violence of men

Please do not ignor the facts!

Everyone needs to educate themselves. Google; Domestic Violence on both men and women.  Abuse should NEVER be ignored or tolerated. 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 4 men have experienced some sort of physical violence/abuse in a relationship, statistical fact. Women hide it, can you imagine how men feel about sharing. Times may be changing…abuse is still one of those secrets no one likes to talk about. If M thinks it’s ok to kick Darren with combat boots in front of a crowd, what does she do when there isn’t a crowd. Thank goodness they don’t live together. Relationship goals! The ‘bury your head in the sand’ mentality of people is what causes abuse to continue. Those who make excuses for abusive behavior perpetuate the problem. There is no excuse. In any other form it is called assault. People open your eyes, not just because of Darren, but any man, women, child or animal. Stop making light of it. Stop the abuse. Educate yourself.   


Thank you anon.  Nothing to add except please open your eyes.   

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Terfs do not kill. The violence against trans women is done at the hands of men. This is male violence. And these males are not influenced by radical feminism? Like wtf? How can you be so misogynistic that you blame women for men's misdeeds? The entire point of radical feminism is addressing the way women are oppressed on the axis of biology. Why are terfs more dangerous than violent men?

women perpetuate just as much violence against trans women as men do. if u dont think terfs and their ideology harm trans women then you and i arent seeing the same thing

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Men’s loyalty to violence is disturbing. When women want a life free of abuse, assault, threat, and coercion, men’s first suggestion is “learn to fight back. learn to defend yourself.”  I don’t want my life to be a fight. I don’t want to “prove myself” through inflicting pain and fear. I don’t find violence and physical conflict fulfilling or self-actualizing. It’s exhausting and dehumanizing.

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lmao muslim women only wear hijab because koran says that women body is dirty and you can only show your body to your father or man. koran control women. i'm happy that i'm human who independently and made independently decisions. not follow some misogyny book writen by man god who thinks men are better than women. religons are shit. believe in yourself not in some god man.

first of all, thank you for hiding behind the anonymous icon and judging me for a small piece of cloth i put on my head, it just proves how ignorant you are <3 

now let me tell you a few things about the quran (yes, quran not Koran),  all too often, people read the quran selectively, taking phrases out of context,  use it for whatever point they want to make and i think you’re one of those people. unlike what you believe, islam is not a religion where women sit and take orders, actually I do not know of another religious tradition in which women were so central, so present, so active in its formative history, from the first years of islam women scholars taught judges and imams, issued fatwas, and traveled to distant cities. Some made lecture tours across the Middle East. the real question here is “Are Men and Women Equal Before Allah?” and any person with a brain, who read the quran knows that the answere to this question is YES  just one example is the verse 4:43 from sourat a’nissa’ ( the women), it starts by saying men and women are created “from one soul.” So the Koran starts from the assumption of absolute equality in creation.

“what do you think about all violent thing in writen in koran? murder, rape, violence, about men controlling everything women do? “ wow what kind of quran did you read??? bc the quran i read wasn’t like this, it was quite the opposit actually, the principle reason of fighting in Islam is self-defensive  “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid…If God did not defend one set of people by means of another, then monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of God is commemorated in abundant measure, would surely have been destroyed…” (22:39-40)

Further, Muslims are commanded not to be aggressive: “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors” (2:190) In addition, when the enemy inclines toward peace, Muslims are commanded to cease hostilities: “But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace” (8:61). The guiding principle of Islam with respect to non-Muslims is one of tolerance and mutual respect, plain and simple: “God does not forbid you from dealing kindly and justly with those who do not fight you for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes: for God loveth those who are just.” (60:8)
now let’s talk about hijab. Muslim society prizes female modesty.  Hijab frees women from being thought of as sexual objects of desire or from being valued for their looks, or body shape rather then their minds and intellect.  No longer slaves to consumerism, hijab liberates women from the need to conform to unrealistic stereotypes and images dictated by the media.  Women wearing hijab have expressed that dressing modestly and covering their hair, minimises sexual harassment in the workplace. The aura of privacy created by hijab is indicative of the great value Islam places upon women. Hijab can be a symbol of piety and it can be a sign of great inner strength and fortitude.  A woman wearing hijab becomes a very visible sign of Islam that’s why,  in the last 30 years hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness.  Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.

whew that was long, sorry if i made many mistakes english isn’t my first language (not even 2nd), thank you.

