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The Raven Cycle + Myers-Briggs personality types

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prompt: AU - this has been done before, but I'd love to see your take on Snow's response after getting the Neal bombshell, esp in regards to her perception of Emma/Hook. Maybe an evolution of her observations of them? Whatever tickles your fancy!

i swear to god this was a straightforward response to this prompt when i started

i swear

i’m pretty sure you can see the exact moment that i lost control too

also def. smut too because what is self-control



and my running feet could fly


She shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but Neal had just pulled Emma aside at Granny’s to discuss their relationship and Snow was a mother and she was curious and maybe Emma was finally going to open herself up to giving love another chance and —

“Is this really the time?” Emma asked shortly. “She’s been quiet for a couple of days, yeah, but those flying monkeys are still around here somewhere and — I don’t know about you — but I don’t wanna get blindsided by one of those things.”

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Murder House will always be my favourite season 💕💘


I can’t stop cracking up at this one. He’s “very computer smarts” but doesn’t seem to know where he lives or what counts as a photo. Bonus cringe for him asking why I won’t give him a chance - my least favorite phrase to hear from online manbabies. And he accused me of not reading his profile? Not only did I read it, I reported it for his only photo not being of him (violation of pof’s rules).

Edit - it just occurred to me that if he’s giving out his primary email address to anyone who requests it on a dating site, that’s probably putting him at more risk of identity theft than posting a photo would. Good thing he’s very computer smarts.