Ok but what if by the end of tfp John thinks everything is resolved and all is well and he didn’t need to go to therapy to sort out his ptsd and outburst of violence issues but then Rosie got sick and John blames Sherlock for it, for always failing to protect the people John cares about and Sherlock is completely speechless and in a small voice says “I thought you said you didn’t blame me for Mary’s death” and at that moment John lost it. On impulse he punches Sherlock, sending him falling to the ground. And Sherlock looks up with bloodshot eyes, lips trembling, “you said you’d never hit me again…was that a lie too?”


But Alfi didn’t care about Fiona. He wanted her dead. He wanted both of them dead. He spun her around again, landing her heavily on her back. Jacqueline could feel her vertebrae shaking. He straddled her lap, pushing his knees on her hands, bending her wrists so far back they were about to snap.

Then, he raised the knife up high in the sky. <<Goodbye, Jackie. I’ll miss you>>, he murmured sadly, before swinging it back down, straight for her neck. One clean cut.


Did not see it coming it is some @sixpenceee shit 😞😐

Send me “Bad Touch” for some randomly generated violence.

Or send “Bad Touch reverse” for our muses to switch roles.

1) Slapping your muse across the face
2) Punching your muse in the face
3) Punching your muse in the shoulder/arm
4) Kicking your muse off of their feet
5) Stepping on your muse’s foot
6) Biting your muse
7) Grabbing your muse’s face
8) Wrapping hands around your muse’s neck
9) Pushing your muse into a wall
10) Pushing your muse to the ground
11) Holding a gun to your muse’s head
12) Shooting your muse in the arm/leg
13) Holding a knife to your muse’s throat
14) Using a knife to slash your muse across the arm
15) Hitting your muse in the head with a blunt object
16) Scratching your muse with their nails
17) Throwing something at your muse
18) Stabbing your muse with a sharp weapon
19) Breaking one of your muse’s bones
20) Twisting your muse’s arm

something interesting for the mommy issues!sangwoo hc

Lemme tell you it’s absolutely true??

So (skip to avoid spoilers please)

If it’s not apparent enough by the English translation of the comic, Sangwoo’s got mommy issues the size of a small country, which are supported by various things in the story thus far, (the dress, “do you want to be a mom?”, the insinuation that she sexually abused him. etc) but there’s one thing that doesn’t quite come across in the translation

I read it first in English and then in Korean, because I’m a desperate ho, and I noticed something

Yoonbum refers to Sangwoo almost always entirely as “Sangwoo-ssi”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Korean honorifics, “ssi” is an honorific that when placed behind a first name like in “Sangwoo-ssi”, is used between adults of approximate same age and same speech level. He also speaks to Sangwoo almost always with formal speech. These two things together is kind of the standard for two adults who know each other, maybe aren’t super close, but know each other enough, like work colleagues or classmates. 

In the basement scene where Sangwoo is choking Yoonbum, however, as Yoonbum is begging to be saved, Yoonbum drops the formal speech and starts to call him “Sangwoo-ya.” “Ya” is always used with the first name, and denotes a much closer and much more familiar relationship than “ssi”. It’s used between friends and siblings, but with the sharp contrast of his formal speech and “ssi”, when I was reading it Yoonbum calling Sangwoo “Sangwoo-ya” immediately struck me as the way a mother would call her son. And not too long after Yoonbum says “Sangwoo-ya” he drops the rope. 

There are other things that I didn’t think were conveyed fully through the translation (the translation is great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes things are lost between languages) but I thought this would be good to share!