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I don’t know the story of this self defense shooting but here are some things we can learn:
1. Speed, surprise, and violence of action is demonstrated.
2. Close quarters gunfights last seconds.
3. One shot usually isn’t enough to stop someone.
4. Bad guys work in pairs. From the looks of this video, the guy in dark clothes has a revolver of his own, but flees as soon as shooting starts. Why? Because most criminals are cowards and flee at the first sign of resistance. They don’t expect resistance. They expect an easy hit.
5. Even if the odds are against you numerically… you can still triumph and protect others through your decisive action.
Train hard everyone. Keep your head on a swivel. Carry a gun with a lot of bullets.
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I’m sure this has been said before but it’s a little funny that liberals think non-violence precludes pretty much all actions besides “raising awareness” and permitted protest marches.

Like, by the standards of modern liberals, almost every strike would be considered violent, because every now and then a scab gets socked, or a window gets broken. Like, since liberals seem to think mere property destruction constitutes violence against actual, living, breathing, human beings, almost every non-violent movement from prior to, uh, now, would be too violent for them.

Words cannot describe how it feels to live and breath here on a battle field, last night at the bridge was intense. Crow was hit with a rubber bullet and frozen by the water cannon, he was literally a walking sheet of ice by the time we got back to the tipi. I too was hit with a rubber bullet but it wasn’t a direct hit this time, luckily my media bag took the blow. so many injuries and so much crying and shouting in the night, people chanting #BlackSnakeKilla and #MniWiconi everyone’s breath fogging the air, tear gas clouds floating by choking us and causing panic and physical pain, the relentless sound of the water cannon and the endless shots being fired. a mechanical robot voice telling us we are trespassing. walking through chaos, the living bodies of people literally putting their lives on the line for WATER, literally facing off with the pigs armed with nothing more than Warrior Spirit and prayers. today I am grateful I have the use of my arm, I am grateful that the pigs didn’t permanently injure me and I send my prayers and and my War Cry to the Universe and the Ancestors PROTECT US! please. we need your love and your help Ancestors, please guide us. give us strength. and HELL YES I AM ANGRY! angry at peace police here in Camp, who protect pigs who protect pipelines, angry at the futility of it all, angry that as people debate about tactics and direct action and literally hate on Warriors and while they do this the fucking drill for the pipeline is here. AND NO i don’t need nor want any comments about how it’s not “prayerful” or blah blah blah to be angry! i’m ok with my anger today! the fucking PIGS shot off a women’s arm! and they are getting away with it! people out there praying a pipeline away and not acknowledging or accepting some of us pray with our bodies! frontline life…. also please be patient, power and charging and uploading is a real challenge right now so updates can’t and won’t come as often as they did cuz of accessibility. big loves for y'all and please pray for us all here at the camps and send some extra love to the woman who got her arm amputated today… xoxo Queenie #RedWarriorCamp #AncestralPride #NODAPL #FTP #FuckThePolice #FuckThePipelines
—  Sacheen. Ancestral Pride. Women’s Warrior Coalition.

“Protesters… being… VIOLENT????”

Yeah, this is real life. Maybe grow up and realize that human beings come in a wide range of temperaments that reveal themselves across multiple kinds of circumstances, protests being one.

It’s real and it’s a real response to injustice.

If your focus is protestors being violent, you’re missing the point, know nothing of history, and altogether know very little about how collective action schemes can operate.

Never Forget & Never Stop Fighting

27 years ago today, 14 women were mercilessly executed at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal. Why? Because they were women.

Fourteen incredibly intelligent women with bright futures of now unknown potential were murdered by one man. One man crusading against the “Feminist Agenda.”

  • Geneviève Bergeron, a civil engineering student
  • Hélène Colgan, a mechanical engineering student
  • Nathalie Croteau, also a mechanical engineering student
  • Barbara Daigneault, another mechanical engineering student
  • Anne-Marie Edward, a chemical engineering student
  • Maud Haviernick, a materials engineering student
  • Maryse Laganière, a budget clerk in l’École Polytechnique finance department
  • Maryse Leclair, another materials engineering student
  • Anne-Marie Lemay, another mechanical engineering student
  • Sonia Pelletier, also a mechanical engineering student
  • Michèle Richard, a materials engineering student
  • Annie St-Arneault, a mechanical engineering student
  • Annie Turcotte, also a materials engineering student
  • Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz, a nursing student

These are the names we need to remember, the names that we must celebrate, honour, and mourn. The misogynist that was so insecure, he was threatened by women studying engineering –– and women in general –– does not even deserve his name to be written in a footnote. 

