I’ve seen this picture posted a ton of times with captions like “she’s just gonna snap and hit him one day”, “he must’ve said something racist/sexist,” and “she must be so sick of his shit.” And then I watch the panel video and this is Viola’s reaction to someone in the crowd yelling something while Jared was having the crowd chant the movie name like she was literally laughing at the stuff he was saying during the panel. Y'all stay taking shit out of context and making unfounded accusations. I don’t even think they had a scene together???


Annalise introduces herself to her new victims–er, students.

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SS Jared Leto/Joker Criticism

I’ve come across videos online of grown men discussing how much they hate Jared Leto and mocking all the things he did as preparation for the Joker role. Some of these videos are pretty funny too. But most of them are pretty fucking dumb when you think about it. So here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) A huge proportion of the quotes they’re referring to have been proved to be completely FAKE and literally made up by random people. 

2) Other quotes, like the Viola Davis “I wanted to pepper spray Jared Leto” one are used completely out of context without watching the actual video of the interview in which it was said. There’s a huge difference between reading a written quote and hearing someone actually speak those words with their intended tone and meaning.

3) Another thing that baffles me is that a lot of these people who enjoy mocking him are sarcastic and comedic by nature but conveniently completely fail to recognise sarcasm when Jared uses it and instead call him “disgusting” and “gross”. Is it really that difficult to tell when someone is joking? Damn if someone’s character name is literally The Joker, I don’t know how this could be so hard to understand??

4) It’s all well and good having a laugh at some of the things he got up to. I know a lot of people will find it stupid that he sent the cast a pig or a rat or whatever but using false information to attack him… what’s the point? If anything, they should be mocking the news outlets for the outlandish stories they write about him using fleeting comments he might’ve said about the role. 

These people have already made their minds up about Jared and the film as a whole. At this point, it sort of seems “cool” to relentlessly mock him but it’s actually kind of embarrassing. Especially since the rest of the cast have expressed multiple times (most recently at Comic Con) that though a lot of what he did was extreme, it really helped them to all up their game and set the bar for the film. No one made complaints. No one felt genuinely threatened. Stop making shit up because it’s the “cool” thing to do. 

You don’t have to like him or his approach to acting. You’re allowed to share that opinion. But what you can’t do is make personal attacks based on blatant lies - it’s not funny or impressive. So the moral of the story is:

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Viola Davis was not having any of Jared Leto’s shit on the set of Suicide Squad
Viola Davis is frequently cast as an authority figure thanks to her general aura of unfuckwithability, and apparently her husband is not someone to be messed with, either. E! News asked Davis about her Suicide Squad co-star Jared Leto’s dead pig- and used condom-based shenanigans at the Tribeca Film

“I did not receive any personally,” Davis said of Leto’s method-acting-infused “gifts.” She added, “or else I would have gotten my husband, who was called ‘headache ball’ back in the day when he played football. And I would have said, ‘take care of The Joker.”’ Davis has been married to Julius Tennon, a former college football player-turned-actor, since 2003.