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Following White Rabbits in Film Pt. 1 (1900′s - 1970′s)
    burning with curiousity, she ran across the field after it…


Alice in Wonderland - W.W. Young

Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, directed and written by W.W. Young and starring Viola Savoy as Alice.

Another rare 1915 book on ebay. This is actually quite a bit rarer than others I’ve seen. It has the color picture on the cover but the cloth is blue rather than tan and with red lettering than green. Auction starts at $29.99.

I don’t think the seller’s aware of what they have. I have no idea what it’ll go for total. It doesn’t look like it’s in excellent condition, but it is even more rare than the others I’ve seen. Happy bidding!


These look a lot like the 1915 Alice film, but none of them are in the movie. The title cards look 1920’s as well. Could this be the 1928 Alice Through the Looking Glass?

It’s possible that they could have reused props and costumes from 1915. It’s also said that they filmed a lot of scenes from both books for the 1915 film, but were never used. Is it possible they saved the deleted scenes and made the 1928 film from them?  I don’t know if that’s likely considering how old, useless film was discarded easily. Does Alice look like Viola Savoy to you?

For comparison, here’s the 1915 Alice on Youtube.

Unfortunately, the owner who took these snapshots and shared them in the content source has sold the reel.