So, I’m sorry if somebody has done this already, but I decoded the cipher in the Volpina episode of Miraculous Ladybug, or at least 22 letters of it. Using this cipher, all of the large texts translates to what you would expect, with the exception of Chat, whose large text says “Chatno.” Many of the smaller texts are blurry, with a few exceptions. The small text next to Volpina appears to be gibberish (hgv_rdd_c?) as well as some text on Hawkmoth’s page (_drggcd_dd?) I would not be surprised if there is another layer of encryption. The other clear small texts are more legible. The one next to Ladybug says “superheros” and the ones next to Chat say “merciatous” (thanks to all) and “narcissique” (narcissistic.) Please keep in mind that French is neither my first nor second language. The text next to Ladybug’s yoyo says “yoyoings” (yo-yo) and “luckycharm.” The text to the right of Chat Noir’s page says “coucou” (cuckoo? As I said, I do not speak much French.) The text to the right of Hawkmoth’s page is the same as that next to his brooch; it says “broche” (brooch.) Small text next to Chat’s staff says “baton” (stick.) The text next to Hawkmoth says “violeet supvillain [sic?]” There is another large text on Hawkmoth’s page that says “Papillon.” There might be other legible ones that I am forgetting, but these are all that I have decoded at the moment. If you have decoded any other messages, please let me know, and again I apologize if this has already been posted; a cursory Google search did not show any such results. I also apologize for the lack of pictures/organization; I am forced to use mobile at the moment. Hope this helped!