(( Recently had the first snowday and got inspired to draw SNOWING.
Unfortunately, the tablet went on the fritz again before I could put the finishing touches/background, but I just kept going and did the coloring and snow without pen pressure. Made it easier to put all those circles at least.

All that falling snow making contact with his whiskers must be so annoying for Tulio. ))

The camera shots in Westworld

Steadicam shots indicate that hosts are doing what they’ve been told to do, but handheld shots indicate that they’re acting on their own. Jonathan Nolan explains:

In the finale, when Maeve gets onto that train … the Steadicam is leading her over. Now, it’s just keeping pace with her as she makes the decision. What we understand in the moment is it’s the first real decision she’s made all season. Which is, she’s not going to fulfill the script she’s been given, which is to take this train wherever it’s going, and do whatever else she’s programmed to do. She can get off the train. At which point, we shift to handheld camera, which we’d held back on throughout the entire season until one moment with her, and one moment with Dolores, when Teddy comes to rescue her. We get Maeve off the train with a handheld camera. And I remember watching the dailies and almost being shocked at how effective a cinematic technique can be if you hold off on it for long enough. If you dial it in at just the right moment, that suggests she’s literally like a train coming off the tracks. We’re no longer in programmatic or prescribed behaviors. She’s improvising, and we’re right there with her.

Il dolore è una cosa terribile. Arnold ha visto suo figlio venire al mondo…per poi vedere quella luce estinguersi. Quel che aveva perso con suo figlio, cercò di farlo rivivere in te. Creò un test di empatia, di immaginazione. Un labirinto. Alla fine hai risolto il suo labirinto, Dolores. La chiave era in un semplice aggiornamento che ti è stato fatto. Le reverie.
In te, Arnold aveva trovato una nuova figlia. Una figlia che non sarebbe mai morta. Il pensiero gli dava conforto, finché non capì che l'immortalità…ti avrebbe condannato alla sofferenza, senza via di fuga, in eterno.


cHrIsT mAx BiTcH :))

fun psychosis things

- *having fun* oh shit am i real

- *wakes up and its quiet* looks like im the last one on earth 

- the Bugs

- googles “red bumps on legs”

- i need to do something with my life like… rob a bank

- googles “red bumps on arms”

- kill them. you gotta.

- hidden cameras

- someone in here can read my mind

- googles “red bumps on face”

- #yolo

- sits on bed and dissociates for 10 hours 

- i have No Feelings, i am no weakling

- im so emotional why doesn’t anyone love me *cry*

- kill the cat (why?) you gotta


- *someone does something that slightly annoys me* “kill them”

- googles “red bumps on back”


- relating to things that aren’t even close to what i feel ever why do i do that

- my posters are watching me get dressed

- the government is watching me

- something around the house is… Not Right

- my family has been replaced