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Augusto Pinochet(25/11/1915 – 10/12/2006), Chilian dictator 11/9/1973 – 11/3/1990.

There is one thing I have a hard time with the phrasing of privilege. 

Having your death investigated or not being shot by the police isn’t a privilege it’s a right, a right denied to too many but it should be a right. And I feel that calling it a privilege puts the focus in a way that doesn’t feel right. 

Out of 19 pieces on a list of examples of abled privilege 15 feel like they should be recategorized. 

I understand why we use this terminology, but it makes me uncomfortable, I feel like we need new terminology that emphasizes that what we’re asking for as oppressed people is not a privilege but a right.

I think it also reflects a general attitude of pull them down instead of hoist us up.  I don’t want abled people to have housing that they can’t easily access, I want accessible housing. I don’t want the police to stop investigating white murders I want them to investigate native ones. There are some things that do fit under privilege, that don’t make me feel uncomfortable the same way but I’m tired of a lack of human rights violations being classified as a privilege, It just feels like the phrasing is emphasizing the inequality instead of the violations. It’s not better for everyone to have their human rights violated it’s only better for no one to have their human rights violated.

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A Hard Lesson in History: Chapter 2

Authors’ Note: Happy Saturday, stunning readers!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I were blown away by all the great comments and likes from new readers last night!!! You guys are all amazing!!! Time to catch up with Rafael and the squad in Chapter 2!!! Enjoy!!! :)

The route was familiar. Along with the routine. Waking to shower, Rafael slipped into the perfectly coordinated three-piece suit that Violetta had helped him select the night before. Her eye for fashion almost rivaled her mother’s until they reached the pocket square. But he had no desire to shatter his muñequita’s happy heart when she seemed that proud of herself. So bright orange with charcoal grey it was.

“Back in action, huh?”

Kissing everyone goodbye, he glanced back one last time to see Natalia’s reassuring wave while she held Hazel and rocked Holly’s bassinet, looking as if there was nothing on heaven or earth that she could not conquer. Somehow Violetta smiled and stood ready and willing if not entirely able to be of aid. On that note, Rafael stepped across the threshold, opted for the subway instead of a cab now that there were two more mouths to feed, and ultimately left the underground to face One Hogan Place. The so-called real world needed him back in the thick of too many tangled weeds. Yet, his heart hurt when he pictured Natalia cuddling the twins close as Violetta and Harold snuggled into her other side, and he wished that he was still home with them.

“Am I right, counselor?”

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Female characters of TVD

You deserved better. Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Lexi, Katherine, Rose, Nadia, Anna, Pearl, Gia, Emily, Sheila, Lucy, Jenna, Liv, Jo and the countless others.

You deserved better than being a punching bag, a slave, terrorised and abused.

You deserved better than having your agencies stripped away from you by the men in your lives.

You deserved better than having to live in constant fear for your life because somebody you don’t know decides you are not allowed to live.

You deserve better than being treated inferior just because the colour of your skin is different or a man decides that you act your age.

You deserve better than having to run most of your life then end up in hell just because you retaliated.

You deserve better because it’s NOT your job to soothe a man’s ego or be the reason he has to control himself.

You deserve better than having make do with an unfullfilling relationship that offers nothing but sex.

You deserve better than having to watch your family members die in cold blood.

You deserve better than having to watch you your family die because of somebody else’s mistakes.

You deserve better than having to decide constantly between your own life and innocent people.

You deserve better than having to commit suicide to stop being used in a sacrifice.

You deserve better than to be constantly sexually assaulted.

You deserve better than to have your relationships sabotaged by someone who claims to love you.

You deserve better than having to die because you were too strong, too powerful.

You deserve better when you were too busy trying to do normal stuff to believe in monsters and you paid for it.

You deserve better than being in an abusive relationship.

You deserve better than to think you failed your loved ones in circumstances beyond your control.

You deserve better than to be cut off from your friends.

You deserve better than to be used by your friends.

You deserve better than to die the way you did.

You deserve better than to be harassed by men that are attracted to you.

You deserve better than to die with guilt that isn’t rightfully yours.

You deserve better than a relationship that starts with Stockholm’s Syndrome.

You deserve better than to die to prove a point.

You deserve better than to be stalked.

You deserve better than to have your personal space violated.

You deserve better than to be in a relationship that you have no say in.

You deserve better than to have be pushed into a relationship instead of walking into it of your own free will.

You deserve better than a relationship where you are a stand in.

You deserve better when no one hears your cry for help.

You deserve better than to not see your kids grow up. You deserve better than to have your kids murdered. You deserve better than to be punished for not being in the wrong.

You deserve better than to cease to be as your own person.

You deserved better than to be verbally abused and labelled.

You deserve better than to be self-intsert for the writers.

You deserved to be better representations for women & young girls.

