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No matter how much you pander to male delusions, they’re gonna fucking hate you anyway. You might as well stop being a handmaiden and do yourself and other women the service of prioritizing yourselves, because violent men sure as hell don’t give a shit about us.

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Dramatic end-of-season 12 predictions: Crowley dies. Cas is thrown out of heaven and made human (either by choice or by force, not sure yet), Mary dies again (probably in a noble way.. but maybe not?), Sam and Dean lose the bunker (the MoL kick them out, empty the place and burn it to the ground as a compromised location). Season 13 sees TFW broken down, human and on the road a lot. No home base anymore & no back-up (all parents gone, no connections to heaven, hell, the MoL.. nothing.) #bleakAF

Or how about not? Let’s go with not. instead, let me offer a counter dramatic finale, yes?

Here we go: You are correct, Mary does go back to Heaven, but in this instance because she asked to be taken back, and the angels have no reason to deny her, so with a fond fare well, she’s returned back “home”, and the boys handle it okay, because they literally get to see her walk away and leave, like going from one place to another, and that’s way better than how they lost their mother before, and certainly better than how they could have lost her again, and they’re at peace with it, because her place was never on Earth with them to begin with since she’d been gone so long.

Dean and Sam find out on of the Princes of Hell is actually leading the BMOL, and along with Mick Davis, end up killing most of the heavy players in the BMOL- Mick having learned not every creature is, in fact, a monster- and some of them need saving. With the BMOL brought to it’s knees, the entrust it to Mick- who had defected to their side already and was working as a double-agent for the Winchesters.

Castiel, for his part, tells Joshua that while he will always be angel and one of their siblings, and while he does care for them, he does not love his angelic brethren, and they are not a family. And Cas basically states he’s stepping away and done with them. Don’t call me for help. Don’t come to me for any reason. Heaven can deal with its own issues, because I’m out. I’m done with this “family” that uses us until they kill us. Because, and Cas doesn’t say it, but they both know; Cas has a family he loves. Cas has a family that loves him. Dean loves him. And when he turns away, Joshua asks, “What is so special about them that you would turn you’re back on Heaven?” And Cas glances at him over his shoulder with a small smile and says, “They’re home.”

We see him step back through the door way to where Dean and Sam are waiting anxiously by the Impala, both of them visibly relaxing at the sight of him. And later, in his newly appointed room, Castiel removes his own grace and stores is away in a vial. Camera shift to where we can now see Dean leaning against the door frame watching.

“You sure about this?”

“The only family I need is here.” Turning to look at Dean. “The family I love is here.”

Dean smiles and nods to the glowing vial. “And that? Is it safe to just store?”

Cas regards it. “I thought I might use it to plant a garden like the one that sprung up when Anna’s grace fell to Earth. All of me belongs to be here and free.”

And then you’ve got Crowley, indisputable King of Hell viciously and violently kicking hell into some actual order and getting rid of the sniveling backstabbers who would dare disrespect him. It is a business- and an army- but it is run with ruthless efficiency, and Hell keeps to it’s own dealings. And final shot is of Crowley on his throne, with Hell literally and figuratively under his thumb, and to his right side, dressed in uniform appropriate to his title, is Lucifer: Knight of Hell and the King’s Hound.

World saved and False Kings and kingdoms fallen, you have Team Free Will in the Bunker War Room, and a general since of loitering from Sam until Dean and Cas walk in- Castiel now donning his own set of human clothing that’s not quite what they would wear, but suits Castiel.

“Well?” Sam asks. “World saved. Again. What now?”

Dean sucks in a breath and lets it out, scratching his head at a loss. When he opens his mouth again, he’s interrupted when a flat screen on the wall not really noticeable before lights up and we see Mick on the screen.

“Hello, Gentlemen. Everyone home and settled?”

They all kinda smile at each other, because yeah. Yeah they are.

Mick claps his hands and leans forward excitedly. “Excellent! If you wouldn’t mind, as a gesture of thanks and our new found partnership: I would like to give you gift.”

“What kind of gift?” asks Sam, brows furrowing.

Mick smirks. “What would you say to giving your bunker a technological upgrade?” They all look at each other, and then back to a grinning Mick who winks. “There are so many lives to be saved, after all.”