problems with men:

too emotional - converts every emotion to rage and apathy

can’t handle rejection

resorts to violence and psychological abuse even in the most normal situations

considers his ego more important than human lives

unable to see from any other perspective than his own

considers himself an authority on every issue he stumbles on

considers himself authority on issues of groups he doesn’t belong to and knows nothing about their experiences

incapable of empathy

incapable of listening

demands insane amounts of emotional labor and catering

gives nothing in return/is not capable of returning any of it

is a general pain in the ass

gives himself the righ to act as an iresponsible child for entire existence , expects others to respect and regard him as an adult, demands rights of adult

abuses all and any power he has, uses all resources he can hold down as a threat and blackmail, plays power games, uses any chance to humiliate and put down anyone he can to assure himself of his power

is somehow blind to every bit of damage he creates

will throw a tantrum/resort to violence/blame victims/accuse and attack victims when being called out on anything, ever

will fight for his right to keep damaging and destroying other people’s lives

doesn’t see women as people

no guilt, shame or self conscience about his beliefs, actions or consequential damage to others

projects his behaviour on victims and finds ways to make victims responsible for his actions

“women are responsible for men not seeing them as human due to clothes and makeup they wear” = “women better do something abt my conviction they’re in fact objects i can violate or i will proceed to violate them and its their fault (not that anything they do would actually stop me from violating them)”

bad for women

high rates of rape, domestic abuse, manipulation, murder, violence, emotional and psychological abuse

bad for environment

bad for economy

bad for humanity in general

starts wars and kills people women created

makes himself look like the victim somehow all over again

thinks destroying everything and causing huge amounts of damage makes him god when it makes him an actual pest

isn’t reachable by empathy, compassion, logic, statistics, facts, experiences, humanity, suffering or issues of others in general

considers himself an epitome of logic and humanity based on assumption that everyone should suffer so he could have it better and how dare anyone point it out, that’s so irrational

other’s sufferings are just a game to him, also a game he thinks he should win, he will fabricate issues to no end just to win against victims and marginalized groups

doesn’t feel any guilt for manipulating and brainwashing others for his causes

no morals whatsoever

considers abuse justified unless of course it’s perpetuated against him, then it’s a tragedy and how could someone do such a thing they have no heart

doesn’t see irony when at the same time accuses victims for being oppressors and keeps them controlled via fear and threats

thinks everyone should forgive him for everything at all times without even pointing it out

irrationally paranoid about losing his dominance and controls and having anyone as much as point out the damage he makes, for it could lead to someone else taking control and then he’ll be at mercy of others, oh no, but we should all be lucky because being in his mercy was so great for the rest of us

is literally aware he had given us plenty of reasons for brutal and merciless retaliation and is thus scared out of his mind for us to take over and gain power to practice some justice

knows he’d have no value or importance without stepping on others and oppressing them, has to keep it going for the sake of keeping his ego inflated

also wants to be coddled and adored and perceived as a hero or protector at all time so he would feel good about everything he does, no matter the psychological damage to the person to pretend adoration and approval to their abuser

doesn’t care abt keeping someone in constant fear if that gives him what he wants, actually in some cases he finds it a bonus if he can keep someone permanently terrified, it means he’s important and powerful (yikes)

also lies, oh my god, no end to the lies, endless hypocrisy

likes pissing others off for fun but if someone pisses him off it’s an excuse to rape, beat up, abuse, murder, and violate that person in any possible way and they even “asked for it”

(add on to the list!)

honestly they’re such violent apathic control freaks and a narcissistic mess its time to get away from all of them, let them take their issues out on each other who cares we want liberation and to live free of all of this

Every time I’ve written about women fearing male violence, especially in reaction to women rejecting men, someone decides to dig up every case they can find of women being violent toward men, ignoring the fact most men do not change their daily routine or actions based on the threat of violence against men. No feminist is arguing women are incapable of violence toward men, but you shouldn’t be disingenuous and make false equivalences. You’d be hard pressed to find a man who makes decisions about the route he takes home from work, how he interacts with female strangers, what he wears, the speed and nature of his stride, his body language etc in public based on fear of violence from women, but the majority of women you talk to have done or regularly do all these things, especially at night.

The reason you see this difference has to do with the prevalence of male violence against women and how it is used as a tool of control, which isn’t the case of female violence against men.

men wanna pretend they have empathy so hard but as soon as you call them out on any of their shit, instead of admitting to it and seeking ways to fix it like an actual person with empathy would do, they personally attack you, pretend the situation is inverted, play the victim, demonize you, try to silence you, throw insults at you, humiliate you, act like everything you say is ridiculous, gang up on you to shut you down as violently as possible, threaten you, pretend they’re superior so their words cannot reach them, call you slurs, dismiss anything you say as untrue (and yet they pretend they listen to women when they speak about oppression! like a person with empathy would!), they do everything possible to put themselves in position where they cannot be called out, it doesn’t matter how oppressive they are, they must not be called out, being called out threatens their privilege and causes truth to spill out and they cannot have that

so yeah, men have empathy, only and ever for themselves, if you’re a woman who wants to point out how they hurt her, suddenly their compassion capacities are down to zero and they silence you as violently as possible.

Things I am scared of:

1) White men on campuses
2) White men in movie theaters
3) White men in grocery stores
4) White men in cars
5) Any color of man who gets within 50 feet of me when I’m walking home

Things I am not scared of:

1) Muslims on planes
2) Black children
3) Refugees
4) People with mental illnesses