SUICIDE SQUAD Behind The Scenes Featurette 

The Ladies of Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller: Aries, Taurus, Leo

Harley Quinn: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Katana: Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Enchantress: Gemini, Cancer, Libra


Suicide Squad

“Bad People” Extended TV Spot



“It’s not so much about the Oscars; that’s aiming small. The biggest issue, the biggest obstacle in diversity in Hollywood are the movies that are being made and greenlit. It doesn’t matter if you have 3.000 Academy members who are people of color if there are no movies out there with people of color to vote on.
I’ve been out there for 30 years. I’ve gotten two Tony Awards. I’ve done Broadway, Off-Broadway. I’ve come out of Julliard. I’ve done television, film, all of it. But there is not the same opportunity for me. Even though I would say that, if given the chance, I could show people that I could do just as well as any one of my Caucasian counterparts. But there’s a glass ceiling for me. And so now I’m at the top of the food chain for an actress of color. I’m not at the top of the food chain for an actress.” - Viola Davis
Viola Davis was not having any of Jared Leto’s shit on the set of Suicide Squad
Viola Davis is frequently cast as an authority figure thanks to her general aura of unfuckwithability, and apparently her husband is not someone to be messed with, either. E! News asked Davis about her Suicide Squad co-star Jared Leto’s dead pig- and used condom-based shenanigans at the Tribeca Film

“I did not receive any personally,” Davis said of Leto’s method-acting-infused “gifts.” She added, “or else I would have gotten my husband, who was called ‘headache ball’ back in the day when he played football. And I would have said, ‘take care of The Joker.”’ Davis has been married to Julius Tennon, a former college football player-turned-actor, since 2003.