Pan out, fade to black, credits! Booyaka!

S13 is leading into making the MOL an actual academy to train and organize hunters, which ties into the spinoff “Wayward Daughters”, and there are constantly x-over episodes between the two.


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Doing “Justice”: Randyll Tarly Is Not Fair

Let’s put aside for a second the abominable abuse he inflicted upon Sam, and the misogyny with which he treats Brienne. Let’s just look at how Randyll Tarly makes his in-person entrance in AFFC, and examine a short part of Brienne III.

They found Lord Tarly in the fishmarket, doing justice.

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Isn’t It Funny - A No, It’s Bucky Deleted Scene

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Summary: It is days after graduation and Steve has discovered a very interesting thing.

Pairing: Bucky x female Reader

Word Count: 528

A/N: Well here it is! The first (of many) deleted scenes from “No, It’s Bucky”. A lot of you asked for H/S stories so I might start with that. Who knows.

Hope you guys like it and more will be added in soon


Steve sat patiently in the diner waiting for Bucky to arrive. Ever since ‘the incident’ at graduation, Bucky had been doing everything he could to make sure Steve was nowhere near (Y/N). This obviously had left Steve in an awkward position, does he hang out with Buck to keep him happy and  risk upsetting (Y/N), or does he hang out with (Y/N) so she is happy which will just make Bucky angry?

Either way he was torn.

Sighing, Steve rubbed at his eyes with the palms of his hands till little white stars clouded his vision. He didn’t even know what actually happened at Graduation. One minute Steve is talking to the Principal about the college he got into and his plans for the future and the next minute Bucky is walking over to him, clutching his bloody nose as a very angry looking (Y/N) glares at him from across the hall. All he could get out of Bucky was that there was a misunderstanding and every time he brought up what happened with (Y/N), she changed the subject and threatened to hit him with a pillow if he brought it up again. Hopefully one of them would tell him soon because this was just getting ridiculous

The door to the diner chimed as it opens and in walked Bucky, his arm around his new girl of the week. This was also something that Bucky has been doing lately, a new girl on his arm constantly.

The three fell into comfortable conversation for a while till Steve’s phone beeped, a message popping up from a certain female he isn’t allowed to talk about inviting him out for dinner.

Bucky’s date is… fine? There was just something weird about the last few girls Bucky had been bringing around.

It’s only when Bucky’s date excuses herself to go to the restroom that he notices something. With a shake of his head he dismisses the crazy thought until she turns back one last time and gives a tiny wave to Bucky that he sees it. He sees the similarities ALL of Bucky’s pasts dates have. Literally every single one.

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” Bucky smirks at Steve before taking a drink of his coffee.

With a sigh, Steve shakes his head.


He didn’t realise.

Actually, this could make this whole situation better.

Steve absentmindedly played with his cup as he held back his grin. “She’s okay, (Y/N) is cuter though.”

Almost choking on his coffee, Bucky coughed violently. “What the hell does SHE have to do with this?”

“Dude, they look alike. They could be sisters.” Looking over to the far side of the diner, Steve motioned to the girl now walking back from the restroom. “You have a type, man.” And it was with a simple laugh that made Bucky stiffen with anticipation that Steve dropped the bomb “(Y/N) is your type.”

With a scoff, Bucky stands and throws some cash on the table “Bullshit.” Storming off, Bucky’s date stands there confused as she watches Bucky storm out.

An awkward silence followed before Steve cleared his throat and stood up. “Uh, did you want me to drive you home?”


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Raise Hell (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1420

Warnings: mention of nightmares, brief violent language, kissing, angst.

Raise Hell Master List

Most mornings, you woke up alone. Being the only one of the team who liked sleeping in on your days off had its disadvantages, but you needed your sleep. Cas stayed with you through most of the night, calming you from frequent nightmares and sleeplessness. But by the early morning hours, he would join the boys doing research… or whatever else they did.

This morning was no different. The spot beside you in bed was empty and neatly tucked in. You smiled as you listened to the murmurs of the boys through the open door. Cas’s was slightly louder than the others. You closed you eyes as you absorbed his gravelly voice.