Dear God... (Magi 327 spoilers)

Well, I cannot stop laughing at how pathetic Sinbad has become (well, IMO, anyway). It is not enough for him to force people to join him, but he wants them to be personally devoted to and adore him as well.

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Birthday Present Numero Niete! 

Heracle Violate from our Flying Strong verse! I’ve been meaning to sketch this out for a while now, it seems like a good occasion to finally get it down! I think this suits Violate so much better than a lot of the lady’s surplices would, she pulls it off perfectly! So thanks for helping me pick Heracles and not something like Crane Violate~

Of course, the Behemoth Surplice is what fits her best in the end, haha.

so have we talked about daemon au yet

tw: child abuse (mentioned), death, essentially sexual assault (both mentioned and explicit), animal abuse

-neil, his daemon settling late, constantly forced to adapt to new identities, small, safe, harmless daemons, mice and songbirds, squirrels, frogs (but rusalka never lets herself revert to insects or arachnids she will be seen she is real she is here) until he has to burn her body, smoke rising to join the last remnants of gold dust
-in millport rusalki starts taking on bigger forms
-he doesnt think anything of it until the plane ride when the lady at check-in puts him in the large daemon seating and he’s like oh no actually you dont need to charge that im not settled yet and rus is like um actually about that. the lady just looks at the moose whos like 7ft (its possible tho rare for cow moose to have antlers). back at neil. who is five fucking three. finishes checking him in. she’s seen worse tbh.
-as funny as it would be to see a giant fucking moose fuck up riko, sport stadiums have a sublevel so people’s daemons can follow them underneath as they compete, aquatic daemons have aquariums on wheels and there are similar mobile perches for birds since most birds depend on things like thermal updrafts and wind currents to fly for an extended period of time and also terrariums for basically everything else that isnt able to keep up with the speed of high contact sports
-his daemon is a moose bc neil is so fucking done w hiding despite whatever he tells himself and rusalka is also ready to fight everything and everyone and also moose, like neil, are surprisingly fast
-actual angel jeremy sunshine knox w a golden retriever her name is aurora
-jean’s daemon is a sunflower seastar. hear me out ok. starfish keep growing, they heal themselves over n over n over. like they’ll survive almost anything. including rikos knives which isnt to say its not painful it just means riko had alternative torture methods he could employ without killing the daemon/Jean or resorting to touching the daemon (for those who havent read hdm its a hugely personal thing to touch a daemon since theyre basically a physical manifestation of the soul
-allison’s daemon is a mute swan: graceful, lovely, will snap ur fucking neck without blinking if threatened, extremely protective
-kevin also settled rly late when he went to wymack and made the deal w andrew
-her names deidre, she’s a fennec fox bc Irony and also bc do not let pop media fool u; foxes and most other predators are the opposite of fierce they prefer most reward for least effort simply bc thats the most efficient way to survive and foxes are pretty cowardly
-also fennec foxes in particular are a desert species (evolved to survive harsh conditions) and have a lifespan of 14 yrs which sounds about right considering the state of kevin’s liver and they have eagle owls as predators
-which brings me to riko, who has a golden eagle. and as anyone who’s read animorphs know, they are the bullies of the bird world, they hunt other birds, it would be incredibly fucking funny if isonade was a raven but at the end of the day riko has to face it, he’s just not a team player
-do you think smol kevin & riko with tiny lil fluffy not-yet-settled raven babs would be cute? yeah well so does edgar allens PR team and since they have matching daemons, riko torments kevin by making their daemons switch, isonade pretending to be deidre and deidre pretending to be isonade and riko stroking her glossy black feathers while kevin tries not to throw up
-nathan has a shrike nicknamed a butcher bird due to the way it eats, in certain social circles shes called the butcher’s knife
-nicky’s daemon is a san blas jay: social, omnivorous, and fairly colorful birds that have been observed to show homosexual tendencies (which isnt saying much tbh wikipedia had like 200 birds and thats not counting mammals, fish etc)
-matt has a st bernard they are so damn pure honest to fucking god dan is so blessed they give the best hugs
-renee has a mongoose and in like retrospect the guy who assaulted her shouldve known because his was a cobra and she fucking destroyed him
-after she converted to christianity she was conflicted about this intrinsically violent manifestation of her soul and when she expressed this to stephanie, she asked: would you do it again if you were in the same position, and renee said yes, and stephanie said: good. god would not want you to allow harm through passivity
-it took her a while but she worked through it
-andrew’s daemon is a cat, american shorthair, really dark tortoiseshell, this isnt just cuz of the extra content okay imagine tiny andrew needing the ability to defend himself, but if wistry (short for wistrelyn) goes for something big like a wolf or a lion his abusers really wouldnt hesitate to touch her so she has to pick something that seems defenseless
-but at the same time this way he knows he could fight back if he ever really needed to, he has the option he’s just choosing not to
-the first time wistry claws drake, he declaws her slicing off the tips of each toe with an x-acto knife while andrew retches into the corner
-there’s no evidence; daemon parts dissolve into rusokov particles
-the second time she waits until drake shoves his pants down and clamps her teeth in the soft flesh of his groin, aiming for the femoral artery, but then his hand twists in her scruff and even though theyve lost count how many times this taboo has been violated its never any better to have someone else touch your daemon
-and it just makes things worse anyways so wisty just stops fighting it
-and she cant switch to another form to regain her claws; whether it’s because they’ve settled on identity or because of dismemberment they don’t know (mostly bc i feel like it would be Bad disabled commentary to just. regrow bones. but lemme know if i should stay in my lane)
-dan’s daemon is a black mamba and for the longest time a bunch of shitheads would be like ooo how sexy how exotic~~~ but hey it brought in money and when she started dating matt he totally made a bunch of “heartstopping” puns
-wymack’s daemon is probably like a beagle
-aaron has a california red-legged frog
-he’s like the kind of person who knows 5000 facts about every form his daemons taken
-that kid who went to preschool with a goddamn velociraptor bc no one told him it was impossible for daemons to be extinct species
-like, yknow, before his mom gave up on him and crushed his dreams lmao
-i feel like. a bat would also fit aaron
-probably he went through a phase trying to get his daemon to be a pokemon

