Title: Pictures
Author: xthehollowgirl
Rating: T - for violence and religious brainwashing.
Imagine: Joining the BAU under your witness protection name, but Reid recognizes you from a case file
Notes: I’m setting this as one of the cases between Blake’s departure and before Callahan joins. Y/N is a trial member of the team.

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Leo knew if he retaliated like Raph, he would be bound just like him. After a few months, the opportunity to strike presented itself! 

Lots of anatomy to fix and what not. I just needed to get this down before work!

I would put this a few weeks before he actually lays the egg. I’ll repost them all in one long post in the order I feel they should go when I feel the series is done. Right now, it’s just a free for all…

Then, casting a last glance at the handsome young man, who was barely twenty- five years old, and whom he left lying there, insensible and perhaps dead, he heaved a sigh over the strange destiny that leads men to destroy each other for the interests of people who are strangers to them and who often do not even know that they exist.
—  The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas.

i know i’ll probably get hate for this, but if you hoard a ton of good URLs with no intention of using them i will personally shove a cactus so far up your ass it’ll tickle the back of your throat

Auckland Pride 2015

Tonight was Pride. For the first time in the history of pride, the police were allowed to march in their uniforms. We didn’t think a violent racist colonial heteropatriarchal institution like the police should’ve been allowed to do this. So me, Tim and anarchacannibalism (Emmy) planned to jump the barrier and protest both the inclusion of the police and prison correctional officers. We managed to get in front of the police with our banner with the slogan: “No Pride, In Prisons”. 

What followed was a prime example of the racist transmisogynist violence that the police and prison correctional officers are constantly acting out. 

We were attacked by security. The went straight for Emmy. Slammed her to the ground, face first. They weren’t nearly as brutal with me or Tim (the other comrade involved)

Note: me and tim are both white, cis passing people.

Emmy was howling in pain. I was desperate to get them off her but I’m tiny and couldn’t. They dragged her off the road to the side, where they sat on her while she was face down in the grass screaming in pain. The escorted us past the barricades and wouldn’t allow us near emmy. They then forced emmy up and handcuffed her. She had clearly broken her arm or something but they didn’t care. 
My friend was trying to film this and one of the pride organizers grabbed her phone and threw it away. 
For about 25 minutes the police sat and questioned emmy, she couldn’t talk she was in so much pain. For 25 minutes they got a clearly injured woman no medical attention. They treated her like a criminal. They told me they were arresting her. One of the security guards started trying to gaslight me, saying she wasn’t maori and I was lying etc. 

Finally they got her medical attention. At this point I thought she was gonna go unconscious. People were booing and hissing at us. Some woman walked past emmy and said “good, I’m glad”. 

They told me they were taking her to the ambulance parked a little down the road. So I went to wait for her there. When I got there I saw that a man who had been filming this brutality had been arrested by the cops for and I quote “being a prick”. No shit, the cop literally arrested the dude just for filming. I asked why and the cop started getting very heated, threatening to arrest me for obstruction of justice. He also sort of came at me, fist curled I had no doubt he wanted to beat me up but was refraining. 

Turns out emmy has a fracture that will require surgery. This is transmisogynistic, racist violence and at a PRIDE PARADE. 

So yep thats was auckland pride in 2015. A maori trans woman got brutalized by security for protesting against the inclusion of police and correctional officers. 

Welcome to neoliberal gay hell. The white cis gay men have won, they have their pretty parade. What the fuck do trans woman of colour have?? broken bones