Do you find it strange that people comment on how you appear so much?

No. Because I’m an African-American woman and there is not enough time on this show to explain hair issues. That being said, I took off my hair- I took off my wig because I wanted to step into who I was. And I felt like- and listen, I love wigs, I do. I still will wear wig every once in a while, but for me what I felt like was every time I put on a wig that I was apologizing for who I was, being a dark skinned woman with very curly hair, I felt like I was hiding it, and I felt like I was saying “Okay my characters aren’t very glamourous but look at me, you know, see me, aren’t I pretty?” And I felt like I didn’t wanna do that anymore, and I felt like the Oscars was a perfect time to do that, so I stepped into who I was.