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Merry Christmas everyone! 

This is the Skype Cafe, which you may/may not have heard me talking about these last few days.  Basically, when I get on Skype, I picture myself sitting down in a Cafe and people come in and out and talk to you or whatnot.  So I went and drew what I was thinking.

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As much as she may complain about the name, even Berry agrees that making The Carrot’s Top was Carrot’s best idea. Things improved a lot since we opened. We get so many varied patrons and hear so many great stories. It’s been a wonderful treat!


(And flashback done! Thank you for sticking with me during this arc and thank you for over 300 followers! I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog. You guys have been great and I wish I could have cameo’d even more during this whole thing.

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Why yes!  I am doing quite a bit better.  And I should be rejoining Five back in Ponyville soon…  The weather hasn’t been too good recently, so the trip’s been delayed a bit.  Anyways, with my horn starting to regrow I’m able to control my magic enough to feed on my own and apply rudimentary disguises.  Enough to survive easily enough in my home in Ponyville at least.  Synch will be coming with me to make sure everything goes well.

A New Direction

    Blacklin scratched the back of his head as he sat in the Golden Oaks Library. Pinkie had dragged him over, saying something about having to talk to Twilight. Now he was sitting looking at Twilight in confusion as Pinkie bounced around them both.

    Next to Twilight floated a small crystal, about the size of Blacklin’s closed talons. It was a light purple and pulsed with a dull pink aura. What really confused the gryphon was the fact that Twilight wasn’t holding it herself.

    “So what’s all this about,” Blacklin asked, reaching out and grabbing Pinkie’s tail, pulling her to the ground.

    There was a thump as Pinkie facefaulted after being yanked down from mid bounce. “Ackphtt!” She stood up and shook herself off before spinning to face the gryphon.

    “Welllll, you had been saying that it’s boring writing all those journals and you wished that you could interact better with your followers on that blog of yours,” the pink pony replied. “Sooooo, I asked Twilight if she could help you with that!”

    Blacklin blinked a few times and then between Twilight and the crystal floating next to her.

    “So that is what that thing is for?” he asked.

    “Well, in theory, yes,” Twilight replied, a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

    “In theory?” Blacklin asked, not liking the sound of that. “Uh, care to explain?”

    “Well,” Twilight started, “supposedly these crystals can open windows to other places. But there’s a spell involved and I haven’t tried it before. I didn’t get the chance while I was in the Crystal Empire.”

    Pinkie bounced back up to her feet. “So just do it then!” she said. “It’ll be a surprise and surprises are always fun. Nothing bad will happen, I Pinkie Promise!”

    Blacklin opened his beak to protest her comment, but quickly closed it. Normal logic just never applied to Pinkie and he knew it’d be pretty pointless to say that he doubted she could promise something like that.

    “Well, I don’t know how it’ll react,” the unicorn stated. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.” She gave a sigh and then shrugged. “Oh, fine, just stop pouting like that, PInkie.”

    Pinkie giggled and bounced back over to Blacklin’s side. “Works every time!”

    The gryphon rolled his eyes and looked back at Twilight. Her horn had started to glow and her eyes were closed in concentration. The raspberry glow grew around her horn and then shot out and struck the crystal before her.

    Blacklin flicked his ears as a cracking sound suddenly came from the crystal. It grew louder and small cracks began to form on the crystal’s sides.  He took a few steps back, watching worriedly as the crystal began to glow white, the cracks becoming more prominent. The gryphon was about to ask if that was supposed to happen when the glow suddenly intensified.

    “Gah!” He brought a wing around to shield his eyes. “Good grief, Twilight! What are you doing? Trying to blind us?”

    “Oh, pretty!” Pinkie giggled. “Blackie, you’ve gotta see this.”

    The gryphon lowered his wing and blinked. Before both himself and Pinkie were small floating orbs of light. They pulsed gently with a dull pink glow. Curiosity got the best of him as he touched the orb.

    It flared out and formed a flat square in the air, like a screen. Through it, the gryphon could see a familiar looking tall unicorn with two toned brown mane and tail, dark tan coat, and an f-hole cutie mark.


    “Uh, okay, this is kinda odd,” the gryphon states. “Hang on. Okay, let’s see. Other questions? I don’t recall any other questions before now. Haven’t looked before now actually.”

    He rubs the back of his neck. “About that first one; even if you could get ahold of me, I wouldn’t have communicated. The whole point of it was to get away away from everypony. I didn’t want to be found. Let’s be honest, if any of you out there knew where I was at the time, you would have immediately got a hold of Rose. I needed that time away.”

    “And me and Rosie and Lyra would have ran after you and dragged you back home!” Pinkie exclaimed.