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cause we were just kids when we fell in love

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john murphy au in which the reader is there when pike goes after murphy, and comforts him after

It’s not a surprise that Pike doesn’t like Murphy. After all, most people don’t. He doesn’t do much to combat the dislike, sometimes using it to fuel him, sometimes acting indifferent.

So, when Pike starts to get in his face, no one is surprised. Pike starts to get rude, but you sit back in your seat; John can handle himself. He’s always been able to, and all Pike is is some belligerent guy with his own issues. It can’t be fun to teach a bunch of delinquents about survival on a planet you’re never going to go down to.

At least, that was the belief in the beginning. Now, however, rumors are flying around about a last-ditch mission, about the ground, about being sent down.

It’s a rumor that hands over everyone like a sheet on a line, all waiting for the shoe to fall. The rumor infected the cells; at night, what were once silent halls were now filled with whispers as people who had previously hated each other talked about the impossibility and likelines of such a thing coming true.

The ground was uninhabitable. Everyone knew that. So why were a bunch of criminals learning how to survive on it?

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ahhh i really don’t know if this is a small problem that i’m making into a big deal, but i’ve noticed that every time i post a selfie, there’s at least two or three people (sometimes more) who make comments that are?? distressingly violent?? like “punch me in the face” or “murder me” or “step on me” and it’s… not very comfortable for me. 

i’m probably extra sensitive to it because i have ptsd and generally get triggered around people conflating violence & attraction, and i also know that these kinds of compliments are kinda in the tumblr vocabulary right now, but i really don’t like hurting people and i don’t want to be associated with that kind of weirdly sexual violence :/

don’t get me wrong!! i love the attention!! and i love,, that you guys don’t mind looking at me every now and again,, i just don’t wanna be sexualized in a violent way y’know


Words: 13k (oops) 

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Summary: When your dreams are more or less nightmares, monsters inside your head that eat you alive, it seems like the only person who can help you is Min Yoongi, professional dream chaser. 

Originally posted by yoohngs

The monsters are always there.

Ever since you were little, you’ve been chased by nightmares. The monsters that lived inside your head, distorted memories that were fixed to be outright horrifying. They fed on your fears and shoved them to you, like unwanted Christmas presents wrapped in pretty bows and ugly patterns. They evolved as you grew older and their persistent never stopped no matter how hard you tried to run, like a tail attached to you. When you blinked, eyelids closed and darkness flooding your vision, they’d come back. And even when you opened your eyes again, they were still there. They’re always there.

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greaser boy - part IV

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1.9k

A/N: I actually really like this part. It was cute and I had fun writing it. I’m trying to type these faster because the good parts are just about to get here. Also I think a lot of you are expecting angst and there will be a few. Again I am not sure how long this will be. If you want to be tagged, just ask

Part I Part II Part III

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You finished the final touches on your hair. Nike insisted on you wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a white shirt, peppered with holes and a black bomber jacket. You had honestly forgotten you even owned the jacket. It was stuffed in the back of your closet with the price tags still attached.

The clock read 6:55 PM.

You went into the bathroom and freshened up. After a quick glance at the mirror, you grabbed your phone and were on your way downstairs. At exactly 7:00 Bucky texted you.

Bucky: Here, doll

“Mom, Dad I’m going to a party!” You called.

The sound of clattering dishes, made you jump in surprise. Your Mother exited the kitchen. A small rag on her shoulder and a look of astonishment written all over her features.

“Honey!” She shouted. Your Father followed shortly after. “Y/N is going to a party.”

“Well, I’ll be damned!” He exclaimed.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so,” You added.

“Oh! No, stay out as long as you want! Have fun!” Your mother squealed with excitement. “But just remember to be back by no later than 12, okay?”

“Yes and don’t smoke cigarettes,” Your Father intervened.

You were eager to leave the house and end the small lecture you were being given. Once outside, you spotted Bucky. He was leaning against his car, the engine was roaring. You smiled and walked towards him. It wasn’t long before his own smirk crept onto his face.

“You look,” He paused as if searching for words. You blushed. “Beautiful.” You turned an even darker shade of red.

Bucky opened the car door for you, like a true gentleman. As if possible, you felt your face get hotter. What does this boy do to me? You thought. He slid into the driver’s seat and left the curb.

