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„ You can sleep here. I can tell Nate to leave. We can eat ice cream in bed and watch a bad movie.‟
„ I won’t call the police. ‟
„ I just don’t see any reason why you should be alone. ‟


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“so I’m a princess just because I dared to disagree with you?


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Proof that Cece was not Charles.

THEY GAVE US A CLUE LAST NIGHT AND NO ONE HAS EVEN NOTICED. (Not complaining but a little surprised, tbh)

The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Emily and Aria found this play book inside of Archer/Elliott’s secret apartment…

We all remember the film adaption of The Twelfth Night with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, right? Well, for those who don’t, I’ll explain.

The Twelfth Night is a play made into a movie about a girl, Viola, and her twin-brother Sebastian. In the movie version the character Viola (Amanda Bynes) switches places with her twin-brother and goes to college pretending to be him while he travels the world with his band. Viola is determined to prove to herself and to everybody else that girls can do anything a boy can do, if not better, so she joins the men’s soccer team as Sebastian. While pretending to be her brother she ends up falling for her/his roommate and teammate, Duke (Channing Tatum), which only further complicates her situation as she leads a double life. Eventually Viola’s real life brother Sebastian comes back home to school (without telling Viola of course) and messes up Viola’s cover. Sebastian ends up going to their final soccer match, as himself, with no idea how to play soccer. Viola sits back and watches him lose their match until she can’t take it anymore and at half time she confronts her brother and talks him into switching back places with her so she could play in the match as him. Long story short, the principal enters the soccer field near the end of the game and announces that he has suspicions that Sebastian is indeed a woman, which ends Viola’s little charade. She confesses that she was pretending to be her brother and they switch back to their normal lives, leaving Viola free to date Duke. 

Let’s connect that to our Pretty Little Liars world…

Could Cece and Wren be the real life version of Viola and Sebastian? 

Wren (Sebastian) left town to go to London while Cece (Viola) stayed in Rosewood to continue what he started, the A-game. When the Liars started getting closer and closer to A’s true identity, Charles Drake, Cece had no choice but to pretend to be her brother. So she let the Liars find her and she fed them her twin brothers story instead of her own. She lied that way her brother Wren/Charles would be free to carry out their master plan. 

She assumed the identity of her brother, Charles, in order to throw the Liars and everybody else off of his trail. The only problem was Elliott/Archer (Duke). Cece, still pretending to be Charlotte, accidentally fell in love with him. And who knows what she may have confided in him during those five years in Welby together…

If Cece and Wren ARE actually siblings/twins then that would also explain the recent picture that Huw Collins had posted on social media of himself and Julian Morris; Archer/Elliott and Wren could have been almost brother-in-laws.  And it’s possible that Archer is living out Cece’s part of the plan for Charles now that she’s dead. 

Archer Dunhill = A.D.

Charles Drake = Wren Kingston

Charlotte DiLaurentis = Cece Drake

Ok I’m just going to say it–it’s kind of been said before, but I can’t help commenting on it based off my perspective. So I assume most of us know who Zendaya is, and how she’s quickly gaining more popularity, and the result of this is her role in an upcoming spider man movie and being made into a Barbie doll for example. I’ve been seeing various posts about how these two examples are a big win for black women everywhere, but to be honest–I don’t see it as much of an accomplishment for black women in general? Now, I will say that I’m glad that Zendaya uses her status as a way to bring up political issues, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time lets be honest. I’m often seeing Zendaya being used as a representation of black women as a whole, but she’s biracial? And biracial blacks do have social privileges above mono racial blacks–For example, as far as beauty standards, Zendaya’s physical features (her light complexion, curly hair, not too full lips, etc.) is very Eurocentric? 90% of us black women don’t look vaguely like her (most of us aren’t racially ambiguous for one thing–if I were to be unaware of Zendaya’s black father the first thing that would come to mind when I saw her would definitely not be, “oh, she’s totally a black woman.”) I would honestly think she’s a bunch of ethnicities combined, and I would maybe think she had one (distant) black ancestor based off of her physical attributes.

Now, if somebody like Lupita N'yongo, Viola Davis, Jazmine Sullivan, etc. was to get more lime light for their talent I would feel more strongly about it, because women that look like them don’t fit the white standard of beauty, yet they favor what *most* black women look like. Zendaya’s accomplishments to me are rooted in a lot of social privileges because of 1. How Eurocentric she looks and 2. Being biracial, not fully black. I’m not saying she isn’t talented–but what I am saying is I know for a fact she wouldn’t be as popular if she was like the women I mentioned above.

I know a lot of people are thinking, “what if Zendaya considers herself to be black although her mother is white? A win for one of us is a win for all of us, no matter if we’re full black or half!” Yeah, I get it, but at the same time when you’re used to being the least represented group on media platforms, to me personally, Zendaya getting this attention is almost like a white woman getting attention in the sense that woc who favor white women have always gotten center stage first and foremost for generations. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking to me. Her look and ancestry is glorified specifically because of colorism and eurocentrism, which most black women can’t benefit from like biracial or racially ambiguous black women do. So when black women like Zendaya are front and center, while black women like Viola Davis, who has phenomenal talent in comparison yet isn’t one to often get super big roles regardless, continue to be pushed to the back it’s unsettling for me. I’m not moved. Zendaya’s stardom is still non verbally saying, “a black woman can only be worthy of this much popularity if she looks like Zendaya, NOT mono racial like Lupita N'yongo in spite of how much natural talent is displayed. I like Zendaya, I really do. But I can’t help but to not ignore the fact that her privilege as a biracial, racially ambiguous woc is a big factor that plays into how she got to where she is now.