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So I have a question! It may be stupid but I had a debate with an associate about that same subject earlier. What do you think about lesbians who make jokes about "lol try out women, men suck" to women who are straight? I said it's not oppressive in anyway and is just a joke but my associate argued it's rude bc it falls in line with the "u don't know until you try" guys use on lesbians. Like it's assuming that a person doesn't know their sexuality and that shouldn't b joked about. Thoughts?

your associate is so so wrong… a lesbian making a harmless joke about how men suck and girls are better is NOTHING compared to the violence men enact on lesbians (and other wlw), the comparison is disgusting. they may think it’s “rude” (i don’t really care, those jokes hurt no one lol) but men telling us we don’t know what we really want is literally life threatening so

im never aware of how inappropriate my facial expressions are until im discussing horrible shit with someone & they ask ‘why are you smiling?’ like ive committed actual murder