“Do you have any music?” You asked.

“Glove compartment. They’re CDs, I’m old fashioned,” He said.

You pulled out a handful of CDs and began searching for the one you liked or recognized. “Never mind,” You read aloud.

“Do you not like any of them?” He asked.

“Oh! No, I was just reading this Nirvana CD,” You quickly replied. The familiar cover of a CD made your heart nearly stop. You pulled out the disc and saw that it too had the sound wave design. Without hesitation, you placed it into the slit and familiar song began to play.

“I didn’t know you liked Arctic Monkeys,” He said over the music.

“I love them!” You smiled.

A hint of sadness settled over you when you realized that you had arrived at the destination. Nevertheless, the sadness turned to excitement quickly. Bucky parked a block away. He got out and opened the door for you. After thanking him, you and Bucky began to walk towards the house.

The deep bass was heard before you even entered the house. Plastic cups littered the front lawn. Bushes were ruined and flowers that were once perfectly planted were now plastered against the dirt. How the hell are Thor and Loki’s parents okay with this? You asked yourself.

“Sounds like they’re having fun,” Bucky noted. You noticed that he switched up from his usual leather jacket to a blue denim jacket. He ran his hand through his hair.


Your attention was drawn to your school’s mascot who was standing on the roof of the house. The student was waving an American flag and pumping his fist violently.

“What the hell?” Bucky laughed. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the open door. The music was even louder now that you were inside. People were dancing everywhere and anywhere. Others simply mingled around and spoke to one another and they watched the pandemonium unfold.

A plastic red cup was shoved into your hand. Bucky immediately chugged down the alcohol. You, however, took small sips. It was strong and burned your throat, but it was sweet at the same time. You made a sour face and Bucky laughed at your reaction.

“Here, let me help you with that,” He took the cup from your hand and finished it off for you.

The two of you plunged deeper into the house. Students were in the kitchen, on the sofa or sitting on the stairs. Some were in a heated make-out session while others were playing beer-pong. Sam and Thor were one of the players.

“Aha!” Thor bellowed loudly. “Take a drink, Samuel!”

Tony Stark was holding a conversation with a girl. She blushed deeply every time he smiled at her. You didn’t spot any of the others which surprised you since Thor was on their friends. Then again, Steve and Peggy didn’t seem the party type. Neither did Bruce, Natasha, Clint or the Maximoff twins.

Bucky’s hand never let go of yours. You understood why. This place was crowded and he could lose you instantly. A new song played. One you recognized and some people shouted in approval and began dancing once again.

Bucky led you to a secluded corner. You sat down, grateful to be away from all the commotion. You came to a conclusion: parties aren’t that great. Maybe it was because you weren’t feeling it.

“I shouldn’t have come,” you mumbled.

“Why is that?” Bucky asked.

“It’s clear that you want to have fun, maybe dance, meet a girl or two,” You replied.

“Y/N,” he tilted your chin up with his index finger. “Don’t say that. It’s just a party. One you didn’t want to come to in the first place. I shouldn’t have made that proposition with you.” He paused. “Besides, I only came here because I wanted to spend some more time with you, doll.”

He smiled at your shocked expression and stood up before stretching his hand out. “Let’s get out of here.”

He pulled you up and led you out and away from the noise. Once outside you realized.

“Hey, you’re not driving,” You said. “You just drank two cups of whatever they were serving.”

Bucky turned to you with an amused look on his face, “Do you really think I would drink and drive?” He shook his head. “We’re taking a walk. I could get to know you better. Sound good?”

You nodded and caught up with him. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his denim jacket as you walked side by side with him. You occasionally looked over at him and couldn’t help but admire his good looks. Bucky was very handsome. You fancied him a bit. He was kind and that surprised you.

“So what else have you heard about me?” He asked suddenly.

You sighed, “Lots of things actually. Rumors.”

“Tell me some of them,” He continued.

“Two kids in my class said that you were arrested twice. I heard that you would go through girls as if they were shoes. You’re a heart breaker and only use girls for sex. Some say that you beat up a guy outside of school because he was getting on your nerves,” You paused. “Should I keep going?” He nodded. “I also heard that you used to get into street races and that you robbed a liquor store once.”

