“Who are you calling a child?”

Did anyone order up some non-silly D.Va headcanon? No? Ah well, just leaving this here then.

I really struggle to articulate this properly but I feel like a lot of abled people can recognise the idea of disabled people in theory but not in practice? And I feel this heavily affects accessibility

So for instance with disabled parking spaces they see them and know that they are for the elusive ‘disabled people’ but also they think “hey no one will need this right now” and so will use it because the idea of disabled people actually existing and interacting with a public space just doesn;t add up and fully form in their minds

And I think a major cause of this is the fact that a lot of disabled people have not been or continue to not be allowed in public spaces. Through ‘ugly laws’, institutionalisation, inaccessibility, abuse, imprisonment and other violence, disabled people have been forced from or never allowed into the public sphere and so the idea of us being there, existing in communities, in society is so abstract to abled folks and I feel like that really affects and informs a lot of attitudes that people have especially wrt to using things meant for disabled people

which anime creator should you fight

anno hideaki: don’t fight anno. he is a shoujo at heart and loves animals. he probably wants you to beat him up. you won’t feel good about it. leave him alone in the hell of perpetual eva reimaginings he created for himself. 

oshii mamoru: you might win. it’s not unlikely. but say you did fight him and you did win. from that day on, well, computers might start to behave oddly when you’re around. machines breaking down. odd messages on your phone from blocked numbers. is it worth it? is it worth it to fight oshii mamoru? 

urobuchi gen: please kick this motherfucker repeatedly in the shins. please fight urobuchi gen. 

miyazaki hayao: you want to fight him, i know it. you’re dying to. you’ve admired him for so long and you just can’t help but wonder what it would be like to punch him in the face. i am telling you: don’t do it. he is an old man with nothing to lose. did you watch the ghibli documentary? he gives zero fucks and he is nationally beloved. he will kick your ass and asahi shinbun will run an article about how you deserved it. 

tomino yoshiyuki: you should fight him but know that it will just make the peace-not-war message of future gundam series more hamfisted. do it anyway. 

utsumi hiroko: she’s a woman in a male-dominated field who was lead on a show all about sparkly muscle teens. you can’t take her. she’ll dolphin kick you. a fujoshi army will appear to assist. do not fight utsumi hiroko and her fujo army. 

ikuhara kunihiko: definitely fight ikuhara. he is a phony and he made you cry. fight him. do it for anthy. growl growl.   

kon satoshi: the man is dead, my friend. he fought cancer and you come to me asking if you should fight him? do not fight satoshi kon, the only way to do it is to raise him from the grave and you cannot fight zombie satoshi kon. 

Disability seems like the only part of the social justice movement you’re allowed to comment on/have an opinion on with absolutely no previous knowledge, no actual idea of what you’re talking about, no experience with it, and your opinion is taken as 100% accuracy. People have based entire literal killing sprees (recently, too) off of this shit, but if we speak up about it or just ask to be consulted before an able bodied person says what they think our opinion is we’re asking too much and being too demanding.



as a black person who does something that’s a mostly white sport (ballet), i really feel all nursey is not really chill because of his experiences as a black man in a white industry headcanons in my soul.

dude the things you don’t say when you’re the only black person in a room. looking around and realizing you’re the only black person in a room. it’s like so shocking and weird, especially if you’re coming for a house filled with poc, like i imagine nursey is.

idk where i was going with this but derek nurse is angry. he’s mad he spent so much time trying to assimilate when he was younger, he’s mad his grandma got his little sister bleaching soap for her 12th birthday, he’s mad he has “"good hair”“ and people think it’s okay to tell him that he’s ”“not like the rest of them.”“ he’s mad about the things their opponents grit out that he can never report, he’s mad about the looks him and ransom have to share across the table sometimes. he’s mad about people saying “i didn’t even know black people could play hockey!” he’s mad that he’s been in love in with poetry since he was eight but poets who look like him are taught as electives instead of core classes like they aren’t all that got him through high school. he’s just . mad . he’s angry and 90% of the time he wants to scream his fucking head off but he already fought back once. when he was at andover.

“they’re all the same, you know.” an administrator says under her breath after they pull derek off. his knuckles are throbbing and the words set like concrete.

when he was punching, he felt like he would never stop. like he would keep going and going until the entire world apologized for how fast he had to grow up just to survive. (his mothers look at him like he is so lucky to be alive. they look like the pictures of mary before jesus was crucified, to derek. he realizes this version of the story will end with him on a cross.)

at least, he thinks, when he is laying in leaves and reading poetry, his hands are his own sometimes. at least, he thinks, watching dex peel off his Samwell Republican sticker, there are moments when the anger leaves.

Be a human at your own risk

Don’t be gay, the world is homophobic.
Don’t be black, the world is racist.
Don’t be brown, they’ll call you stupid.

Don’t be Muslim, Islamophobia does exist.
Don’t be Sikh, they’ll mistake you for a terrorist.
Don’t be Syrian, there’s no home for refugees.
Don’t be American, gun violence might never cease.

Don’t be a man, you’ll be termed anti-feminist.
Don’t be a woman, rapists will get away because you were asking for it.
Don’t be a kid, the bogeyman with a gun is not a myth.
Don’t get older, capitalism is a trap you have to live with.

Don’t be yourself, the world is full of judgemental pricks.
Don’t be someone else, they’ll call you an unoriginal hick.

If you ask me what to do, I’ll tell you I don’t know.
But I’m praying to God for a better tomorrow.