violent hell

I had a dream that Trumpsterfire ordered DeVos to be executed because she wasn’t doing what he wanted her to do (whatever tiny thing that was). Apparently, that was the final straw and the entire country rose up in revolt. It’s nice to know my subconscious still has hope.

it’s your muffled scream
while i hold the plastic bag
over your head. it’s my mother’s voice
  shouting down the stairs that
  it could kill you, please be careful,
  that isn’t funny.

it’s a little bit funny in the way that
a sharp knife is funny, after it’s been
extracted from someone’s chest,
in the way crab-apples drop from trees
and are stepped on and run over,
and they just reek and reek and reek
until the seasons change.

it’s dusk and the walls are
tinted from the sinking sun and
you’re still screaming like she’s
the only one who can save you.
look at me. look.
i’m the one with the hands around your neck.
—  suffocate // j.d.k.

gogoakechi  asked:

did ancient egyptians actually practice human sacrifice?? im not saying youre wrong, i just havent heard of this before and would like to be informed!!

oh yeah. the ancient egyptians were violent as hell, as xenophobic imperialists generally are. Here’s a quote from a book @thetwistedrope recently read:

“Osorkon clearly treated these criminals as sacrificial animals, and their fate was the same. Leahy opines that the uprising had been a strike against Ma ‘at, especially since it had been against the man who was concurrently prince and High Priest of Amun, and the ritualistic punishment was designed to erase that threat. 

The comparison to goats is apropos for this interpretation, since goats were sometimes sacrificed as a symbol of disorder. This concept is augmented by remembering that burning brought about a complete destruction of the person, in the mortal realm and all others. Such complete destruction vouchsafed more fully the integrity of Ma ‘at.

Additionally, we know that some temple sacrifices were consumed by fire, especially in the late period. Thus it seems likely that Osorkon used human rebels in the place of goats in a sacrifice designed to completely destroy a disorderly element.”

You can read more quotes from said book here.

why poi? 

i’d heard there were artificial intelligences and lesbians and cyberpunk aesthetics and yea it had all of that (!!!!)

but everyone failed to mention how much fucking fun this show has existing in a hyper violent new york city where people don’t have bones (warning: car crash / car crashing)

Paul when shooting the SV kiss in 716
  • Ian *interrupting the sv kiss*: kiss violently
  • Paul: kiss violently? VIOLENTLY? HELL NO ! IM DOING THIS SCENE UNDER PROTEST. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA EFFORT HERE BUDDY! You got a problem, take it somewhere else. *folds hands petulantly*
  • Ian to his DP: New plan ! We are going to darken his face so the viewer doesn't see how pathetic the kiss really is.


At first, she stares. Goddamn it why is this hot fuck such a tall fuck—

Then, his words register.



She shrieks, fist flying out and slamming into the cat-man’s jaw. Instead of following up with another fist she dives forward, gripping him by the blanket wrapped around him and shaking him violently. “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!? ALL THIS TIME YOU JUST HAD ME THINKING YOU WERE A REGULAR FUCKING CAT?? GOD, YOU ASS! WERE EVEN EVER GOING TO TELL ME IF NOT FOR HEARING ABOUT ME WANTING TO FUCKING FIX YOU?! YOU FUCKING—”

// enter stage left.
// opens mouth to say something.
// furiously exits stage left. gtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg—

HI– HI YES. hi. it’s tin here aha- and !!! well !!! how do i start this !! okay let’s just go for it- LET’S GO. (( its about to get weird up in here )) WELL. it’s been a little over 3 months since i started this blog and i just !!! recently !!! reached !!! 1000 followers !!! (( we can now become a small country; who’s up for it ??? )) and it’s really ????????????????? with a side of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because whAT HAPPENS NOW ?? DO I HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL Y’ALL ?? AM I A LEGAL GUARDIAN ?? IS THIS EVEN LEGAL ?? IS THIS HOW CULTS START TO FORM– but well. apart from my mini mental breakdown- i just wanted to express !!! my gratitude !!! and love !!! to everyone who has made the whole experience running this blog so !!! amazing !!! i’m glad to have made at least a few friends and i really couldn’t thank all of you enough for putting up with me all day every day with my screaming and yelling gosh what a square– anyway !! i love !! everyone i’ve met on this site !! (( including those i admire from afar )) and i hope to be here for a long !! time !! and make more friends in 2016 !! even though i am an awkward peanut !!

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“Claire, if you’ve never been honest wi’ me, be so now, for I must know the truth. Claire, are ye a witch?” I gaped at him. “A witch? You - you can really ask that?” I thought he must be joking. He wasn’t. He took me by the shoulders and gripped me hard, staring into my eyes as though willing me to answer him. “I must ask it, Claire! And you must tell me!”‘And if I were?“ I asked through dry lips. ’'If you had thought I were a witch? Would you still have fought for me?” “I would have gone to the stake with you!” he said violently. “And to hell beyond, if I must. But may the Lord Jesus have mercy on my soul and on yours, tell me the truth!”