), and trans people are being murdered at alarming rates because of their identities. you cannot dismiss transphobic comments as a mere matter of opinion. to disagree with someone’s right to exist is inherently violent.

listen i will always and forever defend aro/ace people because if someone is questioning their identity and your response is to attack, mock, and threaten them rather than help or, at the very fucking least, not get involved, you’re an asshole

Why non trans girls shouldn't harass terfs/twerfs

I’ve said many times that people who aren’t trans feminine violently going after terfs makes me upset. The reason for that is terfs do not care. Terfs primarily target trans girls, and a lot of the time when they attack other people, it’s just misdirected transmisogyny.
When they harass, say, trans boys, it’s less that they think they’re as bad as trans girls are, but rather, they view them as “innocent females corrupted by the evil trannies”, which is also very disgusting, but is still entirely due to them being transmisogynistic specifically.
Harassing terfs doesn’t do any good, because nothing will make them rethink their values. They are set in their ways, and when people attack them, they just use that as more fuel to hate trans girls. Even if you think you’re helping, the only thing you should be doing is helping trans girls who are already being attacked, instead of going out of your way to attack them.

3 Easy Steps to be a better Trans Ally

We all want to be the best allies we possibly can be–but sometimes this means addressing hard truths and making accommodations appropriately. 

Whether you’re a member of the trans community or just a supporter, here are a few things to take into account with your activism/involvement with the community as a whole in order to create the safest and most inclusive space. 

1.) Recognize and address racism in the transgender/LGBTQ+ community
Racism is very much alive and the LGBTQ+ community is not an exception. Although a members of the trans/LGBTQ+ community are minorities themselves, white members often disregard/dismiss racism.

Standing with the trans community means standing with people who have to experience transphobia/transmisogyny as well as racism. Being aware, outspoken, and invested in trans/queer POC(people of color)’s lives is necessary to create an environment that is safe for all. 

2.) Understand the difference between transphobia and transmisogyny. 
While all members of the trans community experience transphobia, trans women/feminine people experience a form of misogyny that can be and often is much more violent than transphobia. Trans women are often not heard, pushed to the back, or forces to desperately defend the oppression that they face. 

A few things to understand about trans feminine people: AMAB people are not “socialized as male.” They are, instead, socialized as trans women and because of that are placed in a very scary place where they have to reject all forms of femininity otherwise they may potentially face physical violence. Trans women have just as much of a right to feminist spaces as any other woman. Trans women are not more represented than trans men or other trans demographics. 

3.) When creating trans safe spaces, remember these two demographics! 
Whether you’re starting a trans project, creating a blog, or writing/reading trans stories–paying special attention to TPOC(Trans People of Color) as well as trans women will create more welcoming and intersectional spaces. 

As members of such a marginalized demographic, it is in the best interest of our community and our humanity to pay attention to these narratives and to validate them with more than understanding. Acknowledging the struggles of those around us, opening up our spaces to people with these experiences, and being willing to work harder to support TPOC and trans women are things that anyone, anywhere can do. 

Thank you for reading and keeping your mind open. Feel free to add to this list. 

  • Me, a gay trans person: The gay community can be very transphobic and toxic towards trans gay people
  • Exclusionists: Lol look at this acey being violent and erasing gay trans people #homophobia #ace receipts #ace community receipts #ace community being homophobic

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Please, please just talk to the people you call "terfs" one time and you will realize we aren't violent, trans hating people, trans people aren't even the center of radical feminism, saying we don't deserve any space as if we're akin to nazis or racists hurts and does nothing to bridge our communities so that we can help women everywhere

You want to help women but demean, harm, and belittle trans women. I don’t really care if you claim you’re “not all bad,” you’re bad if you are actively part of a group that treats trans women like trash and say unspeakable things to them. You don’t care about all women, just women who fit your idea of what a women should be, and that’s selfish.

You’re not welcome on my blog. We don’t tolerate transphobia.

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Forgive my ignorance, but whats a "terf"?

Terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist. Basically they’re the people who want women to have equal rights( or sometimes to have more rights) and don’t believe in trans people. They’re especially violent to trans women. In my personal experience a lot of them claim to be “cured trans” so in some cases it’s really bad internalized transphobia but in most it’s just gross blatant transphobia.

-Mod Cha

Honestly, not that I figure any of my followers approve of that bullshit, but in case it needs saying:

AERF, as a term, is inherently violently transmisogynistic

And after a cursory twenty minute sifting through tumblr, I recognize a lot of the people I saw supporting it as folks who are routinely transphobic/transmisogynistic, and/or contest that transmisogyny exists or is meaningful, and often have some pretty ahistorical views on the LGBT+ communities at large (like believing calling the q word a slur is ‘terf rhetoric’ and originated with terfs, rather than it being a decades old intracommunity issue stemming from experiences of trauma and navigating slur reclamation and community identity development), so it’s pretty evident that there’s a problem there

So yeah. AERF is violently transmisogynistic. I shouldn’t have to explain why, it’s patently obvious to anyone who cares about trans women. 

