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Queen Latifah Coming Out!!

Alright NibbZ we all knew Queen L Loves the ladies and she expressed it in the movie “SET IT OFF”, Dana Elaine Owens is  a very respected Hip-hop Artist also a Grammy award winning Actress. We wouldn't think that this Beautiful full figured Woman Like Women, Not there any thing wrong with that. Heres a article the talks more in detail of what Queen is up to.

BREAKING her long-held silence, QUEEN LATIFAH will burst spectacularly out of the closet and declare what most fans have long believed – she’s a lesbian!

Normally mum on her private life, the rapper-turned award-winning actress is expected to finally discuss her sexuality openly on her upcoming talk show. The Queen Latifah Show, which debuts in fall 2013, will feature celebrity interviews, human interest stories, comedy, pop culture and musical performances.

Here’s what a source had to say:

“It will also feature Latifah talk ing about her life, something she’s never done before. She’s going to open up, and her official announcement (coming out) will no doubt have fans glued to their TV screens.

It will be impossible for her to do a daily talk show and not address the issue of her sexuality. She just wants to do it in her own way, on her own show!”

Here’s what Latifah had to say:

“I’ve never dealt with the question of my personal life in public.”

Are Will and Jada Pinkett Smith co-producing Latifah’s new talk show? Of course (Keep It Rainbow). Don’t believe me.. Ask Duane Martin.

Well all the really matters is that Dana Elaine Owens aka Queen Latifa and who ever shes with makes her happy and keeps her light shinning bright. If Dana can come out and show the world that its okay to be you no matter what you do or say or believe in. so i think we can learn from this, i have been saying Believe in yourself  and it starts with you , and QUEEN L is helping me show the world. although Queen it did take you a long time to come out.. but your still a Beautiful Woman and very inspirational to all woman and even MEN.

Thats all for today NibblerZ

Enjoy Your Day and always Believe in yourself.

Xoxo Kali