    “Yeah, that,” Blacklin stated in a deadpan tone. “As for that last question…” he looks over at the orb floating in front of Pinkie and then notices as two fly out the window. “I think we have that covered now.”

    “Why’d they do that?” He asked Twilight.

    “Uhm, well, I kinda was thinking of locking the crystal to you, but I think it got misinterpreted to those close to you,” she replied.

    “So those were for others then,” Blacklin says as the window to Viola closes. “Well, this’ll make things a lot easier from now on then. I suppose we should go see how Roseluck is doing and then I should get back to work.”

Tea Party with Viola Strum part 3

Viola settles back to enjoy the tea. “So I understand Link has yet to be found?”

“Yes, indeed! <:c!” Zelda has a rather unhappy frown at that. “When we first landed here after that attack he was nowhere to be found! I’m mightily worried about him…”

Viola considers that for a moment before asking. “Have you asked the other kingdom to keep an eye out for him?”

“I’ve had word with your Majesty, Honorable Ms Princess Celestia about the matter. She said that she would help me look for him.”

“Then that’s all you can do, I suppose he may have ended up elsewhere in the world, and as soon as he hears Hyrule made its way to this world as well, he’ll send word.”

“But I really wonder if he did make it to Equestria… I mean: something really weird happened to most of the males of Hyrule…”

“What do you mean?” Viola looks rather puzzled at that.

“Well… they disappeared!”

“…? You mean they didn’t just change into something else?”

“Looks like they didn’t get transported at all! Something weird happened.

“Well have you seen any new residents that you have no explanation for?”

“Nope. There are not numbers above the ones we had before the transportation. It’s quite the opposite, actually.”


“The first thing I ordered for once I realized we were in another world was a population census. There, indeed, are males missing all over Hyrule.”

“That is rather curious and alarming.” Viola sips her tea, frowning as she takes the news in.

Zelda nods. “That’s why I’m worried. What if they didn’t get transported? That thing most surely would have ended them all…”

“You cannot return home with your powers?”

“I think I could get us back… But it would spend all of my magical and vital energy…I would die if I tried to transport something as big a my whole kingdom. So that raises another question…. What was so powerful to teleport my kingdom?…”

“No no, I meant just yourself.. to have a look. I think it may be better that your kingdom was brought here, and that IS a good question about the force behind the transport.”

“Just me….” She shakes her head. “That thing was too powerful… not even Link was match for it…”

“Of course. If you’re concerned that some of your charges have been left behind, a small group might be feasible as a search and rescue and not be taxing.”

“That thing expelled a smoke that could kill instantly…If someone was to face it…They most probably wouldn’t leave the place alive…”

Viola grimaces on hearing the description. “Then you should pray that whatever dragged your kingdom away, merely took your males elsewhere.’

“I pray to the Goddesses for their well-being.” The princess holds her heart. “I really hope they’re ok.”

Viola nods in worry. “I pray you find the answers quickly.”

Her host looks down sadly. “I sure hope so…”

Viola shakes her head. “Regardless, you have a way to quickly check. I would say don’t panic till you’ve verified.”

Zelda nods, the idea perking her up a little. “Right! And so, Ms..” She thinks a moment as Viola focuses on her, before changing the subject. “What do you expect of the incoming year?”

“Of the incoming year? Well, I’m not sure what you mean? Personally, seeing myself back on the stage and helping others find joy in music through trying instruments and learning to play.”

Zelda smiles. “That are wonderful plans! I Wish you the best of fortunes in every journey you sail to.” She concludes that with a bow.

Viola smiles back, a warm look on her face. “Thank you, and may your path reconverge with your loved ones.”

That gets a curtsey from the princess. “Thanks deeply, Ms Viola.” Zelda then sips from her cup for the first time before suddenly recalling. “Oh! Right! I understand that you have an artifact that allows you to look into other realities, right Ms?”

“Oh! Yes.” She indicates the little figurine that had been staying quietly near her instrument case, and in response it floats over and sets itself neatly on the table for her viewing. “When in an inactive state, it’s a smoothly carved figurine of some kind of black material, depicting a indistinct pony.”

“Oooh… Hm… A pony in black… Interesting..”

“Well, that’s the state I bought it in. Whenever I receive a question, it actually animates and takes the form of the asker in question.”

“*0*!!! It’s marvelous! So if… Wii was to ask you a question the figurine would transform into her?”

“That’s correct, though so far she hasn’t sent me anything. I only see a few faces to be honest.”

“She might send you something soon.. X3”

“Well, there’s enough oddities going on in my world compared to the .. .. normal reality..? That she and everypony have something to ask about.” She finishes her cup of tea and sighs happily.