Additionally, as a refresher since we’re on the topic of violent transmisogyny in online spaces, using the term ‘gatekeeper’ within an LGBT+ context to describe anything but the medical/institutional oppression-fueled genocide against trans people? Violently transphobic.

Equating TERFs/TWERFs to cis het exclusionists, and using ‘TERF rhetoric’ as a catch all for any ‘exclusive’ commentary? Violently transmisogynistic.

This shouldn’t have to be said. Whatever folks’ views are on a spec folks in the community, they can talk about this without throwing trans folks, primarily trans women, under the bus and appropriating our history of oppression, and purposely undermining the clarity we require to name and discuss our oppressors and enemies

There are ways to go about this that don’t involve harming trans people to try and get a step up on those who hold views counter to your own.

out of all the strange, nonsensical false equivalencies on tumblr, the most puzzling to me right now is the equation of “aphobes”/”REGs” to TERFs???

for one thing “aphobe” has been so divorced from its actual meaning that it now means “anyone who was rude to an ace or aro once” so there’s that

but like… TERFs are literally the scum of the earth? they’re not saying trans women aren’t LGBT, they’re saying trans women don’t exist and they’re actually confused potential rapists/murderers and often advocate for trans women to be jailed or even killed! just for being trans! TERFs have violently physically attacked trans women and support groups like the alt-right because they’re also anti-trans!

like… “REGs” literally only say that asexuality and aromanticism aren’t inherently LGBT identities? that’s it?

just like… how??? could you compare???? those things?????????

like regardless of your opinions on ace discourse, comparing TERFs to REGs is dangerously close to normalizing TERF “““opinions”““ and making them out to be only as bad as ace exclusionism??? when TERFs are literally one of the most dangerous groups out there for trans women, like, right up there with alt-righters???

like, for the love of all the trans women in your life, Do Not compare these two groups as some kind of false equivalency bc you’re comparing the actual murder of trans women to online discourse and that is sooooo fuckin disrespectful

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What is REG?

It stands for Reactionary Exclusionary Gatekeepers, iirc, which is appropriative, given it is used by aro/ace folks to labels folks within ‘the community/communities’. 

Gatekeeper, within the LGBT+ context (words hold different meanings depending on context, after all), is a term used to describe the ongoing genocide of trans people. It has, over the years, sparsely been used to describe other issues, but in nearly all cases, those folks have swapped to other words/phrases to express those issues out of respect and acknowledgement of the long, bloody history of violence trans folks have faced due to gatekeeping

The use of gatekeeper in this way de-centers the term from the ongoing genocide of trans people to issue aro/ace folks face, and functionally obscures that history of violence while using its true meaning as a means to amplify emotion and intensity around aro/ace issues.

Given that aro/ace folks are part of ‘the community/communities’, it’s vital that they not appropriate and undermine language used to describe specific forms of oppression and histories of violence that aren’t inherently related to them just to prop their own issues up. That is violently transphobic, and it can’t be tolerated.

That all stands aside the fact that the term REG was specifically coined within the context of wanting a term similar to TERF to describe their ideological opponents, which is transmisogynistic, because comparing TERFs to their opponents… whether they’re prejudiced against aro/ace folks, or wish to exclude cishet aro/ace folks, etc. …is a false equivalence, and violently transmisogynistic given TERFs have played a significant hand in the ongoing genocide of trans folks, have relentlessly fought against the rights and freedoms and safety of trans women, etc. and that’s not comparable to whatever sufferings aro/ace folks endure from these apparent ‘REG’s. It’s using the intensity and emotions and violent histories tied to trans women’s (and trans folks’ as a whole) experiences with TERFs as a means of trying to validate their own issues/experiences and coax people into responding similarly, ultimately appropriating trans people’s suffering for their gain, which…again…violently transphobic, primarily violently transmisogynistic.

I hope that clears things up.


Part one.

A few radfems on Twitter including myself had this displeasure of meeting KevinWeinberg1 yesterday.

Among other things he told us we were jealous of transwomen, called us cunts and bitches, told us to go back to the kitchen, to kill ourselves, and much more.

I couldn’t fit all of the misogyny on one post so I’ll do another one after this with some more screenshots.

He clearly has a hard on for his trans friend TechyFolks (Rexia) who is just as vile as him. Rexia tweets photos of his penis and is an awful misogynist but demands that we call him a woman. No. Not gonna happen.

Feel free to head over to Twitter and report them both.