violence of men

Mutsuki’s behavior

I’d like to talk about Mutsuki reaction in this chapter.

Let’s start with His childhood. I don’t know if it’s because of the way his father treated him or if it was since the beginning but Mutsuki never really feel like a woman, he was already uneasy about his gender when he was a kid. He was also the victim of physical abuse by his father, but not only physical it’s obvious that Mutsuki has been raped. An action that was described as « show me your love ». It is HORRIBLE.

Then when Mutsuki get out of this hell (by murdering his family) and found some peace at the CCG’s academic, he was bullied by the other kids, and so his bad behavior stayed.

Mutsuki always has had hard time with men, violence and abuse. It was a sort of hurting relation, you hurt me so I hurt you. You take from me, I take it back. In order to save him, his own brain erased those memories, like Kaneki when Arima said that everyone in anteiku was dead. That’s why he knew nothing about his family murder. It’s because his brain has shut those memories down.

I don’t think that we can blame those other kids. Because from their point of view Mutsuki was horrible and disgusting (there it is, Ishida’s wonderful writing). Will you become friend with someone that murder cats and is suspected to have murdered his family ? Not me tho, but those kids didn’t knew Mutsuki’s past and they have their own buisness to take care, welp nevermind…

When Mutsuki got nominated as a Quinx, Haise happen to be his superior and they all lived under the same roof. Haise has been the first man to accept Mutsuki and to take care of him but more important Haise is litteraly a flower in the garden of The Grim reaper itself !

And all of sudden a sweet boy like Haise comes in and start taking care of you like his own child, and give again and again without asking anything in return expect respect and mutual understanding. I’m sure that thanks to Haise sweet behavior, Mutsuki stopped feeling the need to hurt others back, and was finally able to get some peace of mind. And then Mutsuki slowly began to Fall in love for him (who wouldn’t ?!)

But due to circumstances, Kaneki has return and Haise is no more (I’m still crying over Haise T-T). Kaneki ask to be discharged of the quinx and start his own investigation about Takatsuki and Aogiri. He leaves the quinx, leaves Mutsuki. Which probably hurt him more than we can think.

And happen Torso’s kidnapping, and abuse. He had to act like a girl, to be forcefully nice and gentle to him. Which led Mutsuki to remember his past, to remember everything that he loathed, to remember this twisted relation with men. And so Mutsuki’s bad behavior comes back. I kind of see that the loss of Haise hurt him so hard that he couldn’t help but to hurt others. Passing the pain can help.

And now, after all this time, after all of those repressed feelings and emotions, Haise reappeared in front of Mutsuki. Can you imagine the fucking stab in the chest ?!! Seeing your dear loved one in front of you after he completly vanished ? Mutsuki’s brain probably stop fonctionning correctly right there. And the heart and feelings overcome the mind.

Being able to touch and be with the one he carved attention from led Mutsuki to act the way he did. He referred to himself as a « female » and during all his life as a female he was manhandled and abuse. Remember his father’s « show me how much I’m the best dad ? », welp, it came back. And since Mutsuki always been told that a woman and a male have no choice but to love each other.

Here’s Torso’s reaction when Mutsuki rejected his compliments

Mutsuki probably feels the need to show his love to Haise that way. But All he knew was litteraly violence which explain the stab in the throat and « sexual affection » (I really dislike this term but it’s the truth). This all he can do now because he doesn’t know how to deal with his feeling any other way, because he’s hurt really deep inside him. The trauma from his past is still present. Please consider this.

               This is just my thought, you have the right to not be in accord with me, and to discuss over it ! I’d just like to show that Mutsuki is not a horrible kid who’s hurting people for pleasure. There is a real trauma behind it and a reason. I’m not saying his right, I’m saying that he can’t know how to do right if all he’s experienced is wrong. Mutsuki needs someone to guide him and to be there for him. I’m thinking about Urie right now, sadly Urie’s love will never get return (at least I don’t think so).

Thank you for reading so far, I hope that I wasn’t to boring aha ! I’m still new to this so I might be unclear sometimes sorry.

Nice, respectable men who will always treat me like an angel and never, ever be physically violent and aggressive towards me? No thanks. Punch me in the fucking face and then tell me I deserved it.

