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Which Dyke To Watch Out For Are You?
Do you prefer chicken nuggets or burdock loaf? Hemp skirts or leather jackets? Take this quiz and find out which of these plucky lesbians is most like you.
By gaylordarchival

You are Ginger. You hate emotional vulnerability and doing your homework. You love dogs, basketball, and Audre Lorde. You are full of good ideas, but not so good at following through with them. Get off the internet and get back to work!

why was i………targeted


“When a person is totally absorbed in a fantasy, he dissociates things going on around him.  Anger and emptiness become the energy and motivating forces behind the fantasy.  While in the fantasy, the person experiences a sense of excitement and relief.  However, when it is over, there is still a feeling of emptiness because the fantasy has whetted an appetite for the real thing, which he anticipates will be even more enjoyable than the fantasy.  Thus, through fantasy, the person creates a make-believe world wherein he can accomplish what he can’t do in reality.  Over time, the person may turn to this pseudo-existence with increasing rapidity when he feels stress, depression, or emptiness.  This leads to a bifurcated cognitive identity, one being that associated with reality and the people he associates with every day (Carl Jung’s Persona) and the other the secret identity which is able to manifest the power and control he would like over others (Carl Jung’s Shadow).  If the person is angry and bitter, this alter identity often becomes an image of destruction.  The major problem is that heavy fantasy is inexorably linked to the process of dissociation and compartmentalization.

As the person shifts backs and forth between the two identities in his attempt to meet his various needs, they both become an equal part of him, the opposing force being suppressed when he is attempting to have his needs met through the one.  Over time, the dark side (representing the identity or entity the person has created to satisfy his deepest hunger) becomes stronger than the “good” side, and the person begins to experience being possessed, or controlled, by the dark side of him.  This is partly because the dark side is the part anticipated to meet the person’s strongest needs, and partly because the good side is the part that experiences the guilt over the “evil” thoughts, and therefore out of necessity is routinely suppressed.  Thus, the monster is created.” 

–Al Carlisle describing the internal process that creates a serial killer, Violent Mind