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Me singing Monster by EXO

She got me going crazy *incoherent mumbling* GODDESS! *incoherent mumbling* Yeah, yeah! *incoherent mumbling* Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling* she got me going crazy! oh yeah she got me! *still mumbling* oh yeah, oh yeah she got me! *mumbling some more* THAT’S RIGHT MY TYPE!  Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 2* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling while pretending to be over dramatic* I’M SORRY YOU MAKE ME SO CRAZY! YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!! *incoherent mumbling while pretending I can actually rap this part* I’m untouchable man! *literally I’m just spewing gibberish at this point other than the ‘Who!’ and 'How we do’ bits* YOU CAN CALL ME MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! I’m creeping in your heart babe! *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 3* Come here girl! YOU CALL ME MONSTER! *being overly serious pretending I can do Chen’s harmony here* creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, you, oh whoa, creeping! *invisible mic drop*

my entire life i was told that boys are violent but girls are worse because we’re “catty.” i was told that a catty girl was my enemy, that they used whip tongues in place of fists to start things i couldn’t erase of out my skin. i saw this cattiness wherever i was told it would live. it was in pretty girls with nice lipstick and it was in the girls who studied too much to ever come to the parties and it was in my own group of friends. when i came home crying about something, i was often reminded that girls are catty bitches and if we were boys we’d just punch each other and be done with it. 

but it was boys who first started making fun of how i looked, of what mess my face was like, of the fat on my thighs. and it was girls who showed me how to apply makeup, patiently waiting with me in the bathroom mirror to show how not to cry while i applied it to the waterline. they agreed to go on diets with me even when they hated salad. they agreed to scoop buckets of ice cream into our bellies at midnight when i was upset about something minor.

it was boys who were snippy about my grades, it was a man who first said that because i was a girl i was bad at math and i’d stay that way. it was boys who started making fun of the one time i got a 34 on a math test when my mother had been in the hospital the night before. it was girls who held my hand during this, who stayed with me through hours of library studies, who explained over and over in gel pens and pretty handwriting exactly what i was missing. it was girls who taught me to color-code and to highlight and how to stay up all night, it was girls who cheered with me when i got nothing lower than a B. 

it was a boy who taught my friend that she could talk down to me like i was trash. it was a boy who started drama between us. it was a boy who wouldn’t listen or talk it out or find a solution. he’d say angry hurtful things and expect us to listen. it was girls who fixed me after this. they taught me how to make good and positive friends. how to stay away from the girls who really are toxic ones. how to be proud of others and not competitive. how to give genuine compliments, how to accept them, how to be comfortable with who i am and what has happened.

i was told all my life that there was a “type” of girl to avoid. she was probably wearing ugg boots and shorts or drinking a latte or picking out lush products or doing literally anything that girls like to do for themselves, she was catty. girls are catty. when they fight, it’s a catfight. (we were many animals besides this. vixen. pig. fox. bitch. cow. mother hen. whale. but always, for some reason: feline and both sex kitten and dangerous weapon).

girls, i find, are defensive. we wear our hands up, waiting for the hit. girls who are sick of getting hit get “bitchy.” they are fierce, they take what they want, they’ll mess you up for saying the wrong thing about their friend. and girls, who are unwilling to simply take insults without lashing back with something: they’re catty. and when boys bully others and spread nasty gossip and start drama: well, they’re just boys. they’ll fight it out, or something. 

how much i regret believing that girls weren’t my safety net. how many friends i was scared to make because i was intimated by them. so many loving people. out of fear of what? of a tongue someone else has tattooed on them? 


