My 10 OTPs:

1) Delena/Nian (The Vampire Diaries)
2) Klaroline (The Vampire Diaries)
3) Leyton (One Tree Hill)
4) Stydia (Teen Wolf)
5) Finchel/Monchele (Glee)
6) Jeca (Pitch Perfect)
7) Romitri (Vampire Academy)
8) Violate/Zyle (American Horror Story)
9) Fourtris/Sheo (Divergent)
10) Vauseman (Orange Is The New Black) 

How has YouTube managed to stay alive despite having obvious copyright violations up the wazoo?

YouTube has ‘common carrier’ status. What that means is they’re not liable for the content that people upload, as long as they respond to DMCA takedown requests (which they do).

The onus is on the copyright holders to find and report infringing content. But it’s a lost cause because of the sheer volume of uploads.