violat hair

Last night, my hair was violated by some drunk white asshole. Not the normal light touch. We’re talking full hand in hair *to my scalp*. >:|

Before my hand could even reach his, one of the girls in his group (white as well) ripped his hand away and verbally chewed him out in front of everyone for even thinking it was ok.

Never thought I’d see the day. Definitely bought her a drink.

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So Bucky is most definitely the one flipping plates of obviously store bought brownies over at the PTA bake sale and saying "Fight me, Helen" with his Brooklyn accent coming out in full force. He's also the one who claps too loud at recitals

Bucky “Petty and Passive Aggressive Dad” Barnes getting the biggest bouquet for his daughter’s talent show performance

Bucky “Banned from Bake Sales” Barnes making shady remarks about Helen’s bumper stickers

T’Challa and Bucky “Hasn’t Chilled Since He Was Frozen” Barnes threatening the school when their daughter is given a dress code violation for her natural hair 

Bucky “Whatever, Jen, Your Brownies are Dry and Your Bra is Too Cup Sizes Too Small” Barnes walking into PTA meetings like

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Five-year-old Navajo boy sent home from school for his long hair

A five-year-old boy who is a member of the Navajo Nation was sent home from kindergarten for having long hair.
April Wilson said her son, Malachi, was excited for the first day of school on Monday at F.J. Young Elementary in Texas. But he was disappointed when he was told the length of his hair violated school policy.

When I was 7 I was kicked out of class twice for taking down my braids. The teacher said my hair violated code of conduct and my mom spanked me when I got home.
When I was 9 I begged my mom for a “just for me” perm.
When I was 11 I got the perm
When I was 12 my hair burned out, was forced to go back to braids. I thought I was so ugly.
When I was 16 my hair finally passed my collar bones, with very expensive hair treatment and a professional stylist.
When I was 18 I burned my hair in college again. Cut it at Christmas. I immediately bought I weave because I didn’t want to be seen with my natural short hair.
The #naturalhair movement IS about race. It is a movement dedicated to black people with black, kinky hair.

2012 vs. 2015

  • Still don’t know how to make a bed
  • Surprised I still own that tank top
  • Phone case upgrade from cheap to gay cheap
  • Major apartment upgrade from spider den to livable space that doesn’t violate any health codes
  • Lateral hair change from anime hair to anime-watcher hair
  • Oh yeah and I worked out a bit more

It’s so early. My little facial violation rods haven’t grown in enough yet to actually justify the irritation of shaving (and my upper face is super smooth still yay, lower face is always fucked because fml)

That’s right, I said facial violation rods. Not facial hair. Facial violation rods. Because that is what they feel like