“Do you believe that?” He asked. “That they’re true, I mean.”

He got in front of you and made you look at him in the eye. His blues eyes seemed to search your face for some kind of answer. You thought to yourself for a second, then finally answered his question.

“No, I don’t believe them. I don’t believe them and I won’t listen to them. No matter how many people tell me that you’re dangerous and that you’re a bad person. From what I’ve seen, you’re kind and I may be incorrect, but until you prove me wrong, I have a firm idea about you.”

Bucky’s warm hands made contact with your face. You sucked in a breath as he cradled your face gently. He seemed to get closer to you. His smell was intriguing and you felt spellbound. In a daze, as you looked into his ocean blues.

“Y/N, can I-can I kiss you?” He asked quietly, so quietly that it wouldn’t be heard if you weren’t this close to him. A knot formed in your stomach and swallowed before nodding. Bucky leaned in. You closed your eyes and waited for his lips to meet yours.  

A prolonged honk from a car made you quickly pull away before you could even savor what was about to happen.  A group of students was driving down the street, blasting music from the car speakers and unnecessarily blaring the car horn. They were shouting patriotically. Annoyance bubbled inside you.

You knew you weren’t able to remake that intimate moment. It just wouldn’t be the same. Once it’s ruined, it’s ruined. Bucky seemed to notice this and he sighed heavily and grumbled something under his breath.

“You’re right, they’re not all true,” He said.  "I never got arrested, only chased, but I managed to get away. I’ve only had about three girlfriends in the past. I didn’t beat up some guy because he was annoying, although it does sound like something I would do. I never robbed a liquor store and I actually did do street racing. For a while. My Ma, she struggled to put food on the table. Money was tight and I was tired of not being able to help.“

"Did she ever find out?” You asked.

He chuckled and nodded, “She did. She was pissed, but that didn’t stop me. I was able to pull us out of our own Great Depression. Brought in a grand a day, I did pretty well. Then we left Brooklyn and now I’m here.”

You had a long conversation with Bucky for about an hour. After you were sure that he was sober enough to drive, he led you back to his car. You had wandered pretty far off and you found yourself in what seemed to be the woods.

“You cold, doll?” Bucky asked.

You shook your head, “Surprisingly, no.”

He opened the car door for you and thanked him as you got in. It was a short drive back to your house. Silence surrounded the both of you. The only noise was Arctic Monkey’s AM album playing from the car speakers.

It had only been about two hours since you left your house. Bucky was a fun person to be around. He could uphold an easy conversation and was a good listener. You found yourself wanting to spill your thoughts and secrets to him and that scared you. It scared you that you trusted him so much in such a short span of time. You were a closed off person, then suddenly here comes Bucky. You had only met him for two days and you already had faith in him.

“So I’ll see you, Monday?” He asked.

“I’m pretty sure, yeah,” You smiled as you walked up to your house door, Bucky following close behind. You turned around and were taken aback at how close he was. He pressed a soft kiss against your temple. It was cool out, but you felt yourself get hot.

“Goodnight, doll,” He smiled sweetly and began making his way back to his car. “Sweet dreams.”

In a daze, you walked into your house and closed the door behind you. With your back pressed against the mahogany door, you slid down and ran your fingers down your cheeks. Where his hand touched your skin earlier that night. Oh, my god. Bucky Barnes was something else.

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i hope you face the worst possible death tonight. i hope you get fucking skinned, very slowly, whilst a hot iron melts the skin back onto you, just to peel it off again. i hope someone breaks into your house and shits in your fucking mouth. i hope someone breaks in and murders you so brutally that they can't even identify the body. learn to respect other people or expect zero respect from others.

WTF like

Trans activists hate women so much, they want us to die because we won’t convert to their religion of gender worship

I guess now we know how religions got so violent. Men are so hell bent on proving their delusions that they’ll resort to violence

why poi? 

i’d heard there were artificial intelligences and lesbians and cyberpunk aesthetics and yea it had all of that (!!!!)

but everyone failed to mention how much fucking fun this show has existing in a hyper violent new york city where people don’t have bones (warning: car crash / car crashing)