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Elle Woods was Harvard Law class of '04 and The Social Network begins in 2004

This is life-changing information.

… Donald Trump’s Twitter attack this week on a union official, followed by his choice of a labor secretary who has criticized new worker protections, has rattled leaders of the American labor movement, who fear unions may be facing their gravest crisis in decades…. The actions, coming just four weeks after Trump won the presidency in part by wooing union voters with promises of better trade deals and a manufacturing revival, fed fears among national labor leaders that Trump was now planning a broad assault on unions.

Steven Mufson of the Washington Post

If you are Union, imagine a dispute between your union and corporate management under Trump?

US labor should fear that “a Republican Congress and Trump White House would launch investigations of union finances­ while failing to enforce labor laws when employers underpay workers or violate occupational safety rules.”

The better trade deals promised by Trump will amount to nothing but worse conditions, lower pay, and right-to-work laws across the country.


  • i work as a starbucks barista so here’s your drink- “are you Mine ??” wait that’s not really your name it’s just some stupid way to pick me up au
  • i’m really sorry celebrity ma’am/sir, i’m only a paparazzi photographer and i know that was a really scandalous photo i took of you but it’s my job and i’m trying to make ends meet au
  • um, no ??? i’m not gonna help you win this ‘who can fuck the most virgins’ game you’re playing with your friend, ya nasty au
  • i ordered the perfect boy/girlfriend off the internet thinking it was a joke and it actually ended up being a real thing au
  • alright, nerd. you’re bullied a lot and you know what ?? i’m gonna scream at everyone that i’m your boy/girlfriend and whoever touches you will have to go through me. shit why did i do that au
  • i’m just a stylist/makeup artist this is my job i can’t be falling for my celebrity client au
  • yo my friend is too afraid to ride this roller coaster so you wanna ride it with me instead, kind stranger ?? au
  • what the actual hell my window is literally right across from my neighbor’s this is a violation of my privacy they better not ━ fuck is that my shirtless neighbor holy crap au
  • we were high school sweethearts way back and had this nasty break up but then you ended up becoming this famous singer and shit i think that song you just released is about me ?? au

ok i did that thing where you get your youtube account verified or whatever so theres no real size limit to your video so 

pro: i can upload the whole thing in one video…. all 16.5gb of clexa at once

con: it’ll almost definitely get taken down within the week cause boy is that a copyright violation so y’all better start downloading it the second its up

con pt. 2: its gonna take 5 hours to upload D:

A not so gentle reminder to the sidewalk harasser prolifers that the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act still exists. And the following is still very much prohibited by law. 

-Stalking doctors/staff/patients
-Blocking entry into a facility in any way, shape or form.
-Blocking cars from entering the driveways
-Physical contact of any kind
-Making it difficult to get into or out of a clinic safely
-Trespassing on clinic property
-Violence against staff/patients
-Vandalism (this would include your little chalk “art” should the clinic so desire.)
-Threats of any violence
-Bombings, arson, destruction of property.

So while the buffer zones may be going poof, you are still held the standards of that law. Failure to comply can and will result in you being fined, arrested, jailed. 

The more violations we can record you making, the more arrests/fines made for violation, the better chance WE have at getting our buffer zones back AND increased. So keep that in mind when you’re “SAVING TEH PREBORNS.” .. that you are within confines of a law, even with no buffer zones. 