      10 films that define my “aesthetic”

  1.  A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night dir. Ana Lily Amirpour
  2.  Taxi Driver dir. Martin Scorcese
  3. Drive dir. Nicholas Winding Refn
  4.  Midnight In Paris dir. Woody Allen
  5.  The Place Beyond The Pines dir. Derek Cianfrance
  6.  Mommy dir. Xavier Nolan
  7.  Palo Alto dir. Gia Coppola
  8.  Inside Llewyn Davis dir. Joel and Ethan Coen
  9.  A Most Violent Year dir. J.C. Chandor
  10.  American Beauty dir. Sam Mendes

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The levels of manipulation and paternalism present in Garbage Human’s latest article is sickening. These are the words used to describe Louis and his actions on the video:

  • “Ugly”
  • “Violent”
  • “Young girls”
  • “Madness”
  • “Emotionally volatile”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they go on to imply Louis can’t help himself and must be held accountable for his actions by a bunch of random men: Simon Cowell, Simon Jones and Garbage Human Dan Wootton. That they aren’t writing disgusting articles, but are just trying to come to the aid of an emotionally stunted idiot who can’t help himself. 

“I actually feel desperately sorry for him.”

The message in this is frightening and couldn’t be more clear. Louis is to be pitied for his lack of self control. Louis can’t make his own decisions. Louis needs a team to support him, and this team, the current trash team allowing these articles to be published, are the ones with his best interests at heart.

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In 1st grade, a girl punched me in the stomach.
In 2nd grade, a girl pushed me and I hit my head on a metal bar.
In 3rd grade, a girl hit me and gave me a five star.
In 4th grade, two girls started beating me up because I disagreed with them.
In 5th grade, I saw a girl pick up a boy half her size and throw him onto the concrete.
In 6th grade, another girl punched me in the stomach.
In 7th grade, a girl pushed me to the ground.
In 9th grade, I saw a girl slap a boy across the face and call him a fag.
In 10th grade, I saw a girl push another girl into a wall.
But only boys can be violent, right?

Happy New Years Everyone!!! Finally introducing Mercedes… :)

Mercedes, a rich socialite from Hong Kong, is quiet and reserved. She acts cold and distant to those she does not know and closely guards her emotions. Her golden weapon is a throwing dagger of which she can manifest up to seven. ‘Bruised Plum’ by Tom Ford is her lipstick of choice. Mercedes and Eden are childhood friends, but their relationship is more complex than they know.

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So I just wanna help y'all understand something about southern stereotypes:

  • Southern gentlemen are kind, courteous, and protective of women and children. They are often Christian and proud of their southern heritage. Men referred to as southern gentlemen often have more refined etiquette.
  • Rednecks are basically southern gentlemen without the refined etiquette. They take pride in industry, which is why their yards are often reminiscent of salvage yards-they plan on using most of the things there and are just waiting for the time to complete their projects. They do like to hunt, but they are respectful in doing so. They are hardworking people.
  • White trash have none of the characteristics of southern gentlemen. They are arrogant, belligerent, and like to cheat the system. Their yards look like junkyards-they have no intention of doing anything with any of that stuff, they just couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. They hunt out of season, teach their kids racism and abusive tendencies, and do their best to avoid work. These are the people who you see collecting welfare checks and never working.
  • Hillbillies are just rural folks from the hills or mountains who don’t interact much with society. They may have any mixture of good or bad traits.
  • Hicks are rural folks who are regarded as unintelligent.
  • Country boys/girls are raised in the South, usually outside cities, and while they vary in their manners, beliefs, and such, they are generally accustomed to hard labor.

So basically most southern stereotypes have been morphed and merged in the eyes of people from elsewhere.

When it comes to country girls y'all have taken the idea of a young woman who has been raised on a farm, works hard, and is proud of her efforts and roots and tried your best to replace it with the image of a city girl who wishes that she were living in the country because she thinks that marrying a country boy sounds romantic.

Also, although most of y'all think that everyone in the South is horribly racist, know this: those of us who are truly proud of southern culture are proud of everything from the Mexican and African to the French and German cultures that have come together to create our culture.

And it’s frankly offensive that y'all merge the ideas of rednecks and white trash when you think of the South, because while rednecks are pretty uncommon as you go North, white trash are in no short supply anywhere around the world.