In patriarchal culture men are not allowed to simply be who they are and glory in their unique identity. Their value is always determined by what they do. In an anti-patriarchal culture males do not have to prove their value and worth. They know from birth that simply being gives them value, the right to be cherished and loved.
—  Bell Hooks, The Will to Change: Men and Masculinity

Things I am scared of:

1) White men on campuses
2) White men in movie theaters
3) White men in grocery stores
4) White men in cars
5) Any color of man who gets within 50 feet of me when I’m walking home

Things I am not scared of:

1) Muslims on planes
2) Black children
3) Refugees
4) People with mental illnesses

Why do people always say that women are getting killed more, and are more subjected to violence?

78% of homicide victims men.
Double the reported suicides
Higher chance of being a victim of a violent crime.
No abuse center for them.
Less mental health care

Yeah but women are the ones that face violence everyday.

It is more difficult for men to do the work of emotional development because this work requires individuals to be emotionally aware—to feel. Patriarchy rewards men for being out of touch with their feelings. Whether engaged in acts of violence against women and children or weaker men, or in the socially sanctioned violence of war, men are better able to fulfill the demands of patriarchy if they do not feel. Men of feeling often find themselves isolated from other men. This fear of isolation often acts as the mechanism to prevent males from becoming more emotionally aware.
—  bell hooks, The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (2004)
Female Super Heroes/Villains Must Not Be Treated Violently

Fox is in trouble with feminists for promoting the below picture on a billboard.

Feminist website The Mary Sue criticized the image saying, “This poster reinforces a narrative that commandeers and reduces women into a position of helplessness through violence.”

I can’t stop laughing.

Feminists demand more females superheroes, but likewise demand they not be put into violent positions. This is like saying “I want to have my cake and eat it too.”

Feminists should just be honest. “We hate comic books and don’t understand them in the least, but guys like them so we have to pretend we like them too to prove ‘gender’ is just a myth and we’re no different than guys other than our constant stream of #feministtears and chronic low self-esteem, but for us to be happy it will entail all female casts who never get hurt or harmed by males in any way, which might be boring, but we’re feminists and we want what we want and won’t stop whining till we get it.”

FYI to feminists: Getting strangled is a part of day-to-day life in the big bad world of comic books. If you can’t take the heat get your asses back in the romance section.

Thor Strangles Tony Stark

Thanos Strangles The Hulk

Venom Strangles Spiderman

Captain America Strangles Himself

Shit mysognistic men do/say

  • I’m a nice guy
  • Well what did she expect, I’m a man
  • /slurs when talking about women/addressing women
  • /on anything that fails to focus on men/ what about men?
  • stop generalizing men!
  • /endless generalizations of women along with systematic actions to punish them for everything they are perceived to be/
  • so it’s okay when women do it and not when I do it???
  • /keeps doing it anyway and advocates against women doing the same thing/
  • if a man said this about a woman it would be sexist!!!!
  • /keeps saying it constantly and still argues that women have no right to speak that way back/
  • women aren’t oppressed!!!! /together with slurs and justifications for systematic oppression of women, and denial of the same oppression
  • /complete denial of how much violence men use to keep women intimidated, terrified and obedient
  • but men have problems too! 
  • /blames women for problems men caused to themselves
  • you’re just saying this because you hate men!!! 
  • /continuous accusations and assumptions of every word a woman says in order to divert from the point she’s making
  • women want to oppress men!!!!
  • /revealing the skillfully hidden fear of women being in position where they could treat men as bad as men treat women
  • /on anything that points out a thing a man did/ not all men!!!!
  • women abuse men too! (translation: why would you want to talk about men abusing women if there is few abusive women somewhere!! we need to focus only on bad things women do, as we did for thousands of years and put everything bad men do under the carpet and keep it buried!!!)
In patriarchal culture women are as violent as men towards the groups that they have power over and can dominate freely; usually that group is children or weaker females. Like its male counterpart, much female violence towards children takes the form of emotional abuse, especially verbal abuse and shaming, hence it is difficult to document. Maternal sadism must be studied, however, if we are to understand the roots of adult male violence towards women. To some extent the reformist feminist thinkers who have focused on women as the more ethical, kinder, gentler sex have stood in the way of an in-depth study of maternal sadism, of the ways women in patriarchal society act out violently with boys.
—  bell hooks, The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love (2004)

i have such a THING for
perfect pairs
couples that just can’t live
without each other
or those where you think of one
and the other comes with it
naturally trailing
like they are joined at the hip

and sunshine

and the low, thick, heaviness of thunder

bruised knuckles
and wounded pride

your hands
and my neck

—  (the words “i love you” and the words “i’m so sorry”) m.s.