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Instagram doesn't take down hacked account just for that soooo ... nice try Breep now you confirmed the hack was fake just like everything about you

EXACTLY, they don’t delete an account because fans reported it. And the fact that she said it was for privacy when it was Instagram itself for a violation it’s even better

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What do you think is the right way to deal with asylum seekers?

Well almost the opposite of what the Abbott government is doing like humanely for starters. Then also start onshore processing instead of offshore because it’s cheaper. It’ll be harder to blame asylum seekers for being an economic drain if you don’t spend an unnecessary extra amount of money to make them out of sight where it’s easier to control media access and pretend you’re doing a good job at handling the situation. The Abbott government is trying to restrict reports on the circumstances at Manus. I want a system where it is easier to tell if Governments are doing things wrong.

I am vehemently against the idea that they should be sent off to PNG or Cambodia because neither of those countries are as strong as us economically and nor do they have as good of a human rights record. Asylum seekers should not escape from war and persecution only to be shoved somewhere that will continue to expose them to abuse and poverty. We need to remove “illegal boat people” and variants of from discourse about asylum seekers - especially political discourse. That is an untrue label and only serves to semantically reinforce conservative agendas instead of correctly addressing the issue in an unbiased manner.

Ending mandatory detention is also important for improving mental health. Kids are spending so much time in detention centres they feel like they are in hell/prison. Depression, suicide, and self harm are frequent problems that arise due to mandatory detention - which is not even necessary. According to ASIO:

“It is not a requirement under the Australian Security  Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 that irregular  maritime arrivals (IMAs) remain in detention during the security assessment process.”

There are alternatives like Community Processing which this handy PDF expands upon on page 33. (That has a lot of information about asylum seekers and has a lot more detail on proposed solutions than this response so please give it a read) If we gave them bridging Visa’s it would sidestep that whole human rights violation thing and help them better integrate into the community.

Basically what I feel is necessary is a more humane and cost effective method of processing and integrating asylum seekers into the community instead of a dehumanising them and shipping them away in a “not my problem anymore” attitude that is unnecessarily costly. Seriously, Abbott keeps talking about an “economic crisis” but is deliberately picking more expensive options for the sake of his xenophobic ideology. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Week Of: October 19th-October 25th, 2014

This week, I used the Oracle of Shadows & Light instead of my usual tarot deck :) I know it’s a little early but I was on a reading roll, and have work early Sunday so wanted it out in time :) Enjoy! Reblog! Like! 

Pisces: Mend A Broken Heart Fairy: This week holds healing for you, dear Pisces, if you just allow yourself to be open to the healing. Make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to pamper and love yourself. 

Aquarius: Ghosts of the Past: Time for you to be visited by your past, dear Aquarius. It’s time for you to finally learn the lessons you were meant to learn and to grow and achieve assimilation of those lessons. 

Capricorn: Amara the Menehune: Time for you to allow yourself to heal using ways that are good for the spirit as well as body: Dancing, swimming, detox bath, etc. Make sure you get out there and enjoy the sun and allow it to warm you and your soul. 

Sagittarius: Autumn is my last Chance: Now is not the time, dear Sag, to rely on others and their resources. Instead, it’s time for you to look at what you have, turn to it, and feast upon it! Make sure you cherish what you have and give yourself life, instead of expecting others to give it to you. 

Scorpio: The Three Fates: You are feeling drawn to dwell on your memories, but don’t let your mind stay there. Instead, allow yourself to learn the lessons and move on, instead of getting stagnant in the past. 

Libra: Sea Storm: Libra, you need to be told right now that amidst the chaos, there is a calm. There is an eye to every storm, allow yourself to revel in both the chaos and the calm. Don’t get too caught up in one that you ignore the other. Cherish each moment. 

Virgo: Death and the Maiden: Virgo, it is time for you take your stand! Don’t let others intrude upon your boundaries, set them and stick to them! Don’t allow others to make you feel violated, you deserve better than that!

Leo: Shallow Grave: Leo, you are missing someone right now, and keep dwelling on them. Even when it’s not healthy for you. If you allow yourself to grow from them, and allow yourself to move on, you can finally bury them and let them rest in peace, and you will go on in peace. 

Cancer: Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch: It’s time for you to count your blessings, Cancer. Look at the life you live, it’s truly a life filled to the brim with gifts and blessings, if you allow yourself to look at them! 

Gemini: Two Little Witches: Time for you to clean house, Gemini! Make your cleaning a cleansing, make your cleaning magical! Light some candles, clear out the old, and allow the Universe to fill your life with new by making space! 

Taurus: Lady with a Bosch Egg: Time for you to draw upon the wisdom of old days, esoteric symbols, and keep the knowledge close and safe. You are being given insight from your ancestors, take heed and learn from them. 

Aries: Strangely Lovely: Dear Aries, you are holding on way too tight onto something, and it’s time for you to let it go. By holding onto it, you aren’t allowing for the Universe to provide you with new.