These fourteen women are the ones who need to be remembered. They were rounded up, terrorized, and shot dead –– because they were women –– because they were smart, curious, and brave enough to enter a male-dominated field of study.

These women are the reason a pit grows in my stomach, the reason fear strangles my heart, whenever I see a man passionately argue #NotAllMen when faced with the innumerable accounts of #YesAllWomen. Because all it takes is one man with one gun to kill fourteen women when he feels like his rights, his place in society is threatened. 

One insecure man. Fourteen defenseless women.

This is why we need feminism, why we need to challenge the status quo to be better, to want better. We need men who can’t fathom why a woman shouldn’t be a physicist or an engineer. We need men who think it’s perfectly normal to cry or show emotion around their friends. We need boys who don’t understand how throwing or hitting like a girl is an insult. We need boys who are just as happy to dress up as Elsa for Halloween as they are Batman. We need toys that don’t separate the genders, that don’t tell the boys that they can be the next Einstein while telling girls that being cute is as far as they get to go in life. We need men to stop being threatened by a woman’s independence, strength, and success.

Feminism is not about the success of women at the expense of men, it’s about the success of women alongside men. It’s about respect and dignity. There is no reason (other than insecurity) for men to feel threatened by feminism, no reason (other than guilt) to try to discredit the negative experiences of women. Feminism should be about basic human decency, not about attacking (or defending) the patriarchy.

These fourteen women found out that you don’t even need to be an activist to be vilified as a feminist, you just need to be a woman. You don’t need to march in the streets for women’s rights, you just need to study engineering. You don’t need to take action, you just need to exist, and that’s enough to get you killed.

look, i’m not in favor of jumping to violence as the immediate solution to bigotry but if you see posts about violence against fascists (groups which actively seek to enact violence and spread rhetoric which directly and indirectly results in violence against marginalized people) and your first instinct is to jump in to defend the FASCISTS or parrot the tired “don’t fight hate with hate :(((” drivel, you are not trustworthy.

fascism gets people killed. verbal violence isn’t “less serious” than physical violence. the act of saying “[specific minority] is ruining our country and must be eliminated” is violence and actions in response to that must be seen as self defense. liberals seem to love this idea that, if nobody throws a punch, no violence is occurring, even though hate speech, propaganda, and bigoted policy changes are shown to hurt people in even more terrifying ways than one-on-one physical violence.

  • batman: i am darkness, i am the night, i am clearly coded as mentally ill with PTSD and depression and maybe other disorders/illnesses but this is almost always pushed to the side by fans and directors in favor of male fantasy violence and shitty action scenes the core of my character has been distorted and twisted into a person who cares less about protecting and more about inflicting fear and pain movie directors and fans have forgotten that my entire backstory hinges on my PTSD and obsessive behaviour and this makes me less of a 3d character and more of a strange Mary Sue vessel for male fans to fantasize through, i am batman

For comparison… Rogue One is “extended sequences of sci-fi violence and action”. TFA is “sci-fi action violence”.

“Extended Sequences” implies there’s a lot of long battle scenes. “Violence and action” is not the same as “action violence”. “Action violence” has a lower death toll overall, and most deaths are implied or offscreen. “Violence and action” means there’s a large death toll overall, most deaths are onscreen, and it’s more graphic (for Star Wars…)


Rogue One, rated PG-13

Reddit user /primaryguy with a breakdown of the description

have you ever thought about how western culture has such strict gender roles that we assign genders to emotions? have you thought about how extremely harmful that is?

we’re taught all our lives to associate anger, violence, and any feeling or action that’s even remotely “aggressive” with masculinity (and, on the flip side, to associate helplessness and submissiveness with femininity). which is awful, because from birth our culture is telling little boys that they’re supposed to be aggressive and confrontational, and that they aren’t “real men” if they don’t like confrontation or can’t handle themselves in a fight, while simultaneously teaching little girls that they’re supposed to take a passive role in their own lives and that it’s “unladylike” to stand up for themselves or to be outspoken about their opinions. 

that’s pretty messed up, dude. 

Congratulation UC Berkley. You hate fascists and the “alt right” so much you are becoming them. Violence for violence sake. Action without thought. Ruled by passion and emotion. Heroic violence.

All you had to do was not go the Milo event. That is all that you needed to do like most normal people do when they do not like a speaker.


2012 - Spanish miners in the northwestern Spanish provinces of Asturias and Leon, armed with homemade rockets and slingshots,battled police for months in protest against government cuts and austerity. The cuts threatened the main source of income for much of the region with no plans to replace the lost jobs, while destroying the social safety net.

From this short documentary on the Spanish Miners Revolt: [video]