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The Muslim community is mourning the passing of Nabra, a 17 year old young woman from Sterling, VA. Nabra was beaten to death with a baseball bat and left in a pond after going missing while walking to a mosque with her friends. Hate crime against Muslim Americans is at its highest point with more than 67% increase since 2016. Nabra is another example of the escalating violence towards Muslims Americans. Activists gathered at Union Square to hold a vigil for Nabra and her family and to stand against violence against Muslim Americans. 

I hate edgy culture, this is a real article about a real *14 year old* girl being shot in the head, she’s paralyzed and partially blind, and people are laughing reacting or “thankful” reacting to it on Facebook. 

Male violence against women is so common, that we find this funny. A young girl has gone from wanting to spend her summer horseback riding and because of two boys instead her goal is to move her fingers, and we’re acting like it’s a joke. Why do we, as a culture, hate women so much? 

(here’s the actual article if you wanted to read the story)


This woman was run over for ignoring a man’s catcall — and then had to deal with negligent police

A man on a moped yelled, “Are you alright, darling?” at Pagan-Lilley Motlagh-Phillips, as she was walking home in London. When she didn’t respond, the man pulled up and “aggressively” demanded an answer. After she again refused, the man threatened to retaliate. And he did — by running her over.

Motlagh-Phillips said she lost consciousness and later woke up in the hospital, where she was diagnosed with internal bruising and had to leave on crutches. The police added insult to injury. After dealing with one officer’s indifference, she sent an email. His boss was even worse.


A man clocked a woman in the face at the Berkeley brawl. The internet ID’d him as a prominent white supremacist.

  • Protests in Berkeley, California, erupted in violence on Saturday as anti- and pro-Donald Trump demonstrators clashed during a pro-Trump rally at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park.
  • The fight that broke out between the two groups was recorded and posted on YouTubeby the organization WeAreChange. In the video, which at time of writing has accumulated nearly 250,000 views, a female protester can be seen getting punched in the face by a male demonstrator.
  • The demonstrator who punched the woman appears to be Nathan Damigo, a white supremacist member of the “alt-right” movement. It is unclear from the video what transpired in the lead-up to the punch between the two demonstrators. Read more. (4/16/2017 11:30 AM)

Trump’s Muslim ban enables the gender-based violence it claims to condemn, groups say

  • A coalition of more than 50 advocacy groups and humanitarian organizations sent an open letter to Trump on Monday evening in response to the administration’s attempt to justify the Muslim ban by citing gendered violence in the Middle East.
  • The original executive order as well as the revised order have called on the Department of Homeland Security to record and publish data on the “number and types of acts of gender-based violence against women, including so-called ‘honor killings,’ in the U.S. by foreign nationals.”
  • The letter, signed by Amnesty International, the International Rescue Committee and CARE, among many others, debunked the Trump administration’s assertions about gender-based violence in Muslim-majority countries. 
  • Islam and Muslim-majority countries are not unique in their oppression of and violence against women. There is zero evidence to back up claims that honor killings in the U.S. are a commonality.
  • Advocates later added that Trump’s Muslim ban — which calls for the ban of all refugees and new visas for Iranian, Libyan, Somali, Sudanese, Syrian and Yemeni nationals — actually puts the lives of women fleeing gender violence at greater risk. Read more (3/14/17 3:03 PM)

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I may not be a feminist but I will be the first one to riot on the streets if the 28yo woman from Hameln, Germany doesn’t get justice.

What happened? In 2014, Kader K. fled from her husband with her now 3 year-old son to her mother. He treated her like a slave and abused her. He even threatened her in August that “one of [them] wouldn’t live much longer” if he would have to pay alimony.

Now in November 2016, they started arguing when he brought home her son. As an answer to that, he stabbed her with a knife and attacked her with an axe. As if that wouldn’t be enough, he put a rope around her neck, bound it on his car and dragged her through the town. And her son had to watch all this.

The woman was in a coma for days and was only in March released from a rehab clinic. She still suffers neck and shoulder pain, can’t stand for more than a few minutes and can’t concentrate for long. Her son is traumatized and both of them have nightmares every night.

This isn’t right. This is horrifying and this man deserves to rot in jail. Let’s all pray Kadar K. gets the justice she deserves.

The Montreal Massacre

For 45 minutes on Dec. 6, 1989 an enraged gunman roamed the corridors of Montreal’s École Polytechnique and killed 14 women. Marc Lepine, 25, separated the men from the women and before opening fire on the classroom of female engineering students he screamed, “I hate feminists.” Almost immediately, the Montreal Massacre became a galvanizing moment in which mourning turned into outrage about all violence against women