violent panda

The latest issue of Weekly Jump introduces a new type of monster that appears in Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time called “reincarnated monsters.”

Reincarnated monsters are monsters who have lived long and whose appearance has changed. They are a rare encounter, and thus may also drop rare items. Reincarnated monsters pictured in the magazine include the violent panda, golden cone, heart knight, and cactus gold. There are also quests that task players with defeating reincarnated monsters.

Word of the Day: EXPUNGE

Pronunciation: [ik-SPUHNJ]

Note: We use expunge for things that are unwanted or unpleasant.

Example sentences:

  • The crooked politician tried to illegally expunge his criminal record.
  • The judge assured the defendant that a conviction could be expunged after six months if he stays out of trouble.
  • A violent panda took drastic measures to expunge the embarrassing files from his computer.