“Well.. There really isn’t a reality that we can call “normal”, is there Ms? XD”

“A fair point, but I’ve seen enough to know that most realities do have Princess Celestia in the forefront.”

“You mean Your Royal Highness, Honorable Ms Princess Celestia of Equestria isn’t the ruler of your dimension?”

“No, the fair Princess of the Night rules my Equestria.” She speaks softly considering. “I don’t understand the entire story, but Princess Celestia apparently has undertaken some sort of personal goal to hunt down what she believes influenced her sister and twisted her into Nightmare Moon. At present she and the Captain of the Guard, Shining Armor, are off investigating another shadow being in the far north.”

“The Crystal Mountains…” Zelda murmurs to no-one in particular.

To be continued…

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Dash: Hey you, Bucketling! I went and apologized! I'm still waiting for that explanation! *indignant scowl* ---- Dust: Ignore her, she's just a bit worried since we hadn't heard anything from you in a while. I saw somethng about you living in a cave, what's the deal with that anyhow?

Oh hello, haven’t heard from you all in a while either.  I suppose you are due some explanation…  Well for one I do live in a cave, but it’s comfortable and just out of the way enough for me to access the town easily enough.  My race is from quite far away, and I’m not surprised that you don’t know of us.  Our reputation is … well it is less than stellar.  So you’d understand why I wouldn’t want to live directly in the town…  Don’t worry about me though, ponies have mostly warmed up to me, I just really like my cave, reminds me of home.

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Blacklin and Moonlight: Clam Gryphon

    "I thought you said you didn’t bring a lot with you,“ Blacklin mutters as he pulls along a small cart filled with some of his sister’s belongings. "Do you really need all this stuff?”

    “Oh, that’s mostly Gilda’s,” she replies. “Lot of camping stuff. Said she didn’t want to bother anyone in town.”

    Blacklin sighed, though he had been wondering where he’d have Gilda sleep. Long as the weather held out, he had no problem with Gilda camping outside.

    His musings were interrupted by the message orb opening up. He was admittedly getting used to this happening by this point. No longer was he caught off guard by the sudden questions, though he did hope that they wouldn’t come while he was trying to sleep. He made a mental note to ask Twilight later if it had an off switch.

    A smile spread on his beak when he saw the familiar visage of Viola. His smile faded, however, when he heard her question.  

  It was almost as if a shadow had passed across his face. All signs of any cheerfulness left and was replaced briefly by a look of regret. Instead of answer his friend’s question, he looked away and remained silent. His pace quickened and soon he left both the orb and his sister behind.

    Moonlight watched him go and sighed softly. She looked to the orb and shook her head.

    “Apologies, Miss Viola,” she says. “Give it, give me, a little bit of time and I’ll give answer to what I know about it.”

   "Oh! Missing fillies?“ She exclaims when Fiddlesticks cut in. "Well, I can’t help you much with that, but I can give you some advice.

    "If she went with anyone else, they might have left trail,” she goes on, following after her brother. She was thankful that he was at least staying in sight for her to follow. “Like trampled grass and broken twigs. Keep an eye out for those. Also, is there anyone who lives in that forest? They might be able to help as well. Heck, they might have even seen her. I hope that helps a bit. Now, if you will pardon me, I have a sibling to catch up to and calm down.”

Tea Party with Viola Strum Part 5

Viola smiles and moves back to a clear area and takes her instrument in hoof. “Please enjoy.” She starts to play for the Princess who simply closes her eyes, listening to the music. Seeing this, the violinist smiles and forgets her worries this time to put her heart into the music, letting it carry into the wind.

She’ll continue to play until the Pincess bids her that she’s enjoyed her fill of music. Afterwards the sound of a content sigh from Zelda can be heard. “Bravo bravo!!” The princess claps in appreciation. “That was beautiful, Ms!”
Viola dips her head in acknowledgment. “Thank you very much, Princess.”

Zelda sips from her cup. “Think you can play one more song, Ms?”

“One more.? Why don’t you play one of your songs, and I’ll work my way in? Didn’t you say you could play an instrument?”

“Me?.. The only instrument I truly know to play is the ocarina.”

“That of course is fine, Princess.”

“Ok then” The princess bows in agreement. “but I’ll need to re-” She’s cut off by her eager maid.

“Here it is Ms!” Leela brings the Ocarina of Time to her in a small cushion.

“-trieve it…” Zelda finishes in suprise before recovering. “Thanks Leela!” She beams widely at the foresight she showed.

Leela bows. “My pleasure, My Princess.”

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