violent a

(Submitted by @jayordragon)

concept for the host’s (official) introduction video:

him with his white cane in a book store, feeling the spines of the books. and muttering under his breath

cut to someone screaming in pain as they’re beaten by an unseen assailant.

back to the book store, he holds his hand out seconds before another, unseen patron knocks a book off the shelf.

the assailant slams a bat on the person, and they cry out in pain.

the host hands the book to the patron, who smiles gratefully. “thank you…. do you need help finding anything? I don’t work here but you look a bit…. erm…….”

the assailant stabs the person’s eyes.

“the host likes feeling the books. their stories are very interesting.” “do you have someone read them to you, or….?”

the assailant swings the bat again.

“the host can read just fine on his own.”

the person begs for release.

“alright…. have a good day.”

the person is still, lifeless. the camera pans up to the host, who pants heavily as he leans on his bat.

back at the book store, the host watches the person walk away. the camera pans up, it’s the same person he beat to death. “the person feels a sudden urge to go for a walk in the forest, where he will find a lonely cabin….”

((in case you couldn’t tell, the host narrates the person into going to his cabin. the scenes with the attack are in the future))

A friendly reminder that TERFs are monsters and aren’t valid in any way at all, and do not deserve love or comfort or happiness or joy. They deserve nothing but to be ostrasized by their friends and family and hated by all.

I know this shit is old as fuck but I’m gonna write it anyway. So, I just logged onto tumblr and saw that Johnny Depp was trending and decided to write this to get it off my chest.

So, y'all remember the incident where Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence in 2016. She had a video of him slamming cabinets and throwing shit around, obviously angry as fuck, witnesses and pictures of her face after Depp hit her. They are divorced now. And let me tell you, it still baffles me how quick people are to forget. Not only that, but people still shame her, because she settled for an agreement where she received money from Depp instead of suing him. And you know why she did that? Because he fucking admitted to hitting her. So you got multiple evidence supporting her claim as well as a statement from the abuser who confirms it true. And y'all still defending his sorry ass.

What are they defending him with? Well, I’ve read multiple posts and comments online saying that she’s allegedly a “psycho” and an abuser as well. Oh and that she provoked him on purpose so she could collect his money. that doesn’t excuse shit.

You. Don’t. Hit. People.

I don’t know if the whole “she beat up her ex-girlfriend” is true or not. But if it is, than damn she just as a fucked up person as Depp it. Still doesn’t excuse his actions.
Even if she cheated, even if he found her in bed with someone else you don’t get to beat your fucking wife up. The fact that she took his money doesn’t change the fact that he raised his fist. If you’re in a relationship with someone who makes you so fucking angry that you get the urge to hit them or throw bottles across the room you either break up and/or walk the fuck away. (Unless she attacked him too and it was in self defense.)

I don’t care for your gender or sexual preference or status. When you abuse your significant other in a relationship by throwing things around and scaring them, by beating or mentally abusing them, the result is the same.


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)