Remember how in the flashback from 10 years ago in tonight’s episode when Annalise meets Wes’ mom Ruth (was that her name?) she says “he’s adorable” and Ruth replies “not all the time” (or something along those lines), well… what if Wes killed his mom?

The theory I’ve had since the midseason finale is that Annalise and Eve, for some reason, killed his mom. Especially because of Eve’s “Good God, Annalise. What did we do?” line. Maybe they killed her by accident? Maybe on purpose? Hell, I thought Annalise had been screwing up Wes’ life since before law school and that’s why she felt inclined to protect him about Sam.

…BUT NOW I HAVE A NEW THEORY!!!!! “Good God, Annalise. What did we do?” could mean “shit. we told him what to say and he sounds so convincing. We’re helping a child get away with murder. What did we just do???” That would explain why Annalise was so afraid of him at the end of tonight’s episode (besides the fact that he did shoot her and that’s fresh on her mind lol). It would also explain Rebecca’s comment “He says his mom killed herself. Do you really believe that?” WAS THAT FORESHADOWING?

All we know for a fact so far is the following: Who killed Sam? Wes. Who shot Annalise? Wes. Who killed Wes’ mom? Hmmm… Who’s starting to look suspicious?

Before mid-season break, Famke Janssen guest starred as Eve, who had her heart broken by Annalise while they were both at Harvard Law. After Annalise recommends Nate call Eve to represent him, the two old flames rekindled their relationship, though it maintained much of its on-and-off again status, in true Annalise form.

“I loved it. I loved the relationship,” Viola told AfterEllen at the TCA Winter Press Tour. “It was the first time that you saw another side of Annalise; a soft side, a vulnerable side, an emotional side. And there was something so natural about it. And I just thought it made sense because I think in Annalise’s life, she just migrates toward anyone who shows her love. And I’m interested to see how this relationship develops.”

—  AfterEllen

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