031793 asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself and then pass it to your 10 favourite FOLLOWERS. ♡

Hi :) Thanks for sending it to me!

1. When I was like five I stepped on a snail and then later a different one ended up in my shoe, so now snails and I aren’t friends.

2. I’ve accomplished like nothing today.

3. I had noodles for breakfast.

4. I like sour candy.

5. I hate rain.

6. I give pity laughs like 24/7 because no one is funny but I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

7. I get emotionally attached to characters and yell at tvs and books.

8. I’m kind of quiet but i’m actually insane on the inside.

9. Behind this smile, I’m always plotting.

10. I love animals that don’t love me back.

031793 asked:

TAG YOU'RE IT! Name 10 of your favorite things about fall season and then pass this around to 5 of your favorite blogs that you follow.

Aww, thank you T. I am honored. ♡

  1. Warm scented candles. 
  2. The weather. I love fall weather and everything about it’s indecisiveness. 
  3. Fall colors in the leaves and fashion.
  4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes! *u*
  5. Cargo/Parka jackets. 
  6. Sweaters.
  7. Knitted scarves.
  8. Thanksgiving. Especially the mashed potatoes + gravy and sweet corn *u*
  9. Oh, did I mention pumpkin pie? That too…
  10.  13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family! :)

031793 asked:

Post 10 facts about you and then send this to your 10 favorite followers! ♡

  • I’m really bad at listing random things about myself. (ex. this took me over 30 minutes to think about this.)
  • I am really ocd when it comes to phrasing things about myself a certain way and making them fit evenly and perfectly into a small text box.
  • Talking to people gives me anxiety.
  • I know almost all the dog breeds and their general characteristics and need of care.
  • I have Trypophobia.
  • I have one sister and she is my everything.
  • If I could eat one thing forever without it effecting my body negatively, it would be cinnamon rolls.
  • I’m very insecure about my body and appearance.
  • I like sad music and gloomy weather.
  • I love the smell of morning dew and wet cement.