violent indigo photography

Along with my smirk, my lip bite should probably be trademarked

Photo by me. Of me. October 2011

So my plague continues! And since i lack health insurance and am oh so fantastically impoverished i have yet to go to the doctor ….(which reminds me if any of my followers happen to be medical professionals with the ability to write me a prescription for antibiotics please feel free to do so haha)

Anyway! so yea this is yet another photo from that set … i swear when i am feeling better i am gonna start my 365 project again but for now i am just gonna continue to be in a nyquil induced coma

My Stars!

Photo of me. By me. October 2011

So I have been doing studio family photography as of late and while I enjoy being paid to to do so it doesn’t exactly let me be creative … so i am thinking i might restart my 365 project so that i am forced to be creative on my own every day … now i will say i have tried this a couple times before and never did get a chance to finish but i think if other people were really into me doing the project it might just be the proper kick in the butt i would need to get it done…


Photo of me. By me. November 2011

So sorry I have been all kinds of missing in action as of late my lovely cats and kittens … work has kind of taken over my life!!! I mean don’t they know they are cutting into the time i have dedicated to my precious tumblr addiction?????? Anyway not only is working taking up all my free time it is making me feel like a stagnant photographer .. but it is to be expected when you are shooting family photos… thus this current photo…

Victorian Poison Ivy

Photo of me. By me. October 2011

Yes thats right kids my Halloween Costume is of course Ivy… like ya didn’t see that one coming????

So this is not exactly how i wanted the costume to look… i went on a quest to find a great emerald green satin to match the brocade so that i could make the skirt but it was damned near impossible … so instead of having a green that didn’t work i opted to use a black skirt and use green embellishments it isn’t completely up to my standards but i still plan on going for a hunt for deep emerald green satin (sooo if you see any give